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Mine was Back to the Future because, well it felt appropriate to finish the year off with it
How bout yours? Oh I shouldn't forget to say this, HAPPY NEW YEAR  EVERYBODY! 

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I'm finally playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, because I got it for Christmas, so that's the one.

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I played a ton of DJ Hero 2 online earlier, some people are not very good at that game at all.
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Bioshock 2. Picked it up for $20 at EB Games yesterday.

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Samurai Spirits: Kenkaku Yubinan Pack. It's a compilation of the first two Samurai Shodown games, and it comes with a pack of KY Jelly.

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Against my intentions, I'm getting absorbed in Dragon Age: Origins thanks to Steam's wheelin' and dealin' ways.  If they can retain the quality writing, character customization and detailed world and make the combat actually fun, then Dragon Age 2 sounds like the best thing ever.
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golden sun

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 Castlevania Lords of Shadow

 This one right here
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its 1:16 a.m. right now btw... 1/1/11 ! 
the last game i played in 2010 was Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 (3rd playthrough)

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Last game I completed? 999 
I'm thinking about starting up Resonance of Fate... or Darksiders... or Vanquish. Gah! I want to wait a little bit before starting Brotherhood, since I just recently completed AC2. 
But if I don't make a decision soon, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift would have been the last thing I played.

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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.... because it is the best 2006 game of 2010

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I'll probaly end this year off playing either Demon's souls or FFVI.
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Demon's Souls for me. In fact, I was playing it as the year ended.

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Does it really matter? Why not ask "What are you playing this weekend?"

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Goldeneye for the Wii. Got a Wii for Christmas, you see.

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Played FIFA 11,cant remember for sure tho.

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Unless I play something in the next 5 1/2 hours: I beat Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood today.

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Western shenanigans with Red Dead Redemption.
Also, Happy 2011!!! XD

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Silent Hill 2.
I didn't mean for it to be the last game I played this year, it just kinda happened.
Oh and Happy New Year! ^_^

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The clock turned over while I was playing Civ 5 and listening to Deftones Diamond Eyes.

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Mine was Grand Theft Auto IV. I was messing around in Free Mode with music streaming from my laptop over to my 360, so it wasn't a bad way to finish the year out.

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I just finished playing half life 1 for the first time yesterday, so I decided to play some half life 2 today.  I probably won't play anything else today so it's that.  

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last game im playing for 2010 is mass effect.

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@l4wd0g said:
" Does it really matter? Why not ask "What are you playing this weekend?" "
Just curious is all, and I've seen that thread a million times, never seen this thread though
Cheer up buddy, and happy new year
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Eve Online: Tyrannis

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As of this point, Uncharted 2 but I'll probably pop in something else

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Well, it's not new years here for another 5 hours, so I'm not sure.  It might be NFS:HotPursuit that I just bought on Steam(saved game from 'less than legit' copy worked right away), GTA4 which Ive been killing time with recently, BadCompany2/Vietnam, or.... sigh... scrimming Counter-Strike:Source.  
I don't know for sure, but I would be willing to bet the last game I played in 2000 was CS, might as well finish of 2010 the same way.

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Starcraft 2, finishing the year with my game of the year

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Elder Scrolls: Oblivion :D

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Last one I finished or last one I played overall? Finished: Dead Rising 2: Case West. Played: Halo: Reach.

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Still got 5 hours here. Might play NHL 11, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, or Rock Band 3.

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Counter Strike Source. I don't even play CS much but I had to kill some time and since its one of the few games I have on this PC I thought why not.

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Last game I played in 2010 was Just cause 2 and the first game I'll play in 2011 is probably going to be Machinarium.

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Will be RB3ing it up when clock hits 2011

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Oh god... I think it was Call of Duty 3. What was going through my mind this afternoon? 

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Sin&Punishment 2, fuck yeah.

NA Box Art

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Super Meat Boy. Who would have thought.

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Im gonna go play some Guild Wars till the countdown.

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Black Ops

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

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@Claude said:
" I'm finally playing Batman: Arkham Asylum, because I got it for Christmas, so that's the one. "
Yep, just finished it.  It'll probably end up being Alan Wake though if I play some more before midnight.
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Dungeon Siege >.>

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