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#101 Posted by nutter (127 posts) -

I didn't play anything I hated, or even disliked. I always try to find ways to enjoy the games I buy, and I always wait for the reviews. But... yeah, The Secret World had more, and longer, dull moments than I prefer. So that my pick.

Favourite game will have to be a toss-up between Torchlight 2 and X-Com.

Xcom was great.

I actually don't read reviews anymore. I buy games if they seem cool and/or interesting based on the limited coverage I consume.

I watch GB quick looks, I listen to a few podcasts, and I check metacritic out of curiosity from time to time.

Usually, I just buy what sounds interesting or games by developers with good track records.

I usually don't pay more than $40 for new games (deals are everywhere, even day one), so if I don't enjoy it, I can recoup at least $30 of the cost by dropping said game off at Best Buy.

The Bombcast steered me wrong on Fez and Bully, for example, but they also got me to hop on Asura's Wrath (which is BANANAS).

Anyhow, vibe has guided my buying decisions more than reviews lately, and I'm very happy for it.
#102 Posted by Atlas (2457 posts) -

I've been playing games long enough to know what I like and what I don't like, and I try to be as informed about a game before buying it, which means I rarely end up paying for a game that I thought was shit and got no value out of. I also don't preorder games unless I'm damn sure I'm going to really be into it. 2012 was also a year where I didn't buy anywhere near as many games as I have in previous years, especially 2010 and 2011 (had a new PC, went mad on Steam sales). So I didn't hate any games I played this year, and any answer I would give would be about something that was picked up through watching others play the game, not playing it myself. A good example of this is Hotline Miami, which I have zero interest in, get little joy out of watching others play, and which has the most obnoxious music I've heard in a game this year. But I can't actually say I hate Hotline Miami; I don't own it and haven't played it.

Favourite game this year is Crusader Kings II. Who has two thumbs, loves strategy games, is a massive history nerd, and thinks CKII is a nearly perfect game?

*points to self with both thumbs*

#103 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13629 posts) -

My favorite was either Far Cry 3 or Mass Effect 3 and really didn't like Borderlands 2, not a big fan of how repetitive it is to me.

All the gathering and outpost take over got pretty repetitive after a wile.
#104 Posted by Cerevisiae (75 posts) -

Favorite: Mark of the Ninja. It flawlessly executes what it sets out to do. One of the best stealth games I've played. Maybe second to Chaos Theory.

Least favorite: Kingdoms of Amalur. It started off really well. I kept on waiting for it to get interesting (either story-wise or combat-wise), but it just never did. They had this really nice combat system in place with some cool weapons like the chakrams, but it was just so easy. Nothing ever challenges you in this game. It gets boring fast because of the lack of a compelling narrative and lack of a challenge. Also, it might have the worst 3rd person camera of any game this year. Why does it want to look down so much?

#105 Posted by Fistoh (120 posts) -

Probably Paper Mario Sticker Star: Just... ugh as a devout fanatic of The first two, it just doesn't feel good playing it. 

#106 Posted by deano546 (184 posts) -

Favourite: Walking Dead

Most Hated: Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse (Even as someone who probably likes Family Guy more than the average person, this game is just awful.)

#107 Edited by PhantomGardener (471 posts) -

@TheDudeOfGaming said:

@PhantomGardener said:

Most hated game of the year is Neverdead. I can't belive I actually paid full price for that game.. Worst decision I have ever made.

Judging by the trailer I had just seen, the premise seemed interesting, if nothing else.

Yeah, and that is all that it turned out too be. An interesting premise.

#108 Posted by EnduranceFun (1109 posts) -

The Walking Dead and Journey were fun. The former mostly because of speculating about it with a friend and experiencing it in the moment, though it has just about zero replay value - still very impressive for the low price tag. The latter was almost the exact opposite experience and probably in fact the better game for that. I could and sort of want to play that game over again a million times, but the playthrough I had was just so special, I don't want to go back. A very special game indeed.

Least favourite... Sticker Star was abominable for axing the story and becoming New Super Paper Mario. To me, Mass Effect 3 and its ending ruined that series which previously I loved. Man, there was basically no big game I liked this year, it felt as if the gaming industry fell asleep. Looking at other people's favourites I think I need to go play some indie games like Mark of the Ninja, or stuff like Binary Domain. It'll take a mighty 2013 to convince me the 'big players' of the publishing world aren't completely out of touch with gamers.

#109 Posted by morrelloman (609 posts) -

Favorite: Borderlands 2

Hated: Dragon's Dogma

#110 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2483 posts) -

Favorite: Black Mesa

Hated: Winter Depression: Lovesickness: The Game (seriously, I played too few video games to hate one)

#111 Posted by ryvythed (27 posts) -
#112 Posted by smitty86 (695 posts) -

Favorite: Journey. Going though Walking Dead now so that could be up there too.

