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I don't play games on hard difficulty usually. I just play at normal or one step above if it is a game I am familiar with, like Halo games need to be played on Heroic at least in my opinion.

The only thing I can point to is playing Halo ODST on Legendary with 2 other people, and it wasn't too bad. It had it moments, but we managed. I remember it as being more fun than frustrating.

Oh and I am on Hell difficulty in Diablo III, which I pick back up from time to time until I get frustrated with it. I also got up to Hell difficulty in Diablo II, and that got crazy from what I can recall, at least with the character I was playing with at the time. (Spearazon build)

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@anywhereilay: Joe Head Joe nearly made me go crazy... and he's only the first boss.

I dunno, I want to say something like Super Meat Boy, but I know other games have taken me a lot longer to finish. I remember doing the first Devil May Cry on the hardest difficulty when it came out.

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Dark Souls isn't hard!

Please don't be that guy.

What guy? Dark Souls ISN'T hard. It's just a test of memory.

Couldn't you use that argument about just about any hard game, though? I'm fairly positive someone out there will say that Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden aren't hard, just a test of memory too.

Any difficulty in Dark Souls can be nullified with co-op play or by leveling stats and gear. The game can be completed at level 1, so a level 60 or 100 or 713 character certainly shouldn't find it difficult. I haven't played Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden but I don't think they have ways to get around the difficulty like that.

If it's your first time playing, Dark Souls is pretty hard until you learn to adapt. Otherwise, it ranges from difficult to easy, depending on how many times you've played it.

The unknown nature of the game is probably the biggest factor in any perceived difficulty by new players.

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God Hand was rock hard at times (blind samurai due was rock hard) and the boss rush in that game was just insane. I can't even remember how I finished it now but that game was super tough even on normal

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Firstly how dare you advertise /instaban Secondly Vagrant Story which is the hardest RPG around, Warcraft 3 on Hard is the hardest single player RTS, Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is another toughie, Vanquish Tactical Challenge 6 is the hardest thing you can do in any shooter, Double Dragon Neon is the hardest "fair" 2D beat'em up, God Hand on Hard is the hardest "character-action" game, Killzone 2 on Elite is the hardest FPS this generation, Bloodrayne Betrayal is harder than non challenge runs through Super Meatboy. Since you're doing this with a team the Co-op challenges in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 are ridiculously difficult and will take you at least a couple hundred hours while watching guides; enjoy. Vanquish on God Hard will take you about 50 hours despite it being a 4 hour game. If you play Dark Souls before Demon's Souls it will make the latter game really easy; if you play Demon's Souls first Dark Souls will be eh about 40% easier or so; still quite challenging but not really sniffing VS at any point. If you play the Last Remnant blind there's an extremely solid chance of being completely incapable of beating it at some point along the way.

Note the above list assumes you're extremely competent at games, if not then you will be turned astray in this mysterious goal of yours; if the point of the stream is sadism on the part of the viewer then I suppose that works out.

To people saying WoW is difficult: I was a top 5 tank in the world, shit's easy except for 5 man tanking in BC (with a warrior), Sunwell and M'uru MTing, but even then there were 15 people in the raid who basically got carried and spammed shadowbolt or what have you. There's usually about 1 role per fight that's remotely challenging but that kinda got reduced to zero over time. The challenge is "how do I get the 5 good people in my raid to carry the 20 idiots" and this extends all the way to the highest raiding tier; everyone has morons, everyone has drama. Also: Best overall player in Warhammer and best healer in SWTOR despite only playing it for a month.

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I don't know if it was my age at the time or if it's just hard, but Kid Chameleon was the hardest game I've played. I know it wasn't released in the past decade but yeah.

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I do like a challenge every now and them that's why i am halfway through Xcom and Dark Souls but hard games just stress me out and that's the opposite of why i play video games

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Metal Gear Solid 2 on Extreme? I don't know.

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Vanquish on hard was probably the hardest game I've completed.

I play games more for story than for actual challenge though.

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Probably Diddy Kong Racing. That game had some of the worst AI rubberbanding that I can remember.

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I completed Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

Oh the hardest game? Well define hard: Hard, something which you find extremely difficult to complete regardless of it is the game mechanics influencing the game or it is you, having a though time with getting the nuts in your ball sack to work properly and make you a man.

