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#1 Posted by Izaak (248 posts) -

Because I'm back at college now, I'm finding less and less time to listen to the many weekly podcasts I'm subscribed to, which is annoying as I enjoy listening to gaming podcasts to hear a range of opinions from each games site. 
I really want to listen to them more, but at the moment I can only just about get through the bombcast, and maybe an episode of Rebel FM.  
I never seem to find the time to listen to Listen Up anymore, and I'm kinda losing interest in it, Garnett and the others always seem very dull and unenthusiastic to me, and each podcast is 2+ hours, my itunes now has about 5 unfinished episodes.  
I also used to listen to Major Nelson, but his lack of criticism makes him seem robotic and mundane.  
Anyway, I'd just thought I'd ask you guys, What podcast do you subsribe to, and What's your favourites?

#2 Posted by Brunchies (2484 posts) -

None, I don't like podcasts at all, I cant do other stuff while listening to a podcast for some reason. 

#3 Posted by ArchScabby (5809 posts) -

TalkRadar UK
Three Red Lights
Podcast Beyond
listen up
n4g podcast
oxm podcast
rebel fm (mostly only the game club)

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i listen to rebal fm for the music selections and because it feels more indie to me , the idle thumbs podcast because i like all of the personalitles and they laugh alot which makes me laugh alot and i also listen to Ths american life its not about video games but every week theres a new topic that usally has an intresting human intrest story to go along with it
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Idlethumbs only.

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I don't necessarily keep up with all of these on a weekly basis but:

  • The Adam Carolla Podcast
  • /Filmcast
  • Hatecast
  • The Moth
  • Out of the Game
  • Player One Podcast
  • This American Life
  • SModcast
#7 Posted by Breadfan (6589 posts) -
@Chaser324 said: 
  • This American Life
I really enjoy this podcast
#8 Posted by Railer (101 posts) -

Idle Thumbs
It's awesome.

#9 Posted by Apathylad (3066 posts) -

 Giantbomb (duh!)

not game related, but:
Anime Pulse
NPR Wait...Wait, don't Tell Me
NPR Cartalk

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The Joystiq Podcast - It's a lot like the bombcast.  Very personality driven, funny, and quite informative.
One Life Left Podcast - Very funny, very British, FANTASTIC presentation.  It's a actual British radio show.  Kind of lacking in actual gaming info.
Mega 64 Podcast - Just hilarious dudes talking about pop culture/ gaming culture.  Very funny.  Very offensive.
This American Life - Just perfect.  Has nothing to do with gaming but tells many interesting life stories.

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Well, if you want something short that is enjoyable I suggest The Gamercast Network Presents the Video Game Show.  Each show only runs a half-hour, is hosted by 4 guys who play a lot of games of varying types and have definite tastes.  They are no strangers to PC games, too.  After that there is the usual suspects plus one. 

  1. CAGCast
  2. ListenUp
  3. Idle Thumbs
  4. Out of the Game (former GFW guys)
  5. The Joystiq Podcast
  6. TDPodcast: The Target Demographic (former Evil Avatar Radio guys)
  7. Hot Spot (Gamespot Podcast)
  8. Gamespot UK
  9. Rebel FM (if you can get past the junior high locker room conversations)
  10. Geekbox (if you can get past the "Lost" and "Burn Notice" conversations)
And then there is Orange Lounge Radio, which I always promote.  This is a video game podcast that has been running weekly for about 6 years I think.  It's hosted by 2 guys and a woman in Northern California.  It's a show about the personalities of the hosts.  They are fun and engaging and sometimes profane in a good way.  They are a bit Nintendo fanboys and girls and love their old school gaming, but they are not above criticizing every console publisher.  And they play some PC games, too.  If there is a problem that you might encounter is because they do a live show each Sunday night on AllGames. com, their shows run about 2 to 3 hours each. 
For non game podcasts, I suggest CNet's Buzz Out Loud and This Week in Tech for technology news.  For movies, I enjoy The Movie Hour.  And finally, I am sooo happy that the Tony Kornheiser Show is back on the air (and web).   This is my favorite podcast above all others.  It's sports related but it uses sports as a jumping off point to all other topics.  Each show runs under 2 hours, covers everything from film to television to politics all with the "Mr. Tony" experience.  It's very funny and informative.
#13 Posted by LinksOcarina (161 posts) -

Game Revolutions Inner Party Podcast, which is friggin hilarious half of the time.
I also listen to two poker podcasts and a podcast my friend does on wrestling, even though I don't watch wrestling anymore.

