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My profile name "PainGod89" came from my first character in Diablo II, many many years ago. When I was 12 it sounded cool. Now, it just sounds like a 90's thing, I know. But I have used it so much in so many games, and on so many site, even back in GS during those days. That I am now PainGod89 for life! lol 
So I was wondering, what is the story behind you profile name? Is it just a name you thought was cool? Or is there history there?

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When I went to play NHL 07 on the xbox 360 I thought gamertags worked liked ps2 games. So I named myself the usual Hockeymask27. The rest is history.

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simple, my name is Jessica, and my other half calls me boo :) 

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I believe I first used it to name a Neopet 10 or 11 years ago. Used it as my name ever since.

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My initials are GAK, but I couldn't really tell you where the "-on5" came from, but it's been my user name for 6-7 years.  I don't really like it anymore, because it's hard to pronounce (or people don't pronounce it the way I do) and it doesn't make a lot of sense.  But, because it's my universal screen name, I'd rather just hang on to it.
OK, maybe Gakons are a race of aliens.  Was that my intent so many years ago?  It's hard to say.

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Nukesniper was my first username ever. For Starcraft 1 one battle.net. It comes from my favorite unit at the time, the Ghost. I loved sniping with nukes. Also I was 13 or so.

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He's the most pointless character in Killer7 and also the one with the coolest name.

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I couldn't make an account on some free-2-play mmo,because the name "Razorblade" was taken.Great username, I know,but I was young.I then remember how much I like campfires and burning stuff in general,and I was also playing Prince Of Persia. 
So I chose the username FirePrince. 
Cool story, ain't it?

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Lelcar is a city from Suikoden V.

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In my early teenage years I used to grow my hair out into a fro, therefore Afroman was born.

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Llamas are cool. Twice the llama is even better.  
And a different note, I simply wanted to use something other than my usual username.
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My name is Talicia and I like dragons.
I tend to play healer/support and in Lord of the Rings Online I played a minstrel so I needed to come up with a surname.
Cue my never around when I need it inspiration and Talicia Dragonsong was born.
(Before that I used Talicia Dragonia, but that really had too many "ia"'s in it!)

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I didn't have much of a reason for mine.

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Shortened from Recon Specialist Reno. The nickname I picked up on MGS3: Subsistence because I had a tendency to see through people's alt accounts.

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  A long time ago I played neopets and being as creative as possible I tryed to name my account Gameman...that was taken so I put the first letter in the alphabet on it Gamemana...that was taken.  So I thought..."Hmmm All the game mans belong to me!" so my name was gamemanall...years passed and I thought the name was stupid but knew if I changed it that much I would forget it...so I made it shorter....and that is why my un is Gmanall....also it reminds me of the Gman... 

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My Gamespot names were "TheCritic9392" and "TheCritic9394". I wanted something without numbers in it but with "Critic" in it, and figured why not "Everyones_A_Critic", because...it's true, right?

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Nothing really. Just thought about a bullet zinging across someone's head and then I combined them together to get that. 

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Because I like Fajitas and my name is not Jim.
I just think it's funny to hear people miss-pronounce 'Fajita'. I've heard everything from 'Fagina' to 'Fageeta'. FYI, in Spanish a J sounds like an H. Juan (Whan), Jesus (HEY-Sues), Fajita (fa-HEET-a) etc.
I'm not Spanish/Mexican, either.

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My last name is Simpson so it's self explanatory. Please note that I have never held anyone hostage for stealing any of my precious memorabilia nor allegedly committed murder.

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I like Cobra, Giant Bomb crew likes Cobra...made perfect sense.
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When I was in 7th grade, I created my first personal e-mail adress.  I had just joined the basketball team and was way in to basketball at the time so I made my e-mail this username.  It's extremely dumb, but I use it for everything un-important ever since.

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Back in the day, like 95....My friends and I started the Dog-Pound, our mischievous group name. So we had a name that ended in 'dog'..Naturally since my last name is Osborne...I got Ozzdog.
12 is my favorite number and the number I had(when able to choose) in sports. I have since used this handle for damn near everything. Profiles on sites, gamertags, intramural shirts, etc and it was even my License plate 'number'

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Allen is my given name, V is the first letter of my family name and 86 is the year is was born in :D
simple as that :D
grtz Allen :p

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I got mine from working in Walt Disney World.  They used a cleaning chemical for food-prep surfaces called Ster-Bac Blu (pronounced stare back blue).  I always thought it sounded like a great band name or something and I've used it for quite a while.  It came in handy once, my parents went on vacation down there years later and wanted to send me an email but didn't have my address with them.  They went up to a cast member and asked "what's the cleaning chemical you use with the name of a color in it?"  

