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I looked but I did not see another topic on this. With all this Game of the Year stuff going on, I wondered what everyones not so obvious choices are. While most are thinking Uncharted 2 or Modern Warfare 2, I have games like Street Fighter 4, for getting me into fighting games, or Beatles: Rock Band for my love of rhythm games. But my number one spot is Skate 2 for eating up most of my Xbox 360 play time and the most fun I've had in a while. What about you?

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While it has gotten pretty much universal acclaim, I didn't expect to like Arkham Asylum much at all. Even with the good reviews I almost skipped it, but eventually decided to give it a rent. It's not my GOTY, but it is up there which when looking at the year's lineup I wouldn't have expected.

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Machinarium came out of nowhere. And I know gamer boys have the memory of a goldfish but Plants vs Zombies did in fact come out this year and was a fun surprise, especially when compared to the hundreds of other uninspired tower defense-esc game that came out since then.
I haven't played Uncharted 2 but I suspect it'll dominate the charts and probably deservedly so. Devil Summoner came out of the blue, too. Like literally, I discovered it by accident. No coverage at all.

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Skate 2 is a game I totally forgot about that. Beat it twice, both times logging tons of hours into it.

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well all of my games in my top 10 list are somewhat expected,except for mario and luigi: bowser's inside story. that game blew me away with the music and the gameplay!

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Arkham Asylum
that game was nowhere on my radar until a friend told me about it a week before it launched

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For me it has to be  Prinny: Can I really Be the Hero? people talk about Demon's Souls being a tough game, but you haven't experienced the amount of rage Prinny CIRBTH can generate. It gives you 1000 lives at the start of the game and you go through them like candy, sometimes wasting 20-30 lives per level with another 20 on the boss. The thing is, the enemies are so predictable once you learn their patterns but you still end up dying on them constantly and when you die, it's your fault for making the mistake and no one elses.
It got the reputation by alot of reviewers as being one of the hardest 2D platformers ever and i'm still yet to finish it. The characters (pulled from Disgaea) look gorgeous, along with the backgrounds and music it helps calm the rage after dying on the same jump for the 10th time.

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Yes a bunch. Only because I hardly played any games that actually came out this year. My list didn't even make it to 10.

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Demon's Souls - Totally unexpected, totally awesome!

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The Graveyard totally blew me away when I played through it. I went into expecting nothing and what I got was a work of art.
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At the end of last year, I knew practically nothing about Borderlands, and yet, this year, it's at the top of my GOTY candidates list.  Amazing game that really came out of left-field.
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I wasn't expecting to like RE5 anywhere near as much I did.