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Hey guys, what is something that you want to improve on or learn? It could be anything, from a language, to a skill, to a personality trait.

For me personally, it would be writing. I wish to improve my writing skill, and so I will be posting a lot more Reviews and Blogs on both this site and Screened. For example, I recently wrote this review of The Avengers on Screened (Any advice/ criticism would be greatly appreciated). I am also writing a fiction story, but I am too self conscious of my fiction writing skills at the moment to share it with the world.

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Perspective. It's very time consuming learning it bit by bit.

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I want to learn more political theory and actually take the time to read the books I need to! Also, I would like to be fluent in French someday.

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Oh yea, DCS: A-10C Warthog. Picked it up on steam the other day since black shark was alot of fun. These games are super rewarding when you start learning even basic stuff.

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Circuitry. Unfortunately math makes me want to commit suicide, and after spending a summer trying to learn I really only know basic house-repair type stuff, which isn't really what I'm after.

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I wish I could learn video game creation wizardry.

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@VinceNotVance said:

Everything. Literally every single aspect of my life, I want to improve exponentially.

One single thing- music. I want to learn how to write about, review, critique music, I want to learn how to create music.

All of this. Especially the music.

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Japanese, although I'm sure you already know that.

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An instrument, either piano or guitar.

Now concerning your writing, it takes courage to submit something you've written to the public. I'd like to amend a quote by Peter De Vries to give you some advice: "Write drunk and revise sober", publish wasted. You've already done the hard part, you just need the courage to press the either metaphorical or literal button to expose your work to the masses.

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I want to start reading books about WW2, currently interested in the eastern front, and also some books on space. I plan to cycle a 'learning' book in between fiction that i read.

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When I saw someone talking about writing I thought that user was talking about writing lyrics....  I would improve on that.  I write 16s every day but I want to get better

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I would like to improve my persistence, I am the sort of person that starts things and then never finishes them.

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My ability to remember/write things down properly when drunk. I only have half of a very hot chick's number and I wandered around lost for 5 hours thanks to that.

More seriously, I want to improve my desire to do things that will effect me positively in the long run. I have a very limited patience/attention span when it comes to things of that nature, such as working out and eating healthy.

Edit: spelling

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Complex animations in After Effects. Actually, just better at animation in general.

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A few things for me, i do tend to really like the learning experience in activity's, and its why i took up learning to draw Manga which i only started maybe a month ago which has progressed nicely, and guitar which i started maybe 4 years ago and stuck with it to a competent degree, although im never really satisfied with my level of skill since as soon as i accomplish something there's always more to learn which true for most learning activity's since you never really stop learning.

And also to what whyareyoucrouchingspock said i grabed DCS: a-10c warthog although that was my first flight sim experience so after two weeks i drifted off from playing it, i tend to need to be really into what im doing in order to keep at it, and in DSC:A10-c that means going outand getting crazy flight sticks and Head tracking IR stuff, but im holding off on that for now with all my other hobby's that go alongside gaming.

Also ive dabbed in Japanese slightly but like with DCS i need more time focused to other hobby's to fully concentrate if i do decide to try that at some point.

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@Hizang said:

I would like to improve my persistence, I am the sort of person that starts things and then never finishes them.

Amen to that. I have a horrible problem with this as well. (was so tempted to make a joke by not finishing my sentence but decided against it)

Just a few other things off the top of my head

Expand my vocabulary.

In general just improve upon my grammar and my writing skills. (I enjoy writing short stories sometimes but I am god awful at it. Also learn writing songs, ect)

Learn to:

Animate (so far I've only used Pivot lol)

Play the guitar.

Edit (Videos, photos)

Draw and paint.

Also learn not to be overly worried with what others will think. (this response for instance has taken me far too long and I've thought about cutting this last part roughly four times five times)

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Need greater discipline when it comes to my writing.

I find it hard to sit down and work when I'm not in the mood, and I get disheartened easily when the block comes.

With working on short fiction that isn't all the debilitating, but my novels have been stalled for ages because ive just got so much else on at the moment (working long hours, just moved, getting married in 3 weeks) that I have really struggled to put in any time at all

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I happen to suffer from Dyscalculia (math disability). Needless to say, I'd like to have that improved. And to speak an extra language or two. My German and English are on an acceptable level. French should be better. But man, to speak Japanese and Russian would be awesome!

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Loads of things to improve for myself. I want to learn a new language(maybe German, Spanish or Japanese), learn a new instrument and improve on my guitar, need to improve on my coding skills and drawing, be more confident and a better speaker.

Damn I'm way under leveled..

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I want to get my mathematical skills back. I wasn't bad at math - I was pretty good at calculus, calculating the volume of 'complex' objects, using vectors and doing trig.... but I lost that all now. I can still do the algebra, but everything else is shot. I want to get that back, even if most of it will be pretty useless for my work.

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@Grilledcheez said:

I want to learn more political theory and actually take the time to read the books I need to! Also, I would like to be fluent in French someday.

I completely agree with the French part. Learned the basics in school before I started attending University, but I would really like to go back and get comfortable writing and speaking French.

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I want to learn to not falter in my commitments that I make to myself when a bump in the road comes. Seems like that's the one thing that really holds me back in certain situations.

