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Poll: What is your most disliked genre of video games? (224 votes)

RPG 0%
Horror/Survival Horror 2%
Shooter(1st, 3rd, Isometric) 6%
Point and Click Adventure 4%
Simulation 2%
Real-Time Strategy 2%
Turn-Based Strategy 2%
Stealth 2%
MMO 13%
Hack and Slash/ Beat'em up 3%
Sports 25%
Fighting 5%
Music/Rhythem/Dancing 5%
Platformers 1%
Modas/Dotas 5%
Tower Defence 7%
There is no genre that I dislike 6%
Others 4%

It does not necessarily mean that the genre itself is bad, but just one that you would not enjoy playing.

I would like to say that if you disliked shooters you are not only suggesting you dislike Call of Duty but also you dislike shooting aspects of other games such as Fallout New Vegas.

If you vote, I would like to ask you to provide a reason why you dislike that genre and maybe an example of a game that can show that reason.

Some people may have seen this poll before. I decided to create a new one with more options this time and see what changes from the previous one.

#1 Edited by Galiant (2219 posts) -

Sports, because sports.

#2 Posted by JoeyRavn (5135 posts) -

Sports. If I wanted to play a sport, I would go outside and play it.

Just like I do with my FPSes.

#3 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7689 posts) -

As someone who played Aeon of Strife and its successors I dislike the direction they went with the genre (adhering to WC3's design instead of Starcraft essentially) but the first thing they should do is toss the entire playerbase into a massive oven and incinerate them all; then they can go through the trouble of improving/revamping it.

#4 Posted by ArbitraryWater (12966 posts) -

The amount of caring I have for any sport game that doesn't have Mario in it ranges from zero to two.

#5 Posted by Kidavenger (3942 posts) -

I voted shooter, only because I don't mind most other genres and most 1st person perspective games make me sick, not just shooters, watching the guys play Mirror's Edge a few weeks ago was a nightmare, that was exactly the last game I ever want to play.

Funnily enough, the Portal series is one of my favorites, don't ask, I have no explanation.

#7 Posted by LikeaSsur (1692 posts) -

@joeyravn said:

Sports. If I wanted to play a sport, I would go outside and play it.

Just like I do with my FPSes.

100% accurate.

#8 Posted by believer258 (13034 posts) -

Sports, because I'm a proper nerd. Or geek. Whichever term you prefer, they mean the same thing.

#9 Posted by Coafi (1519 posts) -

There's a lot of genres I won't touch.

  • MMO
  • Hack and Slash/ Beat'em up
  • Sports
  • Fighting
  • Modas/Dotas
  • Tower Defence

Most of those I just suck at them, and some I'm just not interested in them. I used to also hate Stealth but last year I played some mild stealthy games, and now I really like them.

#10 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7689 posts) -

Sports themselves are incredibly interesting, especially on the statistical level; the games vary tremendously however and Madden for example has never held any appeal for me (though I did like NBA Live and High Heat 2003 is still fantastic)

#11 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Wasn't that poll made yesterday?

#12 Edited by cutyoface (577 posts) -

I can't stand hack and slash games.

#13 Posted by supermonkey122 (1053 posts) -

I said sports, but I usually don't like any type of strategy game.

#14 Edited by KogX (27 posts) -

@pr1mus: It was. People said I missed a lot of other genres so I decided to create a new one with more options and see what people choose now.

#15 Posted by Canteu (2911 posts) -


Fuck all sports games.

#16 Posted by Pr1mus (4107 posts) -

Point and Click. I'm not opposed to play games that try to take a modern approach to classic point and click like L.A. Noire or Heavy Rain but classic point and click is boooooooooooooooooring.

#17 Posted by chrissedoff (2245 posts) -

I can't stand the great majority of JRPGs.

#18 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

Tower Defense. Don't even want to touch that genre. Never played a MOBA before but have nothing against them. Not a big fan of Point and Click, RTS or horror either. Simulation at least make great quick looks.

#19 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2689 posts) -
#20 Posted by Fattony12000 (7976 posts) -

I HATE others.

#21 Posted by Mirado (1215 posts) -

Rhythm games. The vast majority are pure Rote learning, and nothing seems to bore me quicker. I don't like games that boil down to pattern matching unless you dress it up somehow (Mega Man is by and large all about patterns, but at least there's a platforming element to it, along with weapon switching, for example).

#22 Posted by Jeust (11587 posts) -

@joeyravn said:

Sports. If I wanted to play a sport, I would go outside and play it.

Just like I do with my FPSes.

Pretty much this. Sports has reached a level of complexity, it is easier with a much plainer learning curve to just go out and play the sport.

#23 Posted by gogosox82 (441 posts) -

Sports games. They're just really boring in general.

