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Giant Bomb has a really varied audience in terms of culture, world location, gender, and age.  That means that we also have a varied gaming history as well.  It seems weird to me to think that there are people who grew up during a time when 3D was the norm but that is certainly the case.  I'm interested in hearing the community's unique gaming history.  What was your first console?  What consoles did you play with as a kid?  
I was born in the mid-80s so the first console I remember buying that was new was the Sega Genesis.  But, my Dad was a gamer from the get-go.  He played a lot at the arcades (as did I as a kid).  His first home console was the Colecovision (released in 1982).  We had that console hooked up to an old, wood-paneled TV in my parents' room and I played the hell out of it before we got the Genesis.  We also had a Sega Master System but it wasn't hooked up.  I played the Master System games on my Sega Game Gear with an add-on that allowed the Game Gear to act as a portable Master System.  We bought all of the add-ons for the Genesis (the Sega-CD and the 32X) plus the JVC's version of the Genesis/Sega-CD called the X'Eye.  Because Sega didn't stick with the 32X and my Dad felt ripped off we started to buy Nintendo products starting with the Nintendo 64 and the Gameboy.  I also got a Playstation the last year of its lifespan.  We stuck with Nintendo for the Gamecube.  Now that I'm older and have a little bit more money I'm primarily buying the consoles.  I've bought a Wii, Xbox 360, and a Playstation 3. 

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My parents bought into video games very early; they had a Pong console and went with the Intellivision once that came out. For myself, the first thing I remembered playing is an NES (I do believe my first game was SMB although I was very small at that point), but the first system I spent a lot of time with was the SNES. As it would turn out, I went practically straight Nintendo (SNES, N64, Gameboy, GBA, Gamecube) and nothing else, simply because it was the easiest to sell my parents on. I bought a Wii this generation (which has been collecting dust), and a PS3 (which was collecting dust until MvC3 came out), although I spend the vast majority of my time on the PC (Just built a new $2000 system, 2011 is going to be the best year for PC gaming in a long time).

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My blog holds all the answers, maybe.

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I starts with Pong, Atari 2600, Intellivision, Colecovision, Atari 5200, Turbo Graphix, NES, Sega Genesis, SNES, Sega Saturn, PSOne, PS2, Gamecube and finally PS3.
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Born in '86, my family already had an Atari and an NES by the time I was old enough to be interested in games.  Similarly, I played SMB as my first game (I think), but I also got interested in Tetris after it came out.  From there, I walked the Nintendo path (Gameboy, SNES, N64, GBA) until the Gamecube/Xbox/PS3 era.  I played Genesis at a friend's house when I was in elementary school and Dreamcast at a different friend's house from junior high on up.  PC gaming was always very low-fi stuff, just things like Doom or football sims (my family's computer wasn't top o' the line, so I didin't use it for anything more advanced than Oregon Trail).  The first system I bought with my own money was the Xbox, mainly because Tony Hawk 4 was coming out.  However, a buddy of mine turned me onto this little game called Halo and my gaming landscape completely changed.  I eventually moved in with said friend where we played ungodly amounts of Halo 2 and other such games.  Since that generation, I've owned each of the big 3 consoles, though it takes a while for them to entice me with exclusives.

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Hooooo boy, started with the NES in 1989, moved into the Super NES and Genesis, then a Saturn, which I bought with my own money, then a PS1 likewise with my own $$, then a Dreamcast for my birthday, a PS2 after it was clear the Dreamcast was going to die horribly, and now I'm the proud owner of an Xbox360 and PS3 because for about a year I worked a ridiculously high-paying job. And my parents insisted, pretty much until I moved out for college and took my PS2 with me, that I'd grow out of videogames eventually.

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I've been gaming ever since my dad got the Atari 2600 and we used to play against each other. I did have a dry period between the ages 18-24 where I was more interested in pussy and drugs. Luckily I got over the latter. 

