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What music artists have you discovered through video games? That is, if you weren't playing a specific game you would have never heard and been introduced to music that you now like. I can point to Vice City regarding my infatuation with 80s pop; the whole genre. Introduced me to a whole new, awesome field. Games like Saints Row 2 continued that trend. Also, Remedy's games, specifically Max Payne 2, introduced me to Poets of the Fall. They're a band that I now listen to regularly; they're pretty good. Here's one of my favorite songs of theirs:

Also, tangentially: with Alex, Ryan, and Jeff now working in the same headquarters (or at least for the same company if not in the same building, I don't know how that shit works) this can only mean one thing: impending Suburban All-Stars reunion. Give me a remix of Some of the Real, baby.
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Do the video game ones count :(?

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@Video_Game_King said:

" Do the video game ones count :(? "

Yeah, go ahead King. Though if somebody mentions Nobuo Uematsu, skulls will be cracked (except not really).
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The Black....Mages? *transforms into Slime from Dragon Quest* They have no skulls, I win.
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suburban all-stars please

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module from shatter even though he hasnt done uch

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@Video_Game_King: Uematsu is part of that group but he's not a one man band. You can have them. Please proceed to re-morph back into human form.
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Midnight Brown, I spose. :)

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I can name some I discovered through movies. First off is Trivium on Smokin' Aces and the other one is Immortal Dominion on Teeth. Though there's only one I discovered on the God of War III soundtrack and that's Mutiny Within.

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Anecdote time! 
Before I started getting into Rock Band, I didn't care much for music. Yes, the only music I was ever really exposed to was my sister blaring the Backstreet Boys or singing along to Kelly Clarkson, or my brothers' fascination with both the Star Wars and Matrix soundtracks. Rock Band, however, really got me into music, as pathetic as that may sound. While I had heard of most of the songs in the game, I'd say it introduced me to Radiohead, and decent Weezer songs, which I have kinda used as springboard inspiration for the majority of my current music collection.

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Almost every musician the   playlist  of the GTA series

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  Knew of these guys, but it wasn't until the MGS3 ending credits rolled in that I was instantly hooked, amazing ending to an amazing game.


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2pac through GTA:SA:

  And Sean Price through GTA3:
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Masashi Hamauzu and Jack Wall.  

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Breaking Benjamin from a Michinima video 

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I'm surprised no one's brought up the Tony Hawk games.

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@dudeglove said:
" I'm surprised no one's brought up the Tony Hawk games. "
I was thinking of some of the TH soundtracks but I think I already knew all the artists from them. Though those games I'm sure have turned many people onto some great rock and rap.
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Kaiser Chiefs from Gran Turismo 4.

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Everything from GTA: San Andreas.
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Way too many to list, especially if we're include Rock Band DLC @.@
My most notable would be Akiko Shikata, though. I adore her work.

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The GTA series has formed my musical tastes more than I think I know.

For that matter Midnight Club too, Rockstar has soundtracks down.    

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Everything from the first few Tony Hawk games :P

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Does Guitar Hero count? I found out about a lot of artists through that game. Also, I discovered The Black Keys through NASCAR 09

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I got some songs from burnout. Introduced me to Yellowcard, MxPx, The academy is, and billy talent. Oh and goldfinger.
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@Zajtalan said:
" module from shatter even though he hasnt done uch "
He's done quite a bit, actually
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I have a few: Obviously GTA:VC and GTA:SA, but also some of the music from K:Jah in GTA:3. 
Tony Hawk games, yes.  But again I knew most of those. 
Aggressive Inline, especially the Black Sheep, POD, and a few others.  That game actually had a better alternative soundtrack than the TH games of the time.  (That game also introduced the idea of getting challenges from people in the game world...) 
I obviously knew the Beatles before the Rock Band game, but it took me much, much deeper into their music. 
I think Still Alive by Lisa Miskovsky from the Mirror's Edge Soundtrack is an amazing song, although I haven't found another song by her that I like. 
I know OP said no Nobou Uematsu, but I would just offer that through the FFIV re-release on PSX that came with the game's sountrack, I got into his music from other games, including some that I either didn't play, or at least had just skipped right through.  I personally point to FFIX as my favorite, including the songs worked on by his two disciples.  

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Bayonetta commercials got me listening to La Roux.

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I found Anarchy Club in Guitar Hero II and really like some of their stuff.

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@SuicidalSnowman: Assuming you like metal, Miskovsky did a feat with In Flames that is pretty good. 
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Dirty three via Braid

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Cage the Elephant who did the song 'Ain't No Rest For The Wicked' which is in the introduction scene in Borderlands.

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@nanikore: Not a huge metal fan, but I will be checking this out.  This is why I like game soundtracks, you pick up a lot of great songs from artists you might not otherwise have listened to.  Thanks for the heads up! 
Also, for the topic as a whole, I can't believe I forgot this one: The Humble Brothers from Sim City 3000.  Seriously, that game and Sim City 4 have epic IDM soundtracks. 
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Well, I really liked the song Right Now by SR-71 found in the game Splashdown and How Crazy Are You? by Meja from the Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball games, but the only artist I've listened to outside of what's featured in video games is Hikaru Utada.  She did the title in Kingdom Hearts ( Simple & Clean) and the sequel ( Passion), as well as some anime (Evangelion ~ Beautiful World).  I bought her albums Exodus, Colors and the Singles Collection Vol. 1.   She's very talented in my opinion and quite lovely as well. 