Amnesia took me FOREVER! Literally. I have played the game for approximately 16 hours, do not have a clear picture of the average game time on this title, however, what made it so damn HARD for me was the game itself, not necessarily the mechanics of it. That game is genuinely horrifying. Shocking. DISTURBING! But I made it through. Afterwards I went to the emergency room to get a shot of adrenaline so my heart would not give out... Yeah, that is Amnesia, for me at least.

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earth defense force on inferno. Though you can make it negligible by collecting enough armor pickups. That's still hundreds of hours worth of grinding required

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COD4 on veteran, I guess?

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@seannao said:

Probably Diddy Kong Racing. That game had some of the worst AI rubberbanding that I can remember.

I've played that game countless times. With the exception of the walrus (2nd run), octopus (2nd run) and wizpig. That game has almost no rubberbanding.

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The land of the livid dead parts of Rayman: Origins were also very challenging. Just from the top of my head =)

Oh man those were great! Especially hilarious when doing them with four people.

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I'd say the Souls games and I guess Halo: Combat Evolved on Legendary. I almost finished Halo 3 on Legendary with my brother, but we just gave up on the last two levels. I can't really think of anything else off the top of my head, however, I do remember proud moments when I was younger... There must have been more... I will report if I remember anymore. :D

Edit: I remember completing the campaign of the first Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War on the hardest difficulty, as well as, occasionally playing skirmish matches on it (insane I think it was called). But yeah, I don't tend to play on hard. The only times I do are when the culture around that game kind of suggests at it or recommends it. For example, playing Halo games on Heroic/Legendary is pretty common. Anyways, hard isn't really my thing, it can many a time be incredibly frustrating, as well as distract from my enjoyment of the game. As mentioned earlier, I do on indulge once in a while. Ooo and Gears of War on hardcore I think too... I'm not sure if my brother and I finished that though, possibly...

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Minus side stuff and minigames, I've completed all the levels of Trials Evolution. So, that.

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Halo 1 on legendary.

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I've completed a few games of Angband, and that can get stupid. Erm, I guess maybe Ninja Gaiden?

I don't really know, because most "difficult" games are either memory puzzles wrapped in mechanics that are simple to execute or competitive games that can't be "beaten."

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(near)World domination as Yugoslavia in hearts of Iron 3 with the hardest settings was likely my biggest hardest challenge I've faced, I didn't even start out to take over the world but after I was able to stop Italy from invading and then Germany pushing them out and into France and Africa I became set to take over most of everything, the hardest part of all of this was Yugo tech is.... well not generous at the start of the game so I wasted alot of time building up a fleet large enough to take my troops into the Americas without loosing everything the moment I moved my men into the open seas since I was already at war with allies by time I was looking at where to land my troops for "D-day"

I ended the game(more like ran out of time) with near the whole of europe, africa, north and south america and large chunks of asia(far western), only nations I avoided was the soviets and Ireland since Ireland never did anything to help or hurt me and the soviets because they distracted the nazi's long enough for me to take them out, didn't feel right to stab em afterwards(which I may not have been able to do anyway), I had a great laugh seeing thousands upon thousands of Yugoslavians pouring into Canada.

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@spam101 said:

earth defense force on inferno. Though you can make it negligible by collecting enough armor pickups. That's still hundreds of hours worth of grinding required

Oh, oh!

I forgot! I've actually done that one! In co-op though. Good times.

That's probably the hardest thing I've ever finished.


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I think Xcom was pretty hard. At least for me.

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The ninja gaiden games on the NES, Ghosts n goblins, I also remember the sephiroth fight in Kingdom hearts 2 as being hard. I would say contra, but I was using the konami code so I was cheating.

I really should get back to dark souls I never ended up finishing it, even though I enjoyed that game quite a bit.

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Pretty much any text adventure, ever. Those were tough on me, but I was like 5 so give me a break.

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Ys has some psychotically difficult boss fights.

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@themanwithnoplan said:

Minus side stuff and minigames, I've completed all the levels of Trials Evolution. So, that.

Yikes! You must have the patience of a saint.

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Kingdom Hearts but only because I was playing it all wrong , played it like an action game instead of an RPG like I probably should have. Just recently beat FFX without getting the legendary weapons for the final boss and died so many times until I could figure out a winning strategy. Also Fear Effect 1 and 2 were some of the most frustrating games I've ever played.

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@headache02 said:

I think Xcom was pretty hard. At least for me.

I've failed more than once at Xcom:Enemy Unknown. On Easy.

It's on the list of things to play, in Classic Ironman mode... Heh.

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