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the Sega Genesis was my first console but for most of my early days of gaming, i played PC rts games; starcraft, the command and conquer series. I didn't really get back into console gaming until the 360/ps3. I did however own both a ps1 and ps2 but more often then not they took a back seat to pc gaming. I bought my first 360 when gears 1 came out though that box died quickly, after that i opted to buy a ps3 and played that until about 2 years ago, when i sold it so i could upgrade my pc. Since then i have managed to get another ps3 and 360(though i lost my original xbox live account). So here i am in the modern day gaming on basically all platforms except the wii.

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I've been playing games since I was 3, first system was an Atari. I really got hooked when I got my Mega Drive/Genesis and later my Playstation. My first addiction was Resident Evil, I used to complete them at least once a month, I loved my fighting games back in the day but my main focus now is on action adventures, things like DMC, Ninja Gaiden, Bayonetta and such. I've never not been into them, my girlfriend often asks "what would you do if you couldn't play games?" and I just have no answer, I just love games. My view on them often changes due to how the industry is constantly evolving. I can't ever see myself stop enjoying games.

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First game I played was Tekken for the PS1, then my brother got me into JRPGs, got into WoW for a while, and then recently I started getting into the other genres and don't play MMOs or JRPGs that much anymore, mostly western RPGs and shooters now.

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@JasonR86: Heh I remember playing the X'eye at my cousins' place as a kid. I was totally jealous, but didn't really realize how crap most Sega-CD games were.  
I started out playing 8 and 16 consoles as friends' houses and stuff for most of my early childhood. I was mainly a PC gamer till I got an N64, I probably stopped PC gaming (outside of exclusives, and some indie stuff) like 5 years ago though. After the N64, I kinda got burned on the Gamecube, and traded that for an Xbox, then I got the 360, then a PS3, and finally the Wii, though I still regret that purchase. 
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Age of Empires

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I played a video game and it was fun.

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My  first console was the Sega. When I was younger I watched my brother in envy as he played on his nes. Apperently I was to young to be playing video games back then.

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@PhantomGardener said:
" My  first console was the Sega. When I was younger I watched my brother in envy as he played on his nes. Apperently I was to young to be playing video games back then. "
Your first console was a whole company? 
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My first console was the Super Nintendo when I was four or five.  I got it for Christmas even though I don't remember ever asking for it (I can't even recall if I knew what a video game even WAS before I got that SNES).  It came with Donkey Kong Country and was the only time my mom actually played video games with me.  It was fun.  I didn't really buy that many games for it (I remember F-Zero for sure) and borrowed/traded/bought games with a neighbor of ours.
Next was a Sega Genesis a couple years later.  Only really had the a few Mortal Kombat games for it, rented/borrowed the rest.
Got a PC in 98, but that wasn't for gaming so that probably doesn't count, only had some games for 1st to 5th grade students for it so yeah. 
Got a Nintendo 64 in 1999, the last Christmas before I moved to where I live now.  Only had Super Smash Bros. and some space shooter game that apparently sold terribly.  I don't know what the name of that game was.  Got my first handheld, a GameBoy Color in 2000, a couple of weeks after I got the N64.  Pokemon took up a majority of my time on it.  Was replaced about a year and a half later with the GameBoy Advance.
I got a GameCube for my thirteenth birthday in 2003.  I had quite a few different games on it.  The ones I remember fondly were Animal Crossing, Wind Waker, Viewtiful Joe, Tales of Symphonia, and Gotcha Force, give or take a few more.  For my birthday next year I got a PS2 and soon after that the GameCube was kind of forgotten, rarely playing it as much as my new PS2.  I loved what I call the "Big 3" of platformers on there, Sly Cooper, Jak and Daxter, and Ratchet & Clank.  Plenty of other great games on there, too many to possibly count.  The DS was obtained a year after that and a PSP another year later.
I pre-ordered the Wii in 2006 and got it on release.  Was paying off a 360 my friend was selling, got it once I paid half of it off (with the promise I would pay the rest of it off) and made maybe two more payments before it RRoD'd on me, he wouldn't accept more payments after that as a sign of good-will (he wouldn't have sold it to me if he knew it would RRoD on me)  As for the PS3, a local church was having a lock-in after my Senior Prom and were giving away a lot of things throughout the night.  I won $50 almost right off the bat.  Then the last prize, the PS3, was given away about 5:00 in the morning, and I won it.
That's about it for me, I guess.