#24 Edited by panvixyl (337 posts) -

FPS! The most boring and repetitive genre in the history of boring and repetitive genres.

#25 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

So much dislike for Sports game here. I can understand why but I like a few of them. Top Spin 4 is a really good game. Mario Tennis and golf are good too.

#26 Posted by jdh5153 (1097 posts) -

Nintendo / Platformer.

favorite is sports.

#27 Posted by Turambar (7284 posts) -

But what if I'm fine with Shumps but hate FPSes?

#28 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1444 posts) -

If a game is fun I will play it. I got NHL 08 and 09 (for dirt cheap) and love those games. I do not play a lot of MMOs but I have played some wow in my day

#29 Posted by hidys (1063 posts) -

Dont really care for sports games

#30 Posted by ManU_Fan10ne (688 posts) -

Shooters, specifically FPS, because it seems like most of the games are essentially the same.

#31 Posted by Jrinswand (1745 posts) -

Sports. I accidentally voted "others" though. Oops.

#32 Posted by itspizza (461 posts) -

Fuck you guys, MLB the show is awesome

Point and clicks are my least favorite, followed by puzzle games (not listed in the poll)

#33 Edited by Aterons (207 posts) -

Side question, when exactly does an RPG become a J-RPG ?

And i mostly hate point and click mostly because i am yet to see one that has any point other than being an "artsy-fancy thing" .

#34 Posted by Breadfan (6803 posts) -

Not surprised that sports games currently lead this poll. I personally enjoy them, but that's just me.

I have never had any desire whatsoever to play music/rhythm games.

#35 Edited by DonPixel (2759 posts) -

Out of all them all.. the bad video game genre. Out of your list: sports: FUCK FIFA, that coming out of a hispanic.

#36 Edited by rentacop (116 posts) -

RTS for me. Never could get a hang of managing hordes of units and ended up getting romped in my attempts at the genre.

Still not really sure how to identify a "point and click adventure" or I would have likely went with that as it sounds incredibly boring.

#37 Posted by Tajasaurus (1499 posts) -

JRPG's always kind of feel like the exact same game, just with different graphics. I liked Final Fantasy as a kid, but I just can't do it any more.

#38 Posted by Capum15 (5156 posts) -

A tie for me between Sports and Fighting. I don't actively dislike them, I just don't really care for them.

Now, I find I count "Sports" as things like Madden and Fifa, as I'm alright with racing games (NFS, Burnout, Dirt 2), and I enjoyed the old Tony Hawk games. Although, NFL Blitz 2001 was amazing with a friend, as was that Snowboarding 1080 game for the N64. I also don't mind fighting in other games, like Sleeping Dogs, but regular fighting games like Tekken just don't appeal to me. I'm also not really interested in DOTA-type games.

Like I said, I don't hate them, but I'm just not interested.

#39 Posted by probablytuna (4267 posts) -

While I dislike horror games because I don't like the tension (though I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone by playing Dead Space) the other genre that I dislike would be tower defence. I just don't see the appeal in it.

#40 Posted by LornHg (46 posts) -

I can't stand those majore league sport games coming out every single year. I find it ridiculous.

NHL2009 - NHL2010 - NHL2011 - NHL2012

is that new yearly version really worth 60$ dollars ? NO!

#41 Posted by Elwoodan (951 posts) -

So I picked sports, but honestly I just have no interest in sports games. I actively hate traditional stealth games.

#42 Posted by Demoskinos (16510 posts) -
#43 Posted by Philedius (214 posts) -

I picked the horror/survivor horror genre. I get way too twitchy and stressed when playing those kind of games.

#44 Edited by Bourbon_Warrior (4569 posts) -

Dynasty Warriors genre of games are the most mind numbingly boring genre out there.

#45 Posted by haffy (681 posts) -

I just can't get into Dota style games. Tried watching them and playing them. It's just not for me. Feels like grinding an MMO at the start of every game.

#46 Posted by Codeacious (957 posts) -

I seriously can't get into RTSes, despite being a massive PC gamer and really liking Dota. I just get bored in record time for some reason.

#47 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (998 posts) -

I don't know. I don't really care for God games, like Populous, but I like Civ and SimCity. So pick simulation or not? Never played a MOBA, but don't have anything against them. Racing is a love/hate thing.....love Burnout, hate GT.

#48 Edited by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

I chose Sports games but they're up there together with First Person Shooters.

#49 Edited by WinterSnowblind (7597 posts) -

Shooters, both first and third person. There are a few I enjoy, but the genre has to be the most derivative thing ever. There's so many and they all follow the exact same formula.

#50 Posted by Addfwyn (1983 posts) -

WRPGs, though JRPGs are my favourite genre. Go figure.