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#2 Posted by Unchained (1090 posts) -

Just wanted to see what the general mindshare of the Giant Bomb community was.

Skyrim for me, by far.

#3 Posted by LibraryDues (335 posts) -

Uncharted 3 barely edges out Skyrim.

But.... if I'm honest, I'm looking most forward to Metal Gear Solid HD.

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There were a few I didn't put up there. I regret not putting MGS HD up there now.

Also, I was considering putting Diablo III on the poll. Without a firm release date, I decided not to.

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Probably Skyrim. I didn't like Oblivion so I want to see if they have truely improved the game...

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Man, ton of great games coming out this year, yet somehow I'm most excited for the one I've already played countless times. I love Halo too much.

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After thinking about this a bit, it's Modern Warfare 3. Barely beating out Uncharted 3.

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Gears 3, Batman: AA, Battlefield 3, Skyrim, Saints Row, Halo. 
This year has been amazing for video games.

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I'm going to go with Uncharted 3. So many great titles this year though.

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Not a day goes by where i'm not thinking about Dark Souls, Skyrim, or Uncharted 3.

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Dark Soulsssssss

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Modern Warfare 3!

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So many 3's. That's slightly depressing.

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Red Orchestra 2! 
Technically not out yet at the time of this post :D

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The clerks at my local EB Games said that due to the amount of pre-orders they have, they are holding midnight releases for Gears 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim, and Batman: Arkham City. Also, NHL 12 (I live in Canada).

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Skyrim by far.

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N: Sword of the Stars 2

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A tough call, but Skyrim has to go first! Rage, Gears 3 and Saints Row were close contenders though.

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Definitely Skyrim, I loved Oblivion

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Wow no votes for Batman or Zelda. Are people just getting tired of Zelda.

The only games that I am personally looking forward to on that list are Skyrim and Gears.

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So many good games coming soon, but it's Skyrim for me pretty easily. Unless Diablo 3 is released this year that is ;).

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Also, Zelda. 
Also also, Rage. 
Also also also, Assassin's Creed.  
And Uncharted too. Not Uncharted 2, I already played that. Uncharted as well. But that joke doesn't really work in print. Or online. Because this isn't going to be printed. TEXT. 
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Saints 3 -> Gears 3 -> Skyrim -> Zelda.
My nintendo heart weeps, but the will to do mental stuff in Saints just wins out.

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Easily Skyrim for me. Can't believe it's so close now, after the VGA announcement last year.

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i misclicked and hit uncharted, i meant skyrim though :(

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Dodonpachi Resurrection.

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I almost accidentally hit MW3 instead of Skyrim.. LOL

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@Hizang said:
  *ahem*... I voted for Uncharted 3
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Wait, other games but Skyrim are coming out?

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Arkham City! I'm a little surprised it hasn't received more votes.

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Gears 3 because of the multiplayer. Followed closely by Uncharted 3.

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Skyrim for sure.

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I'm looking forward to these 7 games, in no particular order: Batman: Arkham City, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, RAGE, Gears of War 3, and Assassin's Creed: Revelations.

I may have to pick up either Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3, as well as Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 for the 3DS. That Kirby game on the DS looks dope, too.

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I chose Uncharted 3 but, knowing me, I'll probably play Skyrim alot more.

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dark souls and saints row the third

#40 Posted by BleedingStarX (283 posts) -

I'd probably say WWE 12 or Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

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BF3, obviously. COD:MW3 is a game I'll play a lot of for a few weeks and never touch again. Uncharted is something I'm looking forward to and will beat in one sitting, but don't really care when it comes out. Rage is . . . already pre-ordered, but success is up in the air. Batman - pre-ordered, but don't really care. Gears of War 3? Pre-ordered for the $20 Amazon credit and will play it, but am kind of tired of GoW. Actually, really tired of GoW. Skyrim. . . yeah, looking forward to that, but there's no fucking point in buying it for the first year, because then you're stuck dealing with the ridiculous bullshit hoop of DLC. I'll just wait for the GOTY "everything in one purchase" package. Also ordered Saints Row and looking forward to it. Will play it immediately. Again, it could wait, as far as I'm concerned. Will buy Assassin's Creed, but . . . I'm kind of done with that series. maybe if they'd finally fucking move on to the final part of the trilogy instead of doing fifteen games of the middle of the trilogy (sorry, I don't give enough of a fuck about Etzio or Italy anymore). Erm . . . I think that's it. Oh - and racing games. I'm kind of done with racing games, I think. Especially after the NFS:HP experience (I put it down for a few months and when I came back to it only six months after release, it was FUCKING DEAD online). From now on, a racing game has to be Burnout Paradise part # before I'll play it, probably.

But, BF3? Unless it completely fumbles (and my only experience with it is from the alpha), then that's something I'll enjoy right away and for a long time.

Of course, BF3 apparently has a single player component in it now (WTF?). I don't know if I'll even play it. I always finish the single player campaign in games before playing multiplayer, but not with BF3. I don't see any reason for a BF game to have single player. That's nuts.

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Poor Forza 4 is looking pretty lonely up there.

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I voted Batman, because I'm more confident in its quality than I am about the quality of Skyrim. However, I think Skyrim has the most potential to blow me away.

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Forza 4.

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one of these  
Persona 2  psp
Otomedius Excellent 
DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu Ver 1.5 
The King of Fighters XIII 
I understand you want to keep a limited list but Fuck man do some more research before posting a list  
 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon looks fucking nuts!! should have been on the list  


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If I listed every single game coming out in the next four months, the poll itself would have been well over a hundred listed. I just posted the big titles that I hear people mentioning the most. Seeing as you are the first one to mention Ace Combat, I think it's a fair guess to say it wouldn't have had much of a showing on the poll regardless.

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Dark Souls.

#49 Posted by Dookysharpgun (586 posts) -

Arkham City would be first on my list, Skyrim second, followed up by Gears of War 3.

#50 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2739 posts) -

Dark Soulsssssssssss.