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@AlexW00d said:
" @PhantomGardener said:
" My  first console was the Sega. When I was younger I watched my brother in envy as he played on his nes. Apperently I was to young to be playing video games back then. "
Your first console was a whole company?  "
Yes. Yes it was.
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I've always had a knack for mechanical and electrical things.  Hell, my first word was "clock" and I've been taking things apart for as long as I can remember.  My parents, fortunately, realized this and bought me the original NES around 1986 to prevent me from taking apart everything in sight.  Growing up, I typically had the Nintendo and Sega system of the same generation.  Master system, Genesis and Super Nintendo, Gamegear, Gameboy, and NeoGeo Pocket, skipped the N64, moved to the Dreamcast, Playstation, Playstation 2...  Currently I own a Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and DSi; out of all of them, the 360 gets the most use.

As far as PC gaming goes, I started going to LAN parties in the early 90s which fueled my desire to constantly have a new-ish PC to keep up on that gaming front.  I'm not as heavily invovled in PC gaming as I used to be (I used to play Quake 2 Threewave CTF somewhat competitively), I still play games on it fairly often.

TLDR: I've been doing all of this for a very long time.

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The first console I ever played was an Intellivision, probably when I was about three, which would have been around 1986. From there, I basically saved up money for an NES very late in its cycle, and from there I've typically had two consoles from each successive generation. I've had a fair amount of PC gaming mixed in with that, as well, to the point I can't really remember the earliest PC games I played.

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I was born in 92 and have been playing video games for as long as I can remember.
The first video games I ever played were computer games beginning with Star Wars Dark Forces and Tie Fighter around age 3 (no joke). Been into Computer games ever since.
My parents never let me have a console until I got an Xbox 360 in 2006. I did however go over to friend's house's all the time to play on their N64's, Dreamcast's, Gamecube's, PS1's, etc...
As for handhelds got a Gameboy Color and Pokemon Red in 98 and the Gameboy Advance SP in 2003 (what a kick-ass system).  
I've played some older systems too like the Atari 2600, NES, SNES, and Genesis. 
I've even spent a lot of time playing Arcade Machines like Mortal Kombat 2 and The Simpsons. I live in Vermont and we have a lot of really old Arcade Machines everywhere. Its really awesome. 
So even though I'm only 18 I've experienced a ton of different video games and consider myself to be a rather knowledgeable person on the subject.

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Born in 1986 my console was a NES when I was a kid I owned Kung Fu and Donkey Kong. Eventually it a broke and I remember owning a sega mainly and played a lot of games on that system like Sonic franchise, Alter Beast, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe and other games. I remember playing a lot of Charles Barkley Street Basketball lol. After the Genesis I got the Nintendo64 which I played Mario 64 since it came with the system (those were the good old days :D) Also played a lot of 1080 and other games.  After the 64 I got the Dreamcast which I saw fail before my eyes. After still gaming hard on my Dreamcast I had to let it go for the Microsoft Xbox since this game called Halo looked so amazing. (yes i totally skipped ps2 but got it after the xbox) After 4 years my xbox broke and I bought a PS2 and played killzone, god of war and other big games like that. I eventually got a 360 and then a PS3 but after owning a 360 for 3 years it finally broke so moved on to my ps3 and giving it the love it deserves.  Also got a Onlive micro console recently which is pretty sweet except fps shooter, those tend to suck on the console since its all pc ports and the gamepad doesn't it really respond but been playing metro 2033 on it its a bitch to control but enjoying the game though.  It still amazes me that I been gmaing since I was a kid and just recently it kinda has been accepted with COD4 hitting shelves and people just going to bananas.  Im proud as hell to be a gamer and never gonna stop gaming.

