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#1 Posted by Sackmanjones (5217 posts) -

Mine personally would have to be spiders. I HATE spiders i can barley look at them and trying to crush takes me a lot of strength. My sole reason why is when I was young I crushed one and it had babies on its back which made hundreds of them flee across my house. What are some things you are truly scared of?

#2 Posted by davidwitten22 (1712 posts) -

Being impaled. Fuck that shit.

#3 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Open waters, deep dark murky open waters....brr

#4 Posted by SilentCommando (607 posts) -

Having my limbs being torn off one by one.

#5 Posted by Sackmanjones (5217 posts) -
@TaliciaDragonsong:  Cold too right??
#6 Posted by MatPaget (1274 posts) -

Deathly afraid of them... I'm always afraid they're going to climb into my asshole

#7 Posted by John1912 (2165 posts) -

Spiders, heights, trapped in a burning room, shark bait, drowning.  Oh and thanks to mythbusters buried up to my neck in sand while the tide comes in.

#8 Posted by CharkeeFarlee (943 posts) -

Those tunnels you get in aquariums,

#9 Edited by Icemael (6798 posts) -

Various insects and insectoids. 
Oh, and dying. That's pretty scary, too.

#10 Posted by Mmmslash (2190 posts) -

Someone close to me dying.
Being alone my entire life.
Large bodies of water.
Mountain Lions.
Sea Snails.
Creepy strangers.
Wrecking my car.
Probably a million other things.

#11 Posted by Green_Lantern_Batman (21 posts) -

The color yellow and the Parallax fear entity.

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#14 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1452 posts) -

mental patients 

#15 Posted by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -

I happen to be extremely emetophobic
Among other fears like, yes, spiders and... somewhat antropophobic as well.
#16 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -
Least of my worries, I panic even in videogames when I have to swim in oceans or play games like Waverace...ugh!
#17 Posted by audiosnag (1604 posts) -

Sharks who grow legs. Being trapped while spelunking in a tight crevasse. Blue cheese.

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#19 Posted by Drewbs (2794 posts) -

Being buried alive.

#20 Edited by jaycee13 (528 posts) -

The outdoors.
and rejection.

#21 Posted by Fattony12000 (7970 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic: Or just really bad straight-to-VHS horror/sci-fi film CG effects?
#22 Posted by Jasta (2232 posts) -

Open water. I dont care were it is or how many fish arint in it. No thanks =D

#23 Posted by Cold_Wolven (2386 posts) -

Spiders. I can't be in the same room as a spider that's the size of my hand, even if it's hamless. I always have to get mum to get the vacuum ready to suck it up and then we clog up the bag hole with tissues so it can't get out.
#24 Posted by Walheimat (50 posts) -

Losing whomever I love. What could be worse? It's also a very visible fear. I wear it on my sleeves, it's knit into my knickers and makes my hair more wavy, hipster-wavy, whatever shampoo I use. It's in all the little gestures: holding a cup, passing by, tying your laces. I fear to jump from a high building with laces untied. It would mean I lost my love. I'm dead either way, but a dead lover: that's worse. It's readable in his every piece on the pavement. Poor passers-by.

#25 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -
@Fattony12000 said:
" @Ahmad_Metallic: Or just really bad straight-to-VHS horror/sci-fi film CG effects? "
when they're portraying something actually scary, they're not just that
#26 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I'm afraid of death and am afraid of video game sharks.

#27 Posted by AjayRaz (12679 posts) -

heights ; ;

#28 Posted by Nerdware (68 posts) -

The dark. :-/

#29 Posted by Castro (942 posts) -

I'm actually completely fine with spiders. The one thing that I do hate is bees. I live in Seattle and once it gets over 75 degrees it's WAY too hot for my blood. In a situation like that, most people would keep the windows open. I can't because bees are attracted to me for some reason. So, basically, I'm living in a furnace and bees suck. That is all.

