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#1 Posted by DriveupLife (1151 posts) -

It is 1:20 AM here on the east coast. I've just purchased every DJ Hero DLC pack that was ever put out to get them before they vanish forever. I loved DJ Hero a little too much.... I will miss it dearly :(

What ill advised money have you spent on games recently? It could be anything! Steam sale games you'll never play, collector's editions that you may not have really wanted, a lot of 300 possibly broken neo geo cartridges on ebay, or vintage and rare games that you had to have? Let's hear those stories of dollars possibly not well spent.

#2 Posted by awalkawesome (26 posts) -

for some reason i just bought the Alone in the Dark reboot probably because I hate myself

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The Last Story. I worked at a used game store where it sat staring at me from the wii section for months. I guess because of the exclusivity and the developer name dropping, it sounded pretty appealing... then, for whatever reason I nabbed it. I played about 25 minutes of it but have yet to go back. Awesome art style and the music seems great, controls are weird though and the mechanics feel really dated. I honestly have no idea why I spent the cash on it. Maybe some day I'll commit to playing it but for now it's doing exactly what it did before, sit on a shelf and look pretty.

oh, and X-Rebirth. No elaboration on that..

#4 Posted by EVO (4029 posts) -

That's not strange, DJ Hero is awesome.

I bought American McGee Presents: Bad Day L.A. mostly for the art design.

Never opened it, played it, or seen anyone mention it. Hidden gem perhaps?

#5 Posted by bybeach (5201 posts) -

The absurd detached-from-reality video card I just bought for my gaming PC.

Subtle hint, You only live once.

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I bought a life size, solid steel replica keyblade when I was 15. I finally had money to call my own from my first summer job and was like "I really want need this!" When it came, one of the pieces of the tip was broken off. I told myself I'd go out and buy some adhesive that weekend. 6 years later, I'm still waiting for that weekend to come and the thing is under my bed where it belongs.

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Hmmmm. The these are the examples that are popping up in my head right now.

  • Buying a Japanese Dreamcast. I can't read or speak Japanese
  • Buying the Japanese version of Final Fantasy VII the week it released in Japan, I can't read or speak Japanese.
  • Bought Blue Seed, Lunar The Silver Star, Lunar Eternal Blue & the Segata Sanshiro game for Sega Saturn, I can't read or speak Japanese.
  • Sega 32x
  • Panasonic 3D0, Way of the Warrior and some playboy bullshit disc(both games came with the console).
  • CDi fortunately it didn't work
  • Atari Jaguar for $20.00, with Cybermorph and some game where you are destroying buildings as a mech or some shit.
  • Bought an Atari Jaguar CD drive, fortunately it didn't work
  • Bought an Intellivision
  • King of the Fighters 95 on PS1
  • Lost on Xbox 360, I have no interest in the show and have never seen it, I knew the game was complete shit, still spent my 4 bucks on it.
  • Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust

My list kinda just veered off into terrible games and consoles, but eh.

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I bought a used NDS (the original clam one) together with a bunch of games a couple of years ago. I continued to buy a few newer games for it and ended up finishing only two games in total. I realize that the original nds is considered to be pretty crappy, but the handheld experience wasn't really my thing (I discovered about $200 later). It's probably my worst, and strangest, investment in gaming.

#9 Posted by Humanity (11998 posts) -

That one time I bought Jet Grind Radio on eBay in like 2008 without even owning a Dreamcast.

#10 Posted by MasterpinE (103 posts) -

I bought that crazy air compressor driven gaming vest that was doing the rounds at expo's back in the late 2000's, the 3RD Space Impact Vest. Website for those who have no clue what this thing is. No regrets, that thing is crazy dumb and i got a lot of laughs out of strapping people into it. I still fire up Modern Warfare once or twice a year and give in to the insanity. It's very loud, since it's basically running an air compressor at all times to keep firing off the little bladders in the vest but having an impact trigger off on your shoulder every time you fire a weapon is damn cool. Plus it hurts. Makes you fear the enemy.