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@Brunchies said:
" None, I don't like podcasts at all, I cant do other stuff while listening to a podcast for some reason.  "
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Giant Bombcast 
Rebel FM 
Listen Up 
Irregular Listen to
A Life Well Wasted  
Out of the Game 
This American Life

#16 Posted by pewpewlazer (56 posts) -

GFW... Radio...
Listen to our podcast, yo yo

#17 Posted by nrain (1274 posts) -
  • Comic Vine Podcast
  • Screwattack's Sidescrollers
  • Invisible Walls
  • Epic Battle Cry
  • Bonus Round....if that counts
  • And of course the Bombcast
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Just Giant Bomb and Listen Up, I would like to listen to more but I just haven't, maybe I will look for more today, I used to listen to Major Nelson, I dunno why I stopped........ anywho, yeah, that's it.

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#20 Posted by the_stig (234 posts) -

CarCast, Adam Corolla and cars, its just awesome

Giant Bomb

That is all I have time for so I don't bother subscribing to more than that.

#21 Posted by CaptainTightPants (2834 posts) -

Mega64 is the only other podcast i watch , they have audio and video versions of their podcast so i watch the videos :3
And both the MEga64 and Bombcast come out on tuesday =]

#22 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

I pretty much live the life of a hermit. 
Completely secluded to the outside world...
#23 Posted by Illmatic (1358 posts) -
  • Mobcast (though its not as interesting to listen to as it once was. Their idea of 5 guys 5 topics to prevent them from talking about the same things other podcasts are often backfires when a guest is on the show or often degrades into typical forum topics)
  • This American Life (the only nongaming and best podcast I listen to)
  • Out of the Game (Three gaming voices I find entertaining (Robert Ashley, Sean Elliott, and Ngai Croal) on one podcast)
  • At1up (These guys are consistently hilarious)
  • Geekbox (Though Andrew Fitch's personality turns me off greatly, the rest of the crew is enough to even it out to an enjoyable podcast. Plus, its cool to hear Ryan Scott actually speak up after GFW)
  • Rebel FM (This and Out of the Game make it feel as if GFW mated with itself and produced two offspring. One provides smart conversations (Out of the Game) and the other  gives me the random funny that I love the Bombcast for)
  • Good Grief
  • ListenUP
  • Retronauts (Since I haven't played many games from this era (my mom didn't buy many games for me) its interesting to hear their perspective)
  • Co-Op (Basically, if you loved the 1up Show, this video podcast is just for you.)
#24 Posted by JJOR64 (18941 posts) -

Sadly, I only listen to the Bombcast.

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#26 Posted by FLStyle (4648 posts) -
  • Giant Bombcast
  • Comic Vine Podcast
  • Anime Vice Squadcast
  • TalkRadar UK
  • PSM3 UK (Not the crazy French team who gave Uncharted 2 21/20 xD)
  • Kojima Productions Report Podcast
  • Any podcast that a Giant Bomb member guests in
#27 Posted by Teptom (2047 posts) -
  • Giant Bombcast
  • TalkRadar
  • The Geekbox
  • ListenUP
There used to be a lot more, but I had to cut down.
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#29 Posted by c1337us (5751 posts) -

I listen to the bombcast primarily but I just subscribed to Joystiq's one as well.