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I was born in 1980 and this list displays every single platform I've ever played on.
But to sum it up, I was raised on Atari and Amiga games and later turned to consoles, the Game Boy being my first. For the past few years though, I mostly just play on the PC ^^

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I was born in 93, and I remember playing the Nintendo 64 when I was 4. I think my first game was Super Mario 64, so I was introduced to great games right from the get-go. I got a Gamecube in 2001 and was able to broaden by scope of games by playing T rated games. I got the PS2 in 2003 and got RE4 in 2005 (my first M rated game). Now I have an Xbox 360 (which my brother plays a lot), a PS3 (my system of choice) and a Wii (which is collecting dust). I play all types of games, so I think I have a large knowledge of video games.

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my first console i had was a master system, this was when it was end of its life cycle. i remember on my birthday, my dad bought me this, but on the same day my uncle came with the new sega genesis! i felt bad because my dad had to get  a refund on the master system :D
i regret not owning a super Nintendo, although i did play one a couple of times. 

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I was born in '86 and my first console was an Atari. Don't ask me which one. 
I moved on to the SNES, where I spent many years gaming, until moving on to the Playstation. That I held until it busted out and only came back to consoles last year, when I got my current PS3. 
On the meantime, however, I've never stopped gaming on the PC, so that was my only gaming platform on the huge hiatus between my PS and PS3. I did play a whole lot of the PS2, though, with many friends who had the system. 
I still have my SNES connected here. =)

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I wrote this last year for my 45th birthday. It seems relevant for this post.

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It all started with the Atari 2600 and Commodore 64 for me.

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my first game was Nintendo nes. i had contra, super mario, mario 2, mario 3, chip and dale rescue rangers, ninja turtles, and a bunch of others. 
my next one was super nintendo, super mario world, and other games. 
nintendo 64, great system. 
nintendo gamecube and ps2. great games, ps2 worth of games, gta
PC, ps3, and xbox 360. great games on all of them.

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I can really only trace the consoles.   
My family brought home a SNES around the time I was born, and Gradius III was likely the first video game I ever played.   Super Mario World and Donkey Kong Country 2 were (and remain) favorites.
I got a GameBoy Color for my brother's birthday (yup) and pretty much played Pokemon Blue exclusively.   
Nintendo 64 for Christmas 98', with Super Mario 64.  Took me two days to find Bob Omb's Battlefield.  Played Goldeneye religiously, even challenging my older sister's high school friends in makeshift tournaments.  Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 64 were big hits too.  Perfect Dark totaled over 200 hours of play time, as my brother and I would play Combat Simulator matches endlessly.  Ocarina was too hard for my feeble mind, but I finally finished the game in January 2009. 
I honestly never expect to own a GameCube.  To me, Xbox and PlayStation 2 were for chumps who didn't appreciate true video games.  It didn't help that I barely touch my PlayStation One.  Luigi's Mansion was a technical marvel, and convinced me to lobby my grandmother into getting one for Christmas 2002.  Nightfire, Sunshine, Melee, and Super Monkey Ball were popular. 
It became less interesting after that.  I purchase all of my consoles myself these days, and built and re-built my gaming computer.  The strange part is, I generally don't play games that often anymore.  I think about them, read, and and write about them, but seldom do I actually sit down and play games.

