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Hey, every time I see Starcraft coverage, I wish I could go back and play this demo disc I got from a PC magazine back in like 1998. It had this sick alien-RTS on it and I've searched n searched but I can't find the name of it.

I guess you could say it was capitalizing on everyone's love of Starcraft, because your "Refinery" is a tall blue crystal. The ground is dark purple, and there are light purple patches where you can plant crops. Your refinery drains energy from the crops you plant.

Your units come out of a "Gene Pool" which is a purple circle that you can see your units gestate on.

Your units are gross waspy, insectoid aliens that scuttle and click around.

It's from an isometric perspective, like most RTS games around that time. Also on this demo disc was BEDLAM, the MS-DOS game.

Here is my from-memory drawing of what this game looked like- this is the refinery and the crops you plant around it:

That's all I got.
I don't know where the god damn hell this thread should go.

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Could it be Star Craft: Retribution? EDIT: Or Star Craft: Insurrection?

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This is what your post reminded me of. I've always believed it to be an alpha version of Starcraft before they changed it. Though, isometric perspective it has not. Not sure if this helps you or not.

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Hmm i remember getting the starcraft demo on some gaming magazine back in the day, and it was definetly the same style so doubt it's any sort of early SC build.

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@gruebacca: @zfubarz: Yeah, that's a screenshot from the original version of StarCraft, circa 1996. This is an interesting account by a veteran game programmer who worked at Blizzard during that era explaining how StarCraft came into existence as we know it today and especially the nitty-gritty technical challenges of making it.

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huh, cool, those kinds of things from back in the day are always interesting

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Outpost 2? also that picture is realy hard to see, considering its only like 100 pixels wide.

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@runningraptor said:

After doing some searching, it seems like WarBreeds might be the game you are looking for.

Also, here is some video from Youtube.


lol you can even see how my mock-up screenshot has exactly the same assets. I haven't played this in like 15 years.

This is nuts, I've searched for this game like a dozen seperate times, and thumbed through loads of Gamespot and IGN lists of games. Welp!- time to play it now, finally. Probably doesn't live up to expectations, but the main reward is playing it again.

This game is cool, you can poison the other team's resources and evolve your units through mutation paths... at least I remember it being cool.

EDIT-- I played it. It has some cool ideas, but is actually not fun to play.

Oh and my image was small on purpose. My memory of this game isn't photographic.