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Poll: What is your most disliked genre of video games? (104 votes)

RPG 0%
Horror 13%
Shooter (1st, 3rd, Isometric) 6%
Point and Click Adventures 15%
Simulation 18%
Real-time Strategy 9%
Turn-Based Strategy 3%
Stealth 6%
MMO 26%
Hack and Slash 4%

What is the genre that you dislike the most? It does not necessarily mean that the genre itself is bad, but just one that you would not enjoy playing.

I would like to say that if you disliked shooters you are not only suggesting you dislike Call of Duty but also you dislike shooting aspects of other games such as Fallout New Vegas.

If you vote, I would like to ask you to provide a reason why you dislike that genre and maybe an example of a game that can show that reason.

#1 Posted by project343 (2884 posts) -

Simulation. Ain't nobody got time for that: mimicking real life in virtual form.

#2 Posted by Grimluck343 (1177 posts) -

I just don't have the patience for point and click adventures anymore, which is really sad because I loved them as a kid.

#3 Posted by SexyToad (2939 posts) -

I guess it has to be click adventures. I don't hate them, but out of that list, they're the "worst."

#4 Posted by OldGuy (1610 posts) -

Hrmm... you don't seem to have fighting games... so I can't vote for that... but if you did... I would...

#5 Posted by MistaSparkle (2283 posts) -

I have a lot of respect for RTS, and I'd love to be able to play them effectively but I'm just too dumb and horrible at multitasking.

#6 Edited by MonetaryDread (2416 posts) -

I voted point-and-click adventures. There is just something that I never quite got into with those games. I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am never looking towards games to provide me with a story, and that is basically what point-and-click adventures offered for the player.

#7 Posted by 71Ranchero (3238 posts) -

Stealth games. Stealth is not fun.

#8 Edited by BeachThunder (13351 posts) -

One of these things is not like the others...

#9 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

MMO's, there is absolutely nothing I find interesting about them at all.

#10 Posted by DaMisterChief (612 posts) -

Point and Click, I WANNA see shit blow up

#11 Posted by bitchypixels (74 posts) -

I'll just go with MMO's since I'm pretty open to try everything else.

#12 Posted by Branthog (5718 posts) -

Simulation. Ain't nobody got time for that: mimicking real life in virtual form.

No time for that?! I have far more time for playing a simulation of flying a fighter jet or driving a race car or running a city than I do for becoming an actual fighter pilot or professional race driver in my rare free time, in real life.

#13 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

sports ... I guess that fits in simulation?

#14 Posted by Branthog (5718 posts) -

I should really narrow-down how many genres I play. I play just about anything, except sports and rhythm games (and I'm not a huge fan of JRPGs, due to their linearity and navel-gazing). If I could choose to wipe one off the planet, however, it'd be rhythm games.

#15 Posted by BaneFireLord (3105 posts) -

Sports games.

#16 Edited by guttridgeb (26 posts) -

RTSs, simulations and sports. I can't decide which is worse.

#17 Edited by JasonR86 (10044 posts) -

Of those in the poll it's MMO. I'm bored to tears by MMOs. But, really the genre I dislike more would be music games. Which is weird because I love music. But I never like the Rock Band or Guitar Hero games or any of their peers and I don't have any interest in dancing games. The business model seems fucked. I don't want to buy song after song. And playing the instruments doesn't seem fun to me. To be fair I've never played a music game but I just don't see the appeal.

#18 Posted by cheishxc (102 posts) -

Ok, can someone explain the appeal of sim games to me? I'm not bashing the games themselves, or people who like them, I just don't understand what's appealing about playing a game simulating the shit you have to do every day.

#19 Posted by doosmacleod (190 posts) -

I pretty much get enjoyment out of all genres, but I'm awful at Real Time Strategy. I voted for that due to my own shame, and insignificant APM.

#20 Edited by Sinusoidal (2407 posts) -

I came in here gunning for sports, then saw MMO and changed my mind. MMOs are glorified chat rooms whose gameplay consists of mindless, time-consuming grinds. I get a more fulfilling experience out of a good MUD, and 90% of those are free, have been around for a decade, aren't trolled by a bunch of idiots and are run by people who really care about the place.