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Born in '77
 >Never cared for Atari and the like as a kid
>Grew up in the 80's playing and hanging around arcade spots until I graduated high school ('95. All the ones in the mall and near my house had closed be then).
>NES was my first console.  
>Was pretty much the only kid in my neighborhood who owned a TurboGrafx-16, no one talked about having one
>Last game I played and owned from the last wave of consoles was Shadow of the Colossus (PS2) when it came out. Stop playing games after that
>I bought a Xbox 360 2 years ago and have been playing catch up
>Favorite consoles: SNES, PS2, Neo Geo (In that order, cry about it)

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I started playing games in the 70's before Space Invaders and Asteroids were even around.  Forgotten relics like Sea Wolf and Tank were my introduction to the hobby.  In 1978, I got a SuperPong console for Christmas and spent many hours cycling between the three game variants offered.  Man, I miss the Captain and Tennille Show.  Anyway, in 1980 my grandparents bought me an Atari 2600 for my birthday.  In addition to Combat! I got Night Driver because it used the paddles.  For the record, Atari 2600 controllers were cheap plastic crap and I had to replace all of mine before the console had run its course.   
In 1982, my school got some Apple IIs in and that introduced me to computer gaming.  Of course, I died of dysentery on the Oregon Trail.  In 1986, home computing was more affordable, so I conned my grandmother into buying an Atari ST 1040.  I know, I should have gone with an Amiga but I was computer illiterate and the brand name was familiar.  It was still a good little machine and eventually I bought a IBM drive for so I could play PC games on it.  I'm not sure how many times I was eaten by a grue.   
After high school, I went off to college in LA.  My roommate had a 386 and we played SSI Dungeons and Dragons games on it when we weren't playing actual Dungeons and Dragons.  There was the great arcade up in Pasadena...or was is Burbank?  Anyway, they had everything going back 15 years plus pinball.  I loved playing Strider there.   I switched schools midway through college and met some new friends at my new campus.  I played a fair amount of NES and later SNES with them.  Street Fighter on the SNES and FZero were our go-to games.    
After school, I settled down to the daily tedium.  The responsibilities of adulthood offered me less free time, but my finances were much improved so it was a trade off.   I stopped table-top/pencil & paper gaming and bought a Sega system.  I reacquired a few of my old obsessive gaming habits from childhood and spent hours replaying an entire basketball season with my New York Knicks (back then they were good) with NBA Showdown.  I also learned the rules to hockey from NHL '94.  Come to think of it, I played a lot of sports games in the mid 90s.  I haven't touched a Madden since, but back then...  
In 1996 or '97, I bought a PC and dipped my toe into the seedy world of the internet.  My God, it's full of porn!  Back in the real world, there was this cool new channel on cable TV called ZDTV that covered all things tech including video games.  I became a "PC gamer" and disliked all things console.  Half-Life, System Shock II, Diablo, Everquest, C&C Red Alert II, etc... these were real games not that spikey-haired girly man stuff so popular on the Playstation.  And, when I wasn't being full of myself for being a PC elitist, I was playing Sailor Moon chat room games on AOL.  I was Chibi-Moon.  "Moon prism power make-up!" 
In 2001, I moved and bought an Xbox.  Wow, it was pretty.  Knights of the Old Republic, Tony Hawk 3, The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, and Project Gotham Racing just sucked the hours away long into the night.  Then this new online thing started up and I could play team deathmatch just like on my PC but on my console.  Too many weekends were spent playing Rainbow Six: Raven Shield and draining a 6 pack of Löwenbräu.  The early days of Xbox Live were fun, but I felt I was missing something so I bought a PS2 to play some of those spikey-haired girly man stuff I mocked a few years earlier.  Dark Cloud 2 was awesome.   There might be something to these "J" RPGs. 
Finally, I moved again, and again bought a new Xbox.  This time a 360.  It was really fantastic compared to what I'd grown used to.  It was loud though and could heat the room up a few degrees pretty quick.  I realized my reflexes were going and so I stopped jumping into the online arena that I had favored in the late 90's and early 2000's.  I was getting slaughtered in Call of Duty 2 and Halo 3.  I was listening to a lot of podcasts at this time while at work, and the folks at The Hot Spot and 1UP said that Sony was taking backwards compatibility out of their consoles.  Oh, and the Wii was a really hot gaming system that offered a unique new control scheme.  I tried to pick one up one day but the last one in stock had just been sold a couple of hours earlier, so I plucked down way too much money and bought a PS3 while hard b/c was available.   I fell for Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and longed for the return of Indiana Jones.  
Last year, Dragon Age: Origins came out and compelled me to upgrade my PC.  With that and the sales offered by Steam I found myself enjoying PC titles nearly as much as I had a decade earlier.  And that brings me to the present.  I've got a lot of gaps in my gaming history but that what happens when you've got other hobbies and, of course, a regular life going on.   As I look forward I am eager to see what the future holds for the medium.  It's been an entertaining few decades from white dots to HD characters comprised of hundreds of thousands of polygons (now in 3D).   But, in the end, it's still just a video game.

