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Sorry about the title being sort of butchered, couldn't do much with the word limit. Anyway, I'm talking about open world games that will not let you continue after finishing the campaign. I understand it may not make sense story wise, but isn't it kind of ridiculous to make sure players do everything in the world before finishing the game? What if I want to come back to it and clean it up later?

This has just recently come up for me because I'm playing through Dead Island and its sort of annoying. Why do you think certain games do this? Do you care that they do?

Let me know.

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Dumb developers.

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Dumb developers.

Yep basically this.

But even if they do let you continue playing, I find there isn't much to do after you finish it. This is the case with GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, after you finish the missions there isn't really anything left to do. Kind of disappointing.

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Well, maybe for some games - it might ruin the narrative. I'm thinking of the abominations of endings that were Fallout 3 and LA Noire of course.

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@Castermhief117: I thought the green radiationproof mutant telling me I was a pussy for not entering the lifendangering room of radiation and instant death made for a great ending!

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I can only think of two games that do that and both are in the Fallout series (and even then it only applies to vanilla 3 and there are plenty of mods that fix New Vegas's problem on the PC). Well, three, I guess, counting your Dead Island example. So, in my experience with the genre, your beef should be specifically directed at Bethesda and Deep Silver, because I cannot think of any other examples and I pretty much exclusively play open world games.

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I've only seen this happen with Fallout 3 and New Vegas and the reason was always because of story DLC, Fallout 3 did however open the game completely with Broken Steel where is New Vegas didn't. Hopefully Fallout 4 doesn't suffer the same silly brick wall ending that has no place in an open world game.

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Yeah its weird, I also wish more would do new game pluses even if all they do is scale enemies up dark souls style

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I think its dumb, at the very least have it set to right before the last mission so you can do other things.