#21 Edited by JasonR86 (10044 posts) -

@cheishxc said:

Ok, can someone explain the appeal of sim games to me? I'm not bashing the games themselves, or people who like them, I just don't understand what's appealing about playing a game simulating the shit you have to do every day.

I've never been allowed to fly planes, drive a train, drive extremely fast cars on race tracks, fly a spaceship, create a city, civilization, or world, or control military/navy/airforce soldiers fighting Nazis/Aliens/or any other type of bad military force in real life. Doing those things can be fun to do in a simulation game.

#22 Posted by believer258 (13032 posts) -

How are sports games not on that list?

I can see the merit in enjoying them, I just... don't.

#23 Posted by GunstarRed (5905 posts) -

Sports with a handful of exceptions.

#24 Posted by Milkman (18087 posts) -

Dating sims.

#25 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Point and click adventure games are pretty boring. Now modern take on the genre like L.A. Noire or Heavy Rain can be fun but classic point and click? I don't want any of it.

#26 Edited by Halos_god (207 posts) -


#27 Edited by Video_Game_King (36566 posts) -

Most survival horror games.

#28 Posted by Sergio (2750 posts) -

Sports and racing games.

#29 Posted by AlexW00d (6822 posts) -

I play all genres of games; it's the themes that will put me off stuff, JRPGs for example. I ain't got time for that, as someone said above me.

#30 Posted by DerpButter (9 posts) -

MMO/MOBA/RTS/Non-Casual FPSes, I'm not so much against the genres themselves, more that I have so many friends that get deep into one or two of these, and then refuse to play anything else. A very poisonous influence on the PC, as that seems to be the diet of many PC gamers. I honestly believe this was the cause of the big developer exodus from the the PC a few years ago which is just now starting to heal. Forget 'piracy' and 'port difficulty', no one wants to make games on a platform where player time is monopolized by maybe 6 titles (SC, LoL, Dota, WoW, TF2, CS).

#31 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2751 posts) -

Wanted to choose sports but since that's not on here I picked Simulation.

#32 Edited by Dalai (7798 posts) -

I have yet to see an MMO that I actually want to play.

#33 Posted by big_jon (6191 posts) -


#34 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2392 posts) -

It doesn't matter how amazing the premise for a video game is the mere mention of it being an MMO will turn me off 100% in less than a second. Next to that would be free to play or any multiplayer focused game.

#35 Posted by Levius (1329 posts) -

I would vote for fighting games if it was there. I like the idea and respect the genre, but my mind just doesn't work that way.

#36 Posted by MordeaniisChaos (5904 posts) -


#37 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

Sports. I don't know how you can forget to include that in the poll options.

#38 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5885 posts) -


I don't understand how to play them, and at this point I don't really care to.

#39 Posted by jking47 (1266 posts) -

Point and click adventures are shitty and have always been shitty.

#40 Edited by Rafaelfc (1826 posts) -


I just can't play them well, at all! it's so frustrating, the only game genre I could never get into.

I've tried many many times over the years and I always get worked by AI in ridiculous ways, I'm just not cut out for it, for whatever reason.

#41 Posted by Lord_Xp (648 posts) -

I hate sport games

#42 Posted by FrankieSpankie (228 posts) -

Point & Click Adventures. I can play adventure games like Indigo Prophecy or something along those lines but click and point games drive me absolutely insane. I don't find them fun and it's often confusing. I've played a couple and had to look at a FAQ for how to beat certain parts only to think how the fuck was I supposed to think of that.

#43 Posted by Kaiserreich (825 posts) -


#44 Posted by Oldirtybearon (5328 posts) -

JRPGs are the worst. Convenient that OP left that genre off of the list.

#45 Posted by Tennmuerti (8519 posts) -

This poll needs an "other" option for all the genres not on the list.

Platformers. Fuck-that.

#46 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4215 posts) -

I mean. All these kind of seem all right, kind of..

#47 Posted by Blu3V3nom07 (4215 posts) -
#48 Posted by Slay3r1583 (684 posts) -


Mostly because I'm a pussy who doesn't like scary things.

#50 Posted by marbleCmoney (547 posts) -

I don't really dislike whole genres of games. Just certain games themselves.