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Every console I've owned in this order: 
1. Atari 2600 
2. NES 
3. SNES 
4. Nintendo 64 
5. PS1 
6. PS2 
7. Nintendo Gamecube 
8. Xbox 
9. Xbox 360 
10. Xbox 360 Halo 3 Edition (after first red ring) 
11. PS3 
12. Xbox 360 S (after second red ring)

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Born in 86, and started gaming in 92 with an oldschool IBM, playing wolfenstein 3D with my dad.  Which quickly got banned by my mom.  Got a NES for christmas that year and a SNES a few years after that.  Secret of Mana, Starfox, and Yoshi's Island were my favorite SNES games back then.  I had a used genesis for awhile,  however I didn't play too much on it.  Same with the Gameboy pocket I saved up for... Pokemon Red and Harvest Moon were the only games I ever played on that system.  Moved up to a N64 and played the hell out of Zelda: OoT, Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Jet Force Gemini and WCW vs NWO.   
Got back into PC games around 98 - 2003.  Half Life, Age of Empires, and Age of Empires II: Age of Kings were my shit. I have great memories from late nights on the Zone playing AoK with my friends during 7th and 8th grade.  During this time I bought a PS1 as my main console, my favorite games back then were Front Mission 3, Resident Evil 2, Parasite Eve, and FF7 + 8. Once I got cable internet around late 2001 I started playing a lot of Counter Strike and Team Fortress and less console games.  I got a PS2 for christmas the year it launched but really only played the major games, as I was still into CS and AoK (AoC by that time).  FF10, NFS Underground and the GTA series were my main games during that time.   
Around 2003, junior year of HS,  I slowed down on the gaming and started partying a lot more until 2007.  I bought a used xbox in early 04, but had it stolen 6 months later.  Around the same time my PS2 bit the dust so I didn't really play much except the occasional Counter Strike.   
Summer of 2006 I bought a 360 and didn't play it too incredibly much until Phantasy Star Universe came out in October.  Bought that game on day one and played religiously for a year and a half.  I had a little under 4000 hours between my four characters by the time I quit.  It was fun until Sega's business model turned to "fuck the people who've been here since day one" by making everything we worked hard for completely worthless.  It's no wonder the S+10 grinder glitch happened in that game... people were pissed.  If there is a single most awesome moment from my entire gaming history it is that morning the S+10 glitch broke loose and the PSU servers plunged into utter chaos. The economy literally imploded, Meseta was worthless and people were just running wild duping S+10s. GMs starting flashing up warning signs across everyone's screens threatening to ban accounts, just insane.   It was just one of those moments where you step back and say to yourself "I fucking love the internet." 
After I got out of that game in 2008 I've just been exploring the 360 catalog.  I just built a decent PC as a Christmas present to myself so I'm hoping to get into some of the newer PC games later this year.  I've also been itching to buy Starcraft 2 and rekindle that RTS love from my AoK days.

