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#1 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -

Which non gaming functions do you use on your console? I was curious to see what people used their consoles for other than play games.
On my xbox 360 I use the video viewer to watch shows I missed and downloaded. I should be getting netflix soon and I rented a movie once. 
How about you guys?
#2 Posted by Inkerman (1455 posts) -

Blu-rays, apart from that, nothing.

#3 Edited by Jonnyflash80 (506 posts) -

On my 360 I mainly use it to watch Netflix and stream divx/xvid movies from my desktop PC.

Edit: Also, playing the occasional DVD.

#4 Posted by buft (3320 posts) -

I watch Sky player here in the UK, sometimes i just chat to buddies that are over seas, its way cheaper than a phonecall

#5 Posted by RockAction (373 posts) -

i watch dvd's on my 360 (currently PS2) more than play games and watch blu rays on ps3 
i think majority use is non gaming 
the PS3s extraneous features like the photo gallery / internet  browser / and in UK bbc iplayer etc are pretty cool  

#6 Posted by VirtuaXav (451 posts) -

@Inkerman said:

Blu-rays, apart from that, nothing.

Same here duders.

#7 Posted by Masha2932 (1242 posts) -

DVDs on my PS3

#8 Posted by JTB123 (1044 posts) -

DVDs is pretty much it.

#9 Posted by dagas (2949 posts) -

Nothing apart from watching The Guild on the 360. I have a stand alone blu-ray player and an HTPC so I pretty much only use consoles for games.

#10 Edited by Positrark (316 posts) -

This thread is not great. Almost all the people will answer that they use it to watch DVDs, Blurays and/or video streaming, e.g. Netflix or just use it for games. Since there are only about 4-5 possible answers, this probably should have been a poll instead.

#11 Posted by jetsetwillie (857 posts) -

well as my 360 died a few months ago and as you can't just throw electrical goods away any more my 360 is acting a novelty door stopper.  
i use my PS3 for blu-rays now and again, but mainly games. anything like watching media or internet il just use my PC or ipad

#12 Edited by PenguinDust (12664 posts) -

Blu-ray player and as my secondary media player.  The PS3 Media Server is excellent and it's still my primary media streaming software, but I use a WDTV Live Plus HD media box as the bridge between my TV and computer more than the PS3 itself these days.  My PS3 is old and I don't want it running for hours while I watch some videos; however some videos work better on it than the WDTV so I occasionally go back to it.  I used to use my 360 for Netflix streaming, but again I switched there to the WDTV primarily because of heat and power consumption.  I have, on occasion, used both for their photo viewing capabilities.  I have only used the 360's Last.FM feature once to test it out.  I just prefer Pandora and even then I like my Ipod better.  Now, when I want to play my Ipod over my home theater system, I use my 360 because (surprisingly) it integrates well with Apple products; much better than Sony.   I never tried it with my WDTV although I think it has the capability.
So, I enjoy lots of non-gaming related uses with my consoles. 

#13 Posted by Sarkhan (1196 posts) -

Blu ray and stream from pc :)
#14 Posted by Nate_is_my_fake_name (133 posts) -

Netflix on my 360.  We ended up getting rid of cable last month because it just wasn't worth it.

#15 Posted by DragoonKain1687 (702 posts) -

Video (files, DVDs, Blu Rays, etc) and Netflix on PS3

#16 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

Netflix and Blu Rays.  You fucking asshole.

#17 Posted by MeierTheRed (4942 posts) -
@Inkerman said:
Blu-rays, apart from that, nothing.
That and the occasional DVD.
#18 Edited by Lemoncookie01 (1642 posts) -

My YLOD PS3 is getting a lot of use as a paperweight.

#19 Posted by JoMate (238 posts) -

absolutely nothing since netflix is non existent in europe and its europe counterpart (zune) is far too expansive.

#20 Posted by Twisted_Scot (1180 posts) -

Xbox 360 is just games, no DVD, streaming , no facebook etc
PS3 - Just Blu-ray (ocasionaly PS exclusives)
Wii - Dust gathering.

#21 Posted by TheUnsavedHero (1248 posts) -

Mainly watching DVDs since my real DVD player died on me. Also to talk to my friends who have moved out of state.

#22 Posted by Jeust (10905 posts) -

Drooling... over some of the games' cases.

#23 Posted by Unchained (1090 posts) -

My PS3 is my go to video player. Blu-rays, dvds, netflix (well, until netflix changed their selection layout - I'm currently not a subscriber) etc.

My 360 is just for games. My Wii gets used by my wife to play virtual console games, but other than that it just gathers dust.

That's about it.

#24 Posted by blueaniman93 (604 posts) -

I use my 360 for Netflix and for watching Whiskey videos on the big screen.

#25 Posted by Gamer_152 (14125 posts) -

Right now I only really use mine for games but I used to use it for streaming videos from my laptop and probably will do again.

#26 Edited by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

None. I just use mine to play games. That's kind of the reason I buy game consoles. I have my PC to watch movies/TV and surf the web.

#27 Posted by Zidd (1861 posts) -

360 - Netflix/Hulu plus since I got a Kinect

PS3 - Netflix/Hulu plus Before I got a kinect, blu-ray

WII - Doorstop

#28 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

I use my 360 as my DVD player as well as for Netflix and sometimes to stream pr0n off the computer if I feel like jerking off in luxury. I also buy South Park episodes off Zune cause I'm too lazy to figure out when it's on TV.

#29 Edited by TorMasturba (1089 posts) -

My Xbox 360 is currently keeping somone else very happy since I sold due to naturally using it less and less.

