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I have 2 that top everything else. 1) Party chat, lack of this on PS3 was my biggest grief on PS3 compared to X360. 2) Recording, seeing as I've played over 600 hours of BF3, I've had moments where I have wished I could've saved that sweet kill or odd happening so I could show it to my friends.

Honorable mention goes to DS4 considering DS3 was way inferior to X360 controller this gen. And it wasn't because of stick placement.

Edit: Fine, be boring and aswer "New games and more power". :p

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I like that they can play games that require more power than the previous generation.

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Games. Otherwise, what the hell's the point?

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Honestly...nothing really. Since I moved to PC the new consoles just seem really underwhelming to me. Especially since we're still gonna see stuff that isn't even 1080p/60FPS. Streaming is a big focus, but that's not for me. Not really excited for the launches TBQH.

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Memory. Processing Power. The increase of the lowest common denominator by a factor of 10+. The games that will be, because of this.

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The texture on the Dual Shock 4 looks really nice. Better controllers is good because I'll use it for PC gaming too.

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Share button / recording is actually gonna be huge I think

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At this point, I hardly feel like I know what the features will be. I haven't held any of the controllers and most of the other things feel like hypothetical goals at best.

So.. I like that the Xbox One looks like an old VHS player and Playstation 4 looks like a futuristic Playstation 2.

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I'll be honest: I'm kinda into what the new Kinect can hypothetically do. It definitely gave me pause before deciding to go with the PS4. But really, that thing could be the most powerful camera on Earth and still not have any great games that make good use of it.

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I'm really excited to see what the new Kinect entails. With it in every box(at least for now), developers will hopefully be less hesitant about using it and we could see some pretty interesting implementations.

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Kinect is the only thing that currently interests me about the new consoles.

Everything else that interests me about these new consoles is already being done on the PC I already have.

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Just the power. I'm a Mac guy and always will be, so the allure of greater processing and fidelity is always the thing for me.

Also, I really want to see what the PS4's UI is like. Unlike most I love the UMB, and while I'm a regular sized guy I must have small hands 'cause the Dual Shock 3 was a perfect controller IMO, so I'm curious to see how their "changes for the better" affect my experience with the system.

But, my favorite feature so far? Sharing, probably. I don't game often but when I do there's a lot of things I'd like to point out to people: cheesy fuckers in NBA 2K online, crazy GTA moments, etc.

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(Hopefully) More exclusives on the Xbox end this time around, a better controller on the Playstation end, multitasking on both consoles and recording. I also want to believe in what Microsoft (and Sony?) are trying to do with Kinect and PS Eye because it offers some pretty cool ideas.

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I'm excited to see what devs do with the leap in power that we're getting, other than graphics. I had a feeble hope that 60FPS would become a standard but that isn't going to happen.

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Steam Box, does that count?

If no, then PS4.

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The prospect of improved PC versions of games.

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Just the new possible games, I don't play multiplayer so most of the sharing/chatting/network stuff while interesting really won't impact me.

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Honestly...nothing really. Since I moved to PC the new consoles just seem really underwhelming to me. Especially since we're still gonna see stuff that isn't even 1080p/60FPS. Streaming is a big focus, but that's not for me. Not really excited for the launches TBQH.

You can watch TV on the Xbox One. Check and mate, mate.

In all seriousness, once you go PC, you don't go back.

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The exciting ways developers are going to implement the second screen in the middle of the game pad.

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New games and IP's

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The prospect of improved PC versions of games.

Yep. The closer consoles get to being PCs, the better the PC ports (which I will be playing) will be.

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My favorite feature is all of them. Yup, every feature I've heard about gives me more reason to not want one. The more useless features they create, the better I feel about not upgrading.

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If the recording feature is even a tad too complex or takes a tad too long then it will die faster than a child's excitement after getting a kinect. Hope that thing is as quick and as simple as they make it out to be in the promotional materials.

Besides games (obvious answer) the recording thing could allow for some great guides. Having a WiiU and being able to look up info on a game section in an instant is awesome. There's so much more that can be done with that in the future.

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favorite feature? nothing makes me want to buy one. i like that feature.

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The new Xbox One controller that I'll use on my PC. I'm not buying any of the consoles for a while.

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I'm hoping that the increase in processing power will result in better AI.

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  • Video recording
  • Headphones on my controller
  • Chance of better online services

If those features sound too irrelevant, its because they are. At this point, the new features are not that impressive, and the next generation consoles look a lot like the current generation with the promise of better games and more power.

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Just the prospect of better everything. People on this site think consoles are dead and PC is king, but consoles breath life and innovation into the industry, more so than people think. Having multiple options make developers and publishers do better work (except for ea nowadays).

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Nothing at all. That's why I'm getting a new PC instead.

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Right now, it's the controllers. They seem legitimately improved.

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ease of development/port probably and gddr5 rams.

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Definitely the built in flesh light. Those will probably cause more red rings than the previous generation.

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I'm always interesting in what they allow you to do to personalize your system. Themes, avatars, color schemes, etc. Weirdly, all the really cool stuff in that regard will be showing up later on both systems.

You can't judge most devices on their interface at launch, its always the small evolution based on user experience that come to define systems.

The dashboards we will have in a month, on both systems, won't be the same dashboards we see in 2016/17 on either. The evolution of the systems is what interests me.

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The fact that developers will not be hamstrung by the limitations of previous-gen hardware. This will lead to better PC games. I am also looking forward to using the newly refined controllers on my PC.

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Great controllers and overall more powerful and snappier system.

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Games and the controller.