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Zelda. Zelda's the reason I buy all Nintendo consoles, Pokemon's the reason I buy all Nintendo handhelds. Everything else is just gravy.

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What would make the Wii U a must purchase for you?Is Nintindo an afterthought as far as you're concerned?Are you holding out for the Vitality sensor?Do you just not like the name,cause it's a Wii that's just for "U".Maybe you're just going to hold out for that special game?

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I'm gonna say Zelda, if only because it's the most likely. But frankly, if they released a new vehicle-only Star Fox game with all new levels and stuff, I would buy the shit out of a Wii U.

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Its not a Nintendo IP, but Bayonetta 2 is the reason I'm getting a Wii U. Everything else is just a bonus.

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Fire Emblem.

Maybe a proper bad-ass Metroid.

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Nintendo needs to assemble another group of people like 90's Rare, Wii U would be an instant purchase for me.

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@VisariLoyalist said:


You sir/madam,have something there.

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A good Zelda game for sure. Loved Twilight princess (played the GC version), didn't like Skyward Sword. All I want is a Zelda game without motion controls.

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A Zelda that has no motion controls, A Metroid made by Retro, Super Mario Galaxy collection with removal of motion controls, and Pokemon Snap.

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Nothing. Not because I believe that Nintendo is BS but because I believe the Wii U holds absolutely nothing for me.

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Snap with the tablet would be pretty neat...but i dont care about any of the new pokemon.

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A Metroid game, but it would literally have to be the best Metroid game ever...

...and the system would have to be $200 cheaper

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Super Smash Bros.

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I haven't played Zelda since Wind Waker. I'm more than ready for another.

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Metroid Prime

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Firmware update that makes it not broken and slow. Best WiiU game of 2012.

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How about a new IP?

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F Zero

Advance Wars

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How about a AAA title that isn't a concept that's been beaten to death.

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Open World Pokemon game... and no I don't mean like the 2D ones a proper next-gen Pokeman game.

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I think Nintendo could desperately use a new IP. A BIG new IP, a household-name-to-be IP.

Can they do it? Is it even doable anymore? I don't know but they have gotten to the point where I feel all their key franchises are being stretched as far as they can go.

Also, a full on 3D Pokemon RPG Adventure would be nice to see some day.

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Super Smash Bros.

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Smash Brothers, a substantial Pokemon release and possibly Zelda.

I'm somewhat worn out on Zelda, Twilight Princess was very bland and I didn't enjoy Skyward Sword all that much either, though that may have been due to my hatred of the controls.

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Pokemon Snap or a Pokemon game similar to the mainline DS games would be pretty incredible.  
At this point I actually think a mainline Pokemon RPG on the Wii U would sell more Wii U consoles than any of their other IPs.

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If they did a proper Pokemon game on the Wii U I would get one straight away, but I'm getting one soon anyway.

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I picked none forgetting that Pokemon was a Nintendo IP. If they made a fully 3D real RPG Pokemon game with online combat in a semi MMO/online open world I would buy one tomorrow.

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Not being sarcastic, Mario paint, the wii u is perfect with it's touchscreen and different inputs.

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Fire Emblem and Ace Attourney.

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A new Earthbound/Mother maybe. I've kind of lost interest in the major Nintendo franchises.

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Star Fox, as it isn't a concept that has been beaten to death, and it could look amazing in HD. Maybe give it a Mass Effect style galactic map to move around. I would give the Kid Icarus guys a shot at it. No on foot bullshit though.

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@ProfessorEss said:

I think Nintendo could desperately use a new IP. A BIG new IP, a household-name-to-be IP.

Can they do it? Is it even doable anymore? I don't know but they have gotten to the point where I feel all their key franchises are being stretched as far as they can go.

Also, a full on 3D Pokemon RPG Adventure would be nice to see some day.

Yep. Nintendo need a new IP instead of relaying on the same handful. Pikman was the last significant one and that ten years ago.

That said if the new Smash Bros is good that may tip my hat on the system.

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WiiU Wars.

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I'm" getting a Wii U down the line for Bayonetta 2 however if I had to pick a Nintendo IP then give me F-Zero.

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I voted Metroid. While I would love a new Zelda I don't trust Nintendo not to do the same old thing with Zelda. Same goes with Mario. They need to shake those franchises up. I think on a HD console and being long enough since we really had a Metroid game they could do a lot with it.

However I'd also love Nintendo to put a lot of time and effort into something new. They need to start a new amazing franchise to really sell this console in my opinion.

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I almost went with "I" because I really just want to see Nintindo do something fresh with their talented teams of developers...

But if Nintindo put Game Freak on a new console Pokemon game that was actually different/revolutionary in some way without being a spin-off, well... that would be the closest thing to persuade me (as long as I can play it solely on the second screen, because Pokemon works best as a handheld game.

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An original IP would it be it.

Or, you know, online F-Zero.

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It is the only thing that will get me to get one of the new consoles.

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F-Zero, depending on how they go about it. If it's too close to GX, then I can wait. (I just didn't enjoy that one as much as X, though I certainly understand its merits)

I wouldn't mind seeing a new IP, but since I'm not that much of a Nintendo fan I don't really see what they could do that would interest me much.

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That's sad no one voted kirby and DK. I voted Metroid but I love all those games...

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Open world Star Fox.

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Mario Galaxy Collection HD, and a new Smash Bros.

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@Hosstile17 said:

How about a new IP?

New IPs? Pffft, that's sooooooo 1980s.

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I'd like to see another Luigi's Mansion. Still waiting for the 3DS one.

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Old school Resident Evil and Silent Hill games.

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Zelda is the one I have the most personal affection for, but I don't see them doing anything with it that would really draw me to the system.

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f-zero that does not make concessions for new audiences and is still hard as fuck.

still waiting for a proper 2-d metroid game. would love to see one of those on the 3ds. let's face it guys, nintendo are so god damn out of touch.