My PS3 is now getting daily use as a Blu-ray/DVD player for the family room TV, mostly watching all of Lost at the moment. (I never saw it when it was on TV and now have decided to get it watched. As another side note I've noticed a trend with my family's Bluray and DVD consumption, which is that the Movies we watch nowadays will mainly be Blu-ray and if we watch a DVD it'll be a Boxset of a TV series that we missed when it was on originally, Battlestar Gallactica, Lost and that sort of thing.)

My PS3 will also get use as a gaming platform too, but usually for exclusive games and also for big deal type games that I would've played on the Xbox 360 if I still had one, exlusives like Uncharted 1+2 and in the future Uncharted 3, and multi-plat games like L.A. Noire and Shadows of the damned.

My PC is my main gaming hub now, and I've found that while my time spent playing games has gone down considerably my enjoyment of the actual games that I do play has gone up considerably. I also use my PC for watching a documentary DVD before I go to bed (Documentary DVD's like Planet Earth, excellent btw) at night and in the majority I use it for internet based media consumption.

#30 Posted by HitmanAgent47 (8576 posts) -

I use my ps3 to watch blu ray and blu ray rips.

#31 Edited by Sooty (8082 posts) -

360 - Nothing
PS3 - Blu-Ray and DVD playback, it upscales DVDs really well.
PS2 - Nothing 
PSP - Nothing
Dreamcast - Nothing
I guess the last three are pretty obvious.

#32 Posted by Hargreaves93 (234 posts) -

Even  though I have a DVD player in my room, I use my Xbox 360 as my main item to watch DVDs on. I also sometimes use the Last FM feature and very rarely Facebook.

#33 Posted by Vextroid (1442 posts) -

PS3 - Blu-Ray movies and media-streaming.

#34 Posted by Hizang (8532 posts) -

My PS3 is just used to Blu Ray's other than playing games, I'm one of those wierd people that also use the PS3 to send messeges to people.

#35 Posted by Dooops (227 posts) -
@Positrark said:

This thread is not great. Almost all the people will answer that they use it to watch DVDs, Blurays and/or video streaming, e.g. Netflix or just use it for games. Since there are only about 4-5 possible answers, this probably should have been a poll instead.

While you are entitled to your opinion. The reason I did not make it a poll was so that the answers were not limited. Yes for the most part the answers will repeat themselves. The entire reason for this post was to see how many people actually use all the bells and whistles Sony, Microsoft and to some extent Nintendo put out on our consoles that is not gaming related.  
#36 Posted by Getz (3172 posts) -

Netflix and keeping in touch with old friends and family. I never get to see my uncle, but we play Call of Duty together; that kind of thing. I suppose that doesn't completely count as "non-gaming-related."

#37 Posted by Pyrgz (256 posts) -


#38 Posted by HatKing (6196 posts) -

I watch stuff on Netflix very frequently on my 360.  So much so that usually when I receive my "monthly update" from Xbox Live it is usually Netflix that has more hours logged on it than any game.  I also watch DVDs somewhat frequently on the 360.  And very occasionally I will stream some movie or tv show from my computer. 
I used to stream music, but that seems silly now that I have a iPod hookup directly connected to my sound system.

#39 Posted by Shuborno (939 posts) -


  • Netflix
  • Playing videos off of external USB
  • Watching CBC News on MSN Video
#40 Edited by MysteriousBob (6272 posts) -

360: DVDs, Sky Player (only films on demand, I never watch actual TV) Sometimes play music off a usb stick.
My PS2 was the only DVD player in my house for about five years.

#41 Edited by phantomzxro (1584 posts) -

netflix and blurays get used quite often, I would say netflix is used almost daily and has almost replaced tv for me.  Also i use the ps3 brower from time to time to watch a video on the tv.

#42 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

blu-rays and DVDs. pretty much all i use them for. i don't really use my xbox 360 since ps3 has both.

#43 Posted by Bombs_Away (1010 posts) -

I try and stick my dick in it every now and again...

#44 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1271 posts) -


  • Netflix
  • Used twitter a couple of times
  • Played music off a USB stick for a Space Invaders achievement


  • Netflix
  • DVDs
  • Blu-Rays
  • Used the internet browser a little bit before I hooked up my PC to my TV
  • With my original 60 GB I used to use the SD card reader
  • Used the PSP remote play a couple of times, there's a lot of latency, so it sucks pretty bad


  • Used the internet browser before hooking up my PC to my TV (crap, I think I spent money on that stupid browser)
#45 Posted by MonkeyKing1969 (3145 posts) -

Bluray/DVD, Netflix, music, and local storage of my photos.

- BluRay/DVD = once a week if not more

- Netflix = once a week

- Music piped around my apartment = three times a week

- Photos = twice a year I might just do a fancy slide show for friends to show them my lates vacation photos

I don't really think about it much, but I DO use it for all the major functions. My TV is just handy for music and showing photos, so I use it that way.

#46 Posted by Twitchey (865 posts) -

Sex, hot sex.

#47 Posted by cartvader (142 posts) -

Xbox 360 - mostly just gaming but some Netflix 
PS3 - Netflix, play movies from PC using PS3media server, some gaming 
Wii - is there a use for this thing? 
Original Xbox - to hang the hopes and dreams that I will play some of my back catalog on 
PS2 - see original xbox

#48 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

drink holder

#49 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7098 posts) -

@xavmeese said:

@Inkerman said:

Blu-rays, apart from that, nothing.

Same here duders.

Same but also Netflix

#50 Posted by Potter9156 (944 posts) -

My Wii is a Netflix box.