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Well, back when I first started going online, Lizzy McGuire was one of my favorite shows. And the kid brother said Tarzan backwards, so my named used to be TarzanNAZRAT. I thought it was cool until I gained a bit more common sense and needed a new one. 
I was talking with some friends and the topic of Pokemon came up. (It always seems to do that with me.) And we were talking about why we think Pikachu is called a Pikachu. Apparently, Pika meant like... "Spark/Sparkle/Sparkly" and chu meant "kiss." I thought it was cute, because his cheeks were red and thats where most kisses go and he had sparks fly out of them. 
...I was 15. It's pretty much stuck with me all this time.

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In middle school my friends and I had to create a company for a project.  We then decided to make up a company that would help sell nuclear waste and cat litter. So when we had to come up with a name we combined atom and asist, thus Atomasist was born. 

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Yo, it's my middle name.
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Protoss might!

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When i was in highschool and started buying my own anime (as opposed to recording it off of TV) i randomly stumbled accross an anime called Tenchi Muyo for £6 in a sale.  Anways suffice to say i totally fell in love with that series and in that series the main bad guy is a man by the name of Kagato.  Since then ive been variations of the name, ShinKagato on xbox live and Gamespot, Kagato on Whiskey, not all that interesting but a true story none the less.

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Once upon a time in a land far far aw - No I don't have much history behind mine, sadly enough. I thought ''Abyss'' sounded cool and since I was pretty uninspired at the time I thought Abyssfull, meaning full of emptiness, was an alright play on words.

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woke up one morning and wrote down the first thing that came to my head.. my nick was that. doesn't mean a damn thing

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A guy was stung by a jellyfish and pronounced dead; Minutes later his heart started beating again, so he came back to life like "Jesus" hence the name JellyFish Gsus.

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I used to go by Mechaflash in honor of the leader of Team Mephisto from the old G4 series Arena, but when I tried to register that account I had a bajillion errors trying to get it registered. The avatar I was using here was the Barackbar '08 election poster, so I thought why not just call myself President Barackbar?

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It originated from back when I needed to choose an email address for the first time.  I wanted something that signified me, but not directly and in an interesting way.  I remembered back to when I got baptised at church (when grown up - not as a child) and the image of a lion kept cropping up when people prophesied over me and in a gift that I got given.  I wanted to add an adjective associated with 'lion' and since I thought 'RagingLion' sounded better than 'RoaringLion' I chose that.  It's now the username I use all over the internet.

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I wanted a 4 letter name. So I put two letters, and two numbers together. Only later to find out it was also a car, and a plane. Come to think of it. I should have just used the name I usually use.

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My username comes from å rater epic night of gaming with my friends. We were playing battlefield (the old one, back when it was still new) and I suddenly realised that the rocketlauncher was a really good long range sniper weapon... there were many lulz to be had on that legendary night of blowing stuff up... and also it sounds really lame, wich I kind of enjoy :)

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A well-known line of Hegel's, but all the way back to Greek mythology.

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It's an abbreviation of my name with my birthyear suffixed to it

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I like the letter K (starts my surname), and I needed a name for my first World Of Warcraft character. Thank god I don't play any more.
Just typed in random letters and modified until it looked pronounceable. 

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My brother called me "Dedodido" once, back in the 90s. It stuck.

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I was listening to the song Eris & Dysnomia by A Skylit Drive while I was thinking of my name.

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Named after my dog, Habby (He's currently my avatar). Also, he has only three legs.

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I don't know.  I suppose at one point I needed to create a username and I somehow thought of "Flux" which relates to a "Wave" and I put a Z in there for some reason.

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Surname + First initial.

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JJOR was my password on my elementary school's computer system and the 64 part came from Nintendo 64.

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A baby was born in '65. They named me Claude.

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Self explanatory
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It's not obvious?

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Private Iron is a battlebot in the british series, Spaced, which stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. TFU is what they painted on Private Iron in the episode. It means 'The Fuckest Uppest', whatever that means. I honestly was just watching the particular episode when I was trying to think of a gamertag. Nothing special.

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Was thinking about the movie Brave Heart. I think you can figure out the rest...