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I was in fact born in the mid-90s, so when I was old enough to play video games 3D was indeed the norm (although it was early 3D, like the N64 and PS1). My first memories of gaming were of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt on my sisters' NES, which I sucked miserably at but I loved anyway.  
Fast-forward year or so and I come face to face with my first modern games, Yoshi's Story and Super Smash Bros. on the N64 at my friend's house. I'd clamor for every second where I could hold a controller and actually play a video game, for reals (just the experience of playing a video game was something to be treasured). I have brief memories of standing in stores like Best Buys, playing games like Banjo-Kazooie and simply marveling at all of the 3D-ness.  
Fast-forward a few months and I'm buying my first console, a Gameboy Advance in response to my neighbor buying a Gameboy Color. From there, I ended up buying a Gamecube and sticking with Nintendo (reading Nintendo Power monthly) up until 2005, when I bought a PS2 and had a whole new library opened up to me. It was at about that point that I started really paying attention to the world of video games and reading multiplatform gaming magazines (primarily EGM, which was my favorite magazine until its first death a couple of years ago). Somewhere along the way I started using the Internet frequently and began reading Gamespot. My sister lent me her Xbox and I played whatever exclusives I wanted to, I bought both a Nintendo DS and PSP on their launch days, I bought an Xbox 360 around January of 2007, a Wii a few months after (I still remember quite vividly waiting outside Nintendo World, months after release, to get a Wii and a couple of games).  
Eventually (late 2008, I think) my family bought and upgraded a desktop PC decent enough to run modern games and I've since become an avid PC gamer with a reasonably large Steam library to complement it. My 360 broke shortly after and, instead of buying a new one, I bought a PS3, which I've since gotten more than my money's worth out of. 
Erp. It's kind of weird typing this all out and realizing just how young I am compared to a lot of you guys, even just by comparing my experience in a certain hobby that has, for me, been lifelong. 

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I forgot to mention PC gaming history.  My parents didn't own a PC until the late 90s (I'm thinking around '98 or '99 but I could be wrong).  It was an old Gateway with a 15 GB hard drive and a 500 Mhz Intel Celeron Processor.  That was a pretty meager PC even then.  We got a few older games for it but we could barely run even those.  I remember we had Midtown Madness 2 and I had to run it in 'safe mode'.  Even in that mode I bet I only got 15 fps.  The PC only had a PCI slot and not AGP (to my knowledge there wasn't a PCI Express yet).  So we bought about three different graphic cards for that PC hoping to make it a better system.  They didn't help that much. 
About four years later we bought a new PC.  But, it was still pretty bare-bones.  It was an e-machine with a 2.9 Ghz Intel Celeron Processor, an 80 GB hard drive, and used built-in graphics/sound rather then isolate graphics and sound cards.  Even then, that was pretty bad.  We still couldn't run modern games.  We could barely run older games.  I bought a few graphic cards for it but, again, we only had PCI slots.  I remember buying Oblivion for it as I didn't have a modern console yet.  I had to become incredibly acquainted with the oblivion.ini file (the file that allows one to modify the engine) in order to get the game to even run.  Even then, it barely ran at all.  
About two years ago we bought a new PC.  Again, it was kind of bare-bones.  But, it had the potential for expansion and was fairly cheap.  We got an HP PC with an AMD dual-core processor at 2.2-or-2.5 Ghz (I don't remember at the moment) and a 250 GB hard drive.  We finally got a PC with a PCI-Express slot.  As soon as we bought it I went out and bought memory, a nice graphics card, and a new PSU.  I remember putting in Oblivion and being floored at how well it finally worked.  I've now modified the hell out of that game with mods and by tweaking the oblivion.ini file.  It can run modern games (it even ran Crysis and the new Unreal Tournament) at a decent resolution with decent settings at between 30-60 fps. 

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My first gaming memories are jamming cassettes into a Commodore 64 and arcades. I would later on move to try to get games working on any PC I could get my hands on.  
Now I stick to making them work on my own kickass pc and the process isn´t nearly as lenghty, hard or fun as it used to be (not building the pc, nor getting the games to work on it) but it´s still enjoyable.