#30 Posted by Centimani (563 posts) -

Parasites would be my number one, from ticks to worms. 
Boiling water is probably second. 
Spiders are a minor fear, but I've never really been confronted by one. I'm more afraid of video game spider, thanks to Earth Defense Force 2017 >_>

#31 Posted by RipTheVeins (1609 posts) -

Babies 0-12 months old. It's inexplicable but they are the closest to being scared as I get anymore.

#32 Posted by nicolenomicon (620 posts) -
@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" @Sackmanjones:   Least of my worries, I panic even in videogames when I have to swim in oceans or play games like Waverace...ugh! "
Yeah, me too, I have Jak & Daxter to thank for this, damn fucking huge fish.
#33 Posted by Linkin10362 (637 posts) -

Heights, I hate them so much. It peaked after I went to the Sears/Willis Tower and went into that damn "Sky Box" where the only surface you have beneath you is a piece of glass. If that thing breaks, you are good as dead, but apparently it can hold alot of weight, so I decided to give it a try. I'm never doing it again >_>

#34 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Reasonable fears or irrational fears?
Reasonable fears would include great heights, big spiders (small ones don't phase me, it takes about an inch in diameter to frighten me, unless of course it's a black widow or brown recluse), being trapped in a small space (claustrophobic), burning alive,
Irrational fear would be crazed maniacs with power tools trying to murder me, and torture in general

#35 Edited by TehFedro (475 posts) -

Anything that involves deep and unclear waters in games or any water level in 3D games and these tiny moths that live in my house (shut up). Well only if they're near me, if they stay away I let them live.

#36 Posted by Soapy86 (2683 posts) -

deep water 
crazy people 
being savagely murdered 
nuclear war  
being "left behind" (I don't even know what that's supposed to mean, but I've had several dreams where I'm "left behind" and they scared the shit out of me)
babies in utero 

#37 Posted by RecSpec (4661 posts) -

Being outside in storms and large bugs.

#38 Posted by akubar45 (9 posts) -

the very bottom of the ocean. can't see shit and even if you could, you'd be surrounded by butt ugly fish and god knows what else.

#39 Edited by GunnBjorn (2905 posts) -
Your fear of being 'left behind' (separation anxiety) is very common and well-documented. 
It's a legitimate human anguish.
#40 Posted by Disgaeamad (1404 posts) -

Contact with other people.
Nah, just kidding. Truthfully, I'd have to say the ocean, mainly because I almost drowned a while back when I was on holiday, since I tried to swim out to an island while I was heavily drunk. Totally my fault, but yeah.

#41 Posted by Spence_5060 (382 posts) -

Damn, spider and really most weird bugs in general. I can handle common insects like ants or bees or stuff like that, but when you get into beetles or cockroaches and stuff like that, I just can't leave it alone. I have to kill it because I don't want to leave it there to multiply or bad stuff like that in my house while I'm sleeping.

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#43 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

What does everyone have against spiders? Look how cute they are. 

#44 Posted by WoodenPlatypus (1389 posts) -

Lol at the above spider picture. I shit myself however because the song I was listening to randomly knocked and I thought it was the spider :/ Fehh I just got out of bed. 
Mine has to be - Clowns. I used to have a weird (really gay) fear of blood :P Though I grew out of it.  
Im not really bothered by spiders but if one tried to get on me, that would be it :) 
(Fears of death and losing people you love are normal, unless you have panic attacks about it daily and stuff :/)
#45 Posted by Wraxend (604 posts) -

Girls.... they have girl germs

#46 Posted by immike (712 posts) -

A family member's life being threatened and me not being able to do anything about it.

#47 Posted by FlyingRat (1453 posts) -

The unknown, The American Goverment

#48 Posted by Chris2KLee (2396 posts) -

Spiders and bugs for sure. Anything sharp near my neck. Real guns, mostly because I'm clumsy and I know I'd probably kill myself by accident. Being deep underwater is up there. Really high places.

#49 Posted by Mezmero (2409 posts) -

Falling from heights, strangers, and losing my sanity.

#50 Posted by Synthballs (2222 posts) -