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I would like to learn a couple new languages. Probably French and Japanese. French just because you get a pay raise at my work if you can speak it, even if you never use it, and Japanese because Japan is the only place in the world I hope to go to at some point and knowing the native language would allow me to enjoy it more. Other than that just the usual more will power to stick to getting in shape and sticking to changing to a healthier diet. The problem for me is that I just don't care about anything any more, so I have zero motivation to do anything let alone working to better myself.

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@nintendoeats said:

Circuitry. Unfortunately math makes me want to commit suicide, and after spending a summer trying to learn I really only know basic house-repair type stuff, which isn't really what I'm after.

This, minus the hating math part, I just don't know where to start.

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Everything educational, especially psychology, politics, theology, art, history and philosophy. They are the most important things in our existence and I can never learn too much.

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I'd like to improve my translation skills. I find a lot of faults in other peoples' translation work, so the least I can do is set a standard that I fail to find faults in.

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I've always wanted to be fluent in Spanish but I've never gotten around to it. I hope I do though.

Also, I want to improve painting model/garage kits. And that I'm working on.

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What do I want to learn? What is love?

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I thought this was video game related - in which case I'd like to get better at Fighting Games. Street Fighter X Tekken is kind of great because I can play tag with my friend who's a lot better at these games than I am so he will carry our team then tag me in when were ahead. This way I'm not just losing all the time and I get practice as well.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1 said:

@nintendoeats said:

Circuitry. Unfortunately math makes me want to commit suicide, and after spending a summer trying to learn I really only know basic house-repair type stuff, which isn't really what I'm after.

This, minus the hating math part, I just don't know where to start.

Well, I got one of these and managed to get the whole basic thing going. It explains pretty much how all of the basic components work, and gives you all of the tools that you need to start messing around. From there, the answer seems lie in books. I have many of them, I'm sure that you can find some around from relatives or rummage sales.

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@wreakOnes said:

I already draw, so that's an ongoing and constant process of learning and improvement.

I also speak Japanese and am learning new things in that constantly as well.

My advice would be to never tell yourself "oh I'm good enough at this, I'm a total pro" because there is ALWAYS more to learn.

I'm trying to learn to draw halfway decently. Do you have any good places or resources to start with? Mostly I think I just need to practice more with proportions and concentrate more - but I'm worried I'm practicing the wrong things and wasting my time. I wonder if there are resources out there which would show me how to practice efficiently. I looked through a few books but they seemed pretty terrible as far as effectively telling you what you need to do to get better.

I'm also always working on my guitar skills. (Rocksmith is awesome!) You're right about there always being more to learn. Its pretty satisfying tho when you reach milestones along the way. gallop strumming and smooth power chord transitions feels great and lets me add hilarious soundtracks to QLs while I practice and watch.

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Writing and learning a musical instrument would be my top two items I would like to improve/learn. I love reading and listening to music but I tend to have poor grammar/word usage whenever I write and haven't dabbled around much in the music instrument front. I just have a hard time not only finding the time, but being in the right mindset to get going on both items.

In gaming, I'd like to improve my skills in fighting games and FPS. I'm terrible playing any games from those two genres.

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Patience and vocabulary.

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It would be nice to boost my knowledge of advanced physics & nano robotics. I believe that these things, along with complex arithmetic, are the keys to us exploring the galaxy. It is essential for the survival of our species for us to colonize and populate other celestial bodies. As it stands we have all of our eggs in one basket so to speak.

Maybe I've just been playing too much Mass Effect lol.

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While I have high minded ideas about reading more classics, learning to cook and learning a language; time management would probably help me most, I seem to leave things to the last minute.

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Basketball, Starcraft II, Cooking, Psychology. My four pillars of knowledge.

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Immortallity... no... really, I am not joking.

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Hmmm, I'd like to be able to draw better. If I had the talent or the time I'd like to do a bunch of 2D animation.

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@SSully: Haha, I started doing this just as I finished my undergrad degree - now I barely read any fiction! It's a dangerous road.

I started trying to learn Ancient Greek recently; I learned Latin at school and I've often found the small amount of it I can remember greatly helps my comprehension of English, as well as improving my writing and so on, and it keeps you alive to some of the nuances of meaning in modern languages. But because English is derived just as much from Greek as Latin I've always felt the lack of it. Unfortunately I only got as far as learning the alphabet before my uni work kicked in and I found my will to sit down for two hours teaching myself a new language from scratch dissipated a bit. So I want to go back and actually do that at some point.

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Just bought a ukulele. Going to get started on that as soon as I finish up grad school in a few days

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Patience. I catch myself being a huge asshole all the time. In reality as well as online. I don't mean to be this way, I just am. :X

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Been teaching myself harmonica for about a month now. Played the violin a long time ago, and all the music theory is slowly coming back to me. I bought a cheap diatonic to learn on and to see if I would stick with it. Now it's failing and I'm frustrated with its limitations, so I'm thinking about buying a chromatic harmonica this week.

So I'd like to keep improving with that.

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"re-learn" Linux, Learn some sort of scripting language, maybe pick up programing again. Maybe not fail at learning the guitar.

figure out how to finish video games after starting them...

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I would love to learn to play a bass guitar.

I would love to improve on my personality, my drive to get things done, time management, and I would like to be more sociable.

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My fitness.





Video editing.

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@whyareyoucrouchingspock said:

Perspective. It's very time consuming learning it bit by bit.

Pretty much what he said. I start things but never finish them. I would also like to learn to stay focused and not procrastinate.