Most Hated: Hitman. Thank god for Redbox. The breaking point was halfway in the campaign where I said "If this is another sneaking mission, I'm done." Next mission: Sneak into the warehouse. What a pile of shit.

#113 Posted by Artof_War (119 posts) -

Favorites: XCOM: Enemy Unknown; Borderlands 2

Least favorite: First 3-5 hours of Assassins Creed III (was great after)

#114 Posted by Ben_H (3441 posts) -

Firstly, I don't read reviews. I only buy stuff if it sounds interesting to me. 
For most Favourite, this is probably a tie between XCOM and FTL. XCOM is just up my alley but FTL is a ton of fun, and I love roguelikes so it is even better. I would stand behind either as game of the year. 
Most hated, probably Diablo 3. I spent a lot of time on it but the upper difficulties just aren't fun. It isn't that they are challenging it is that they use cheap tactics to make the game seem more difficult when it actually isn't since it is simply you losing control of your character without having any way to really avoid it. 
Most disappointing is Borderlands 2. I played the original Borderlands 4 times yet I have found Borderlands 2 so dull that I haven't really finished it.

#115 Posted by kaos_cracker (714 posts) -

@The_Laughing_Man: I got gathering done right away and doing the outposts was fun for me since I did that before doing missions

#116 Posted by AndyAce83 (118 posts) -

@Rafaelfc: In Resident Evil 3 every time you played through the game you opened another bio. In those bios revealed what happned to the diffrent characters in the game. Sherry Birken, was revealed being captured by the goverment and run test on. So to me, I found it facinating to see her again. That was not a disjointed experince to me. Ofcourse I cant argue with taste, but the resident evil is more than umbrella and Racoon city (as 4 and 5 will prove), its about characters. About Ada Wong, Leon, Chris etc. Not just virus and mutations.

The gameplay was fine. And an improvement of much approved gameplay from 4 & 5. "It felt like this and that". Fine. It worked for me and people like me. The story may have not progressed much, but non of the RE games really does. 2 and 3 happens simultaneous. We never get to understand Umbrellas true intentions. Spencer just got slain in the end. To me, 6 is a far superior game than 5 both gameplay wise and story wise as the Bond- villain is dropped for more... well, I dont know how to hide spoilers so... I found it better.

And I dont get the complaint about the characters not interaction with each other. Of course they do. But the story is linear. Actions dont change events. If you want that you could play RE2 or RE3 or whatever.

#117 Posted by JonathanAshleyMoore (283 posts) -

Favorite: Abobo's Big Adventure

Hated: Neverdead

#118 Posted by moondogger (40 posts) -

Favorite: Mass Effect 3, warts and all. I loved getting to the end of that journey. And the multiplayer ws great as well.

Hated: Borderlands 2. For me, it lacked the magic that made the original so much fun. It seemed very by the numbers.

#119 Posted by Slag (4891 posts) -

Favorite: Dragon's Dogma

Hated: N/a didn't play enough 2012 titles

Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, if I could any year's releases that I played this year? That game is baaaaaaaaaaaad

#120 Posted by Zekhariah (695 posts) -

@living4theday258 said:

Que hatred for mass effect 3 and love for FC3

Mass effect 3 was the best game I played this year (well, maybe after getting around to Saint's Row the Third).

Syndicate is more deserving of scorn. That and giving a pass to Spec Ops because it nods toward Heart of Darkness.

#121 Posted by RE_Player1 (7526 posts) -

Favorite: Persona 4 Golden. Playing through it reminded me how much I love that series and they made smart additions and changes to the formula.

Most Hated: Mass Effect 3. After replaying 1 and 2 this year the game is just a huge example of squandered potential. Congratulations EA you had one of the richest universes in gaming but instead of taking your time and making every entry special you rushed this piece of hot garbage out the door and killed the franchise.

#122 Posted by Baltimore (280 posts) -

The Walking Dead is tied with Mark of the Ninja for my personal Game o' Year. As for the game that that made me unhappy. That had to be Final Fantasy 13-2. After about a dozen hours I just could give a crap any more.

#123 Posted by cruxking (204 posts) -

Favourite probably xcom or diablo 3. As for most hated Gettysburg armoured warfare or sniper elite V2, both of those are kind of my fault though. Yes the games are bad but I was the one who bought them with almost no research at all, so i kind of think that's on me.

#124 Posted by Rasmoss (479 posts) -

Most loved - The Walking Dead. It's been talked about to death but it really came out of left field. I was surprised how much a game could get you caught up in it's storytelling.

Most hated - Half-life 2 Episode 3 for still not being out 5 years after ending Episode 2 on the biggest cliffhanger in gaming history. Shame on Valve for still not even explaining why nothing is happening.

#125 Posted by SadisticWOlf (100 posts) -

Loved: Farcry 3

Hated: Resident Evil Six