Just look at this thing, what a crazy future we would be living in if everyone were as dumb as I

#11 Posted by ShadowConqueror (3374 posts) -

I once bought a bicycle in Grand Theft Auto V. Fucking worthless.

#12 Posted by Atlas (2571 posts) -

It's not a video game, but it's definitely video game related; I bought a graphics card (ASUS GTX 770) six months ago and still haven't put it in my PC. I don't have the acumen or confidence to do it myself, and I'm too lazy to find a computer shop to do it for me. It's just sat there under my closet, shaming me, for half a year. Curse my impulsiveness.

#13 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Well all I can think of is when I bought the playstation 1 Spawn game .... terrible but man I was so into Spawn back in those days I just had to have it.

#14 Posted by falserelic (5723 posts) -

More recently.

Metal Gear:Ground Zeroes - Since its one of the shortest retail games I've played and I was aware of it.

Warframe- Knowing that I could have gotten most stuff for free I ended up buying the volt warframe,some extra inventory space, and a sentry bot.

Loading Video...

Now I have build the Rhino warframe, but it took me quite sometime. Since I had to keep fighting the same bosses so they can drop the blueprints, and it took about afew weeks to assemble the shit.

Loading Video...

I love Warframe and watching this guy's vids. Showed me that all Warframes are useful in their own way and he's right. After maxing out and having the right mods equipped it can be pretty goddamn fun, but its a slow grind. So far Excalibur I've been having the most fun out of playing as the most.

Loading Video...

Once you have him upgraded he's a fucking beast. That blind move he does ( I like to call it the last light) got me and my team out of alot of bad situations. The Slash move can be fantastic when enemies are group up together, hell all his moves helped me out. They don't call him the balanced Warframe for nothing, and I also like how Warframe is connected to an old ps3 and xbox 360 game called Dark Sector. Since in that game you'll know where the Warframes came from.

#15 Edited by DonMFJohnson (169 posts) -

Just bought an Xbox 360 E 4GB to play Dark Souls II. Will probably double dip when the PC version comes out, my mind is weak.

#16 Posted by Svenzon (820 posts) -

for some reason i just bought the Alone in the Dark reboot probably because I hate myself

I have the Collector's Edition. It was really cheap, and for some reason I thought it would be funny to have that thing on my shelf. One of my friends thinks it's absolutely hilarious.

#17 Posted by Rotnac (896 posts) -
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Way back when Home was finally released on PS3 I was one of those idiots who bought like 80 different 1-dollar pairs of jeans for my dude. Micro-transactions weren't so commonplace at that point in time in games, believe it or not... or at least that's the justification I'm sticking with. I was a different person back then... with more money to waste.

#19 Posted by Glottery (1538 posts) -

I like Vita, but I'm not sure if it was worth dumping over 200 euros into...not that strange, I guess. I only have examples of spending too much money on some games.

#20 Posted by Fattony12000 (7976 posts) -

Going to Japan next month.

Pretty strange video game, that place.

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Almost my entire PS2 collection that I don't actually own anymore. It was fucking full of terrible, unknown Japanese games. And I loved the shit out of them.

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I bought Dark Souls a few years ago, despite being intensely indifferent toward it.

I love it now and have since beaten it, but at the time it was a pretty odd placed purchase for myself.

#23 Posted by helvetica (147 posts) -

I haven't bought anything I regret recently. A few years ago I bought three copies of Oblivion horse armor. The first was intentional but I clicked too many times in excitement and ended up with three copies.

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I'm not fun enough to buy strange things, I only buy certain games that impress me after I thoroughly research and make sure that I will enjoy playing them.

Money is a bitch yo.

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I bought Gunvalkyrie in 2011 from an EB Games (Gamestop). It didn't come with a case, manual, nothing. Lierally they handed me the disc in one of those little yellow sleeves they have and I payed like 2 bucks for it. Still waiting to be able to play it on an emulator because I have no idea where I'll be able to find an Xbox.

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Who the hell could love this ugly freak? Let's zoom in on the part I circled:

"Cyber life technology?" Wow! Beautifully awful 90s era generic buzzword marketing.