Come to think of it, actually there is another artist in a similar genre, Koda Kumi.  She did the songs in Final Fantasy X-2 ( Real Emotion & 1000 Words) and I liked them enough to pick up her album Kingdom,  Best: First Things and Best: Second Session.

EDIT:  Looking through my Itunes folder, I came across all the stuff by Hideki Naganuma I have but it's still all on video game soundtracks, Jet Grind Radio, Jet Set Radio Future, Sonic Rush and Ollie King.
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@KillaWolf13: I had already heard of Cage the Elephant, and heard that song, but for some reason hearing it during the Borderlands advert/intro got me to actually listen to their stuff... weird. 
I have found tons of different artists that I have started to listen to due to game soundtracks, but I think the biggest I can think of is probably Rush. Yes, this was from Rock Band, a game which comes with a certain amount of discovering new music every time you buy a new one, but whenever I listen to a Rush song now I will always associate it with games.  
Other artists I have got in to in a serious way because of games (and are therefore worth a mention) are Rise Against (one of the Tony Hawks Underground games and then later in a Need for Speed) and Bad Religion (THPS2 I think).
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That guy Baiyon from the Pixel Junk games and other stuff.

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Mine pretty much all came from Rock Band, most notably the Silversun Pickups.  I hadn't heard of them before playing Lazy Eye.  When Panic Switch and Sort Of were released as DLC, I snatched up their album "Swoon."  Great, great album!
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Tales of the Abyss introduced me to Bump of Chicken. Mass Effect got me addicted to Faunts. I didn't know about Cage the Elephant before playing Borderlands. I also discovered Poets of the Fall via Max Payne 2 and they've been one of my favorite bands ever since.

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@dudeglove said:
" I'm surprised no one's brought up the Tony Hawk games. "
I discovered RATM from there:D

Cage The Elephant from the Borderlands intro,great band
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Hollywood Undead

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I've heard odd tracks that I've liked here and there in games, but for me the biggest influence that video games have had on my musical listening habits comes from Grand Theft Auto IV. While their take on classic rock radio was pretty hit-and-miss before more tracks were added with The Lost & Damned DLC, one song in particular grabbed me - Remedy, by The Black Crowes: 

I couldn't get enough of the song. The bluesy guitars that I've since learned to attribute to Rich Robinson, and the soulful voice that I now know to belong to his brother Chris, absolutely hypnotised me. It was an incredible, infectious hybrid of 70s rock, blues and soul. After finding out what the song was called and who it was by thanks to the in-game song recogniser ZiT (yeah, it had a use, believe it or not), I went out and picked up the album it featured on, The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. I was rewarded with nine other incredible tracks, all of which I fell instantly in love with. Since discovering The Black Crowes around two years ago, I've amassed all their studio albums, and they now proudly sit in my top three favourite music acts alongside The Who and Paul Weller. I'd like to think that's a pretty awesome tale of musical discovery through the medium of video games, with a very happy ending (for me, at least).
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Really, the grand theft auto soundtracks have introduced me to tons of artists, and I have thousands of songs that I attribute to getting because of GTA.  
Tony Hawk got me into Hip-Hop as well, and now I have a ton of hip-hop songs.

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@ZanzibarBreeze: Poets of the Fall are pretty sick - crazy to think that I've been listening to them since before they'd even released their first single (Late Goodbye) due to Max Payne and Remedy.
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Motoi Sakuraba thanks to Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile, as well as Hiroshi Sakimoto for his work on Odin Sphere and Valkyria Chronicles.
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Jun Senoue, mainly because of "Escape From the City". 
MISIA, Ending for Star Ocean 3 and that "wait for Sophia" entrance(The Little Bird)

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@ZanzibarBreeze: You stole mine - Poets of the Fall (Late Goodbye). I loved Max Payne 2 (less than one, but no matter) and the song was the cherry on top. Do you know if Alan Wake has any PotF tunes? I can't recall there being any discussion or mention of them.
BTW, it flows very well in a playlist if it's structured as such:
Weezer - Island in the Sun
Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
Poets of the Fall - Late Goodbye
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Akira Yamaoka mostly.

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Klaxons and Bloc Party from Need for Speed Prostreet, now both are some of my favorite bands.

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Tony Hawk: Underground for the PSP introduced me to Atmosphere
the song "Trying to Find a Balance" was so awesome I had to find out who sang it.
I'm now a gigantic Atmosphere fan, even though their work is a bit hit and miss, when it hits, oh man. Just some amazing hip hop.

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The last one I can remember is Audio Bully's from that APB trailer, if that counts

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Way back in the good Tony Hawk days, I found tons of bands like Goldfinger. Those games have excellent soundtracks.