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i started between the atari 2600 and the odd Arcade cabinet here and there. Eventually got an NES, sold alot of stuff to buy a Sega Genesis (first thing i ever bought on my own, though i prettymuch sold a bunch of things that my parents bought me to get it). i had a turbo graphics 16 in there at some point and also the Sega CD and the 32X add on for the genesis which marked my loss in faith on the console gaming market. When i was young i would read through EGM and see a lot of games that looked amazing but i couldn't find anywhere because i was too young to understand that PC gaming was a seperate platform. Years later i was introduced to PC gaming.  
So I was a full blown PC gamer up until the release of the Xbox 360 Elite. that's the first console system i've had since the Sega 32X. i bought a PS2 Slim to play some backlog Playstation games i had missed out on.

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Born in 93 and got a Game Boy Color when I was 8 while playing pac man on my dad's PC. My parents never wanted to get me a home console so I got a GBA before moving to France where my parents finally got me a GameCube with Mario Kart Double Dash. It was a US console so I would only get new games every 3 months. In 2006, I got a Wii and quickly grew tired of it, seeking story driven games. In 2008, I got a US PS3 for my school results. Thus starts my serious gaming phase except for the fact that I have to check a user made compatibility list for region free PS3 games since I'm playing on an SD TV. In May 2010, my PS3 begins to die while I discover that Red Dead doesn't work on my PS3. I decide to finally buy a (used) 360 and loving it. 

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 Born in late 89', my first memories of games was X-Com UFO and Star Control 1 for the Amiga. My memories of playing an actual video game was when I got a NES as a child playing Super Mario Bros 3, Marble Madness, Faxanadu and Captain Skyhawk. Man Faxanadu was a great game. My cousins had alternate games consoles like the Megadrive so I'd see a bit of Sonic 1 there too.
We also had an Atari, which I moved onto at one point playing Elite and some other miscellaneous games, oh the memories.
Then me and my older bro pretty much moved to the SNES. Simcity, Secret of Mana, Legend of Zelda LTTP, Yoshi's Island, Super Strike Gunner, Bomberman and Illusion of Time/Gaia all stand out as notable games for me. My bro on the other hand was more into games like SMW, Starfox, Metroid, Final Liberation plus all those we had above. Around the house we had a gameboy also, Tetris, Super Mario Land 6 Golden Coins, Pokemon Red, some soccer world cup game and guess what, Krusty's Super Fun House. Could never get into that one, even to this day.
We also eventually gained a PC, first game on that was a racing game called Pod. On that PC me and my bro would play X-Com UFO, Theme Hospital, Dungeon Keeper, X-Com TFTD, Worms 2, C&C, Freespace 2, MechCommander, awesome times.
I've since er, updated my PC rig multiple times and I now own a 3 controller Wii which gets used exclusively for Super Smash Bros. I also have Mario Strikers and Twilight Princess lying around as well as Wiisports which everyone basically gets on purchase. Plus as it was a family console staying at home my parents thought to give Endless Ocean a try despite my protests that the game looked horrible. That abomination was never played again once they figured out what that game was about. 

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Born on 9-4-94. Beyonce's birthday.  I inherited my dads SNES with notably, Super Mario World and Donkey Kong, and some other crappy games(Rise of the Robots...cough). Never played a N64 so I was left out in that Mario 64 and Goldeneye. Instead i had a PS1 where I played Tomb Raider, Raiden Project, and Time Crisis mostly. This is around the time I Played Sim City one until the disc broke and ruined the family computer. Eventually i got a PS2 but wasnt a big fan. So I got a Gamecube and later an XBOX. I eventually sold all my XBOX games and most of my Gamecube games. After I got a GBA and played a stupid amount of Advance Wars, I started to realize what are good games. Stranger's Wrath, Psychonauts, and Fuzion Frenzy were awesome. Tales of Symphonia was the most I ever played a game till TF2. Then I got a Wii. Which was awesome until I realize that I get physically ill when stuck on a puzzle in Zelda(and playing Doom). So my friends urged me to get a PSP and then a PS3 so that happened. Oh and a fancy shmancy Peecee from Santa in 2010 with a copy of Arma 2. Oh Santa.