Intuitive controls, wonderful 2d sidescrolling interface. Trust me, your personal "Bored" and "Tired" meters will be full after playing this piece of wonderful for a couple of hours. Continue on to max out your "In Pain" indicator.

The internet remembers. Is that a tear I see in Dorothy Irene Heights' eye?

#27 Edited by Fredchuckdave (7684 posts) -

I bought Vagrant Story used on a whim back in 2000 for like 15 bucks, turns out it was the best game ever made. I also bought Valkyrie Profile 2 totally randomly and that was awesome too.

#28 Edited by Nightriff (6508 posts) -

I bought the MGS Legacy Collection last summer thinking it will be worth something some day, I know think it will be worth nothing and I can't even use it because I already own all the games, strangest and probably stupidest purchase.

#29 Edited by audioBusting (1809 posts) -

I guess my story is the opposite of what is being asked, in that I got more than what I bargained for.

I bought a second-hand 3DS from eBay, kind of on an impulse, since it was pretty cheap at the time and the listing seemed straightforward enough. It was described as basically everything in the 3DS box if you were to buy a new one (including the box), but slightly used, but well taken care of. That turned out to be quite accurate, and it would've been enough for me... but I found more on the 3DS itself.

First thing I noticed was that the save files and eShop games were still on the console, and that this was an Ambassador 3DS too (none of this was on the eBay listing). That pleased me greatly, but then I realized that it was because the console was not wiped out in any way by the previous owner. There were two Mii's of the same name -- I'm guessing the owner's -- one less flattering than the other for some reason. I could kinda guess their age and life habits from seeing the activity tracker logs and Mii Plaza population. I mean, this thing logs all of your playtime, your movement distance while carrying it, and every 3DS you ever came contact with on- and off-line. The most damning thing of all was that the web browser was still logged into a Facebook account. It felt like finding a stray 3DS left on a bus or something, except I paid for it... I felt kinda bad for having snooped around as much, so I cleared out all the private stuff from the 3DS right away (I kept all the games, though).

I guess other than that, the genuinely strangest/most ill-advised game purchase I've done is for Super Office Stress. I was interested in it since it raised its price to $99.99 for the Because We May campaign, and I had to roll a digital six-sided die to determine its price. I totally bought into it because of how bizarre the buying experience seems, and I haven't even played it since. (And it's completely free of charge now...)

#30 Edited by dekkadekkadekka (777 posts) -

I.... I bought GalGun. I haven't played it at all. The best part? It has a "The Best" designation.

@fattony12000: I am also in Japan next month. I challenge you to a videogame weird-off!

#31 Posted by hermes (1801 posts) -

I bought a game called First Samurai for the SNES, because there was, literally, nothing else in the local store that interested me.

#32 Edited by GalacticPunt (1209 posts) -

Bought lots of bizarre Sega games and peripherals for cheap when the Dreamcast was dying. Seaman w/ microphone, Typing of the Dead w/ keyboard, Chu Chu Rocket, Jet Grind Radio, etc... It was so much awesomeness at once, I was like "Why the hell is the Dreamcast dying?"

Also bought 360 versions of Oblivion GOTY and Deadly Premonition AFTER my console exploded. Thought I would get around to replacing the 360 eventually. Nope, I just threw that money away on two shrink-wrapped paperweights.

Edit: There was a huge-ass PS Move bundle with this stuff, the camera, Killzone 3, and Resistance 3 all in one box.

I played through the entire campaign of Killzone 3 swinging this bitch around my living room. I regret nothing!

#33 Edited by DwigtK (288 posts) -

I bought "Man vs. Wild" out of a bargain bin at Walmart. Played it for all of 30 minutes, what a hot piece of garbage that was.

#34 Posted by Fattony12000 (7976 posts) -

@fattony12000: I am also in Japan next month. I challenge you to a videogame weird-off!

Let's get アニメ, gurl.

#35 Posted by goreyfantod (207 posts) -

Too many things to mention, including a custom mouse & mini-cue stick for playing computer billiards. :/

Honourable mention probably goes to this lil' gem that I found recently while sorting through old CDs & games:

"Bad Mojo is an adventure game where the player assumes the role of a man that has been transformed in to a cockroach. Gameplay consists of puzzles and exploration with a minimal number of threats. Bad Mojo also contains several FMV sequences."

On the plus side, I've been thinking I should send it in so Vinny or someone can play it on UPF. It has FMV!

#36 Edited by SubwayD (699 posts) -

To this day, I have no idea what I was thinking. Just walked into a shop with some cash to spend and bought... this.



Edit: Oh, you mean recently?

Well, I was really interested in Titanfall. And then, on a whim, I just blew that cash on Forza 5 for no reason. I'm not even a car fetishist or particularly enjoy racing sims.

#37 Posted by Stete (784 posts) -

I bought Catz. Cybernet told me it was good. Cybernet lied to me.

I also bought a pink Game Boy Micro last year, but I regret nothing, that thing is awesome! It's so tiny!!!!

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I preordered Bejeweled 3 for 20 dollars because I thought Zen mode looked cool

#39 Posted by Marcsman (3381 posts) -

A microphone stand specifically to play Rockband with.

#40 Posted by Deathdealer108 (310 posts) -

Bought Onechanbara for 360. This game:

Haven't played past the first level, and I did that at a party just so everyone could see how ludicrous the game is. Pretty much a big waste of $15 on my part.

#41 Posted by Belegorm (1044 posts) -

The most random indie steam games I've never played -- long live the queen, recettear: an item shop's tale, grotesque tactics: evil heroes.

Also in a store, Riven: the sequel to myst.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

@fattony12000: I am also in Japan next month. I challenge you to a videogame weird-off!

Let's get アニメ, gurl.

I hope you meant "let's get anime girls" otherwise you'll be VERY disappointed.

#43 Posted by Lou_Chou (47 posts) -

@atlas: You bought a GTX 770 on impulse? Are you Scrooge McDuck?

#44 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12964 posts) -

There are plenty of barely justifiable games on my steam account, but I'll just say that I bought the Focus Interactive Humble Bundle (containing such gems as Divinity 2, Rise of the Argonauts and that Game of Thrones RPG) and I don't think I will play any of them anytime soon.

#45 Posted by ExiledAstronaut (138 posts) -
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I bought a second pair of bongos for Donkey Konga. So unnecessary, took up so much space. In fact, I think I just bought a second copy of the game with included bongos, rather than a standalone. Dark days indeed.

#47 Posted by ShaggE (7296 posts) -

@commonterry: You make-a me sad, sir! Creatures was great! Especially the sequels. Really impressive for the time, too. I had no idea there was a PSX version, though... I can't imagine how that would have worked well.

As for my strangest purchase, I've made too many to count, but Celebrity Deathmatch is certainly up there. It was the perfect mix of bizarre, kind of fun, and utter shit, with none of what made the source material work. (kind of like the short-lived reboot!)

#48 Posted by GalacticPunt (1209 posts) -

Too many things to mention, including a custom mouse & mini-cue stick for playing computer billiards. :/

Honourable mention probably goes to this lil' gem that I found recently while sorting through old CDs & games:

"Bad Mojo is an adventure game where the player assumes the role of a man that has been transformed in to a cockroach. Gameplay consists of puzzles and exploration with a minimal number of threats. Bad Mojo also contains several FMV sequences."

On the plus side, I've been thinking I should send it in so Vinny or someone can play it on UPF. It has FMV!

I wonder why they didn't just call it Metamorphosis: The Roach Game. The novel is totally public domain by now. Afraid of appearing too highbrow?

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Tales of Vesperia.

I really can't stand Anime, just not a fan of the artstyle of anything in the genre. I liked the game though, everything about it except the 3-4 anime cut scenes in the game.

#50 Edited by RuthLoose (874 posts) -

Probably The Art of Fighting for the SNES. It's not necessarily "weird" so much that it is a clone of Street Fighter II but with far more overt racism. That said, I think it still plays alright considering how early SNES-era it was released.