#30 Posted by MiserableGerm (172 posts) -
@Apathylad: Car Talk eh? Did you know Click and Clack were in Cars?
#31 Posted by Gabriel (4058 posts) -

1up, gamescoop, and Podcast beyond
#32 Posted by ShadowKiller (894 posts) -

I can't listen to a podcast and do something else at the same time so I'm lucky to squeeze in just the bombcast. Occasionally I'll look over some Onion News video podcasts I have on my ipod if I'm really bored.

#33 Posted by pirate_republic (1117 posts) -

OXM and major nelson.

#34 Posted by Landon (4132 posts) -

Podcast Beyond
Three Red Lights
Mysterious Universe

#35 Posted by chstupid (806 posts) -

  • Screwattack's Sidescrollers
  • Invisible Walls
  • Epic Battle Cry
  • Bonus Round
  • Spill.com's Lets do this
  • #36 Posted by Valames (726 posts) -

    Giant Bomb
    I like em funny, and those are the only funny game podcasts I know of. If there are more, please let me know.

    #37 Posted by MKHavoc (1307 posts) -
    • Rebel FM
    • 2 Chimps on a Davenport
    • Sessler's Soapbox
    • SmodCast
    • Gadget Pron
    #38 Posted by Metric_Outlaw (1171 posts) -

    I only have enough time to listen to listen to the bopmbcast and rebel fm. I do watch Co-Op sometimes to though.

    #39 Posted by Invasionone (69 posts) -

    Rebel FM from time to time
    Old episodes of GFW Radio 
    Penny Arcade podcast 
    A Life Well Wasted

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    this may hurt your brain
    The 404
    Buzz out loud
    cnet car podcast
    the real deal
    the hotspot 
    Game Scoop!!!
    podcast beyond
    three red lights
    command prompt
    nintendo voice chat
    listen up
    rebel fm
    idle thumbs
    mega 64
    this american life
    car talk
    wait wait don't tell me
    I listen while I play games and I play games alot

    #41 Posted by KnifeySpoony (1164 posts) -

    Besides the bombcast,

    • Downloadable Content, The Penny Arcade Podcast
    • Idle Thumbs
    • NPR Car Talk
    • On occasion, WNYC's Radio Lab
    #42 Posted by Apathylad (3066 posts) -
    @MiserableGerm said:
    " @Apathylad: Car Talk eh? Did you know Click and Clack were in Cars? "
     I saw the movie Cars before I would listen to their show, so I wasn't familiar with them at the time, but yeah I heard about their cameo in the film. These were the characters if I recall correctly. 
    #43 Posted by Bouke (1402 posts) -
    • Giant Bomb cast    
    • Podtoid
    • Rebel FM
    • A Life Well Wasted
    • Listen Up (now known as 4guys1up)
    • The Geekbox
    • Three Red Lights
    • Game Scoop!
    • Mobcast
    • Sarcastic Gamer Podcast

    I used to listen to eve  more, but i had to give up some because i couldn't keep up.

    #44 Edited by Branthog (7476 posts) -

    I telecommute, so I listen to tons of podcasts (or at the least, subscribe to them so that I can some day listen to them if I need more content). Being that I work from home, I have plenty of time to listen while I work. However, the ones I make sure to catch every day/week are:

    • The Rick Emerson Show (the greatest geek/pop-culture radio show on earth)
    • Cort and Fatboy
    • Smodcast (Kevin Smith)
    • Bytejacker
    • Cranky Geeks 
    • Diggnation
    • FLOSS Weekly
    • I, Cringely
    • Massively
    • No Agenda
    • MacBreak Weekly
    • Richard Dawkins Foundation TV
    • Sessler's Soapbox
    • Tech5
    • This Week in Tech
    • Co-Op - I don't really get much info from this since these guys review more iphone games than anything else and they almost never dislike a game.
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    Idle Thumbs and Cagcast.  Sucks that Idle Thumbs is leaving but life moves on. 
    Also I use these Podcasts to pass time at work not in my free time, even though if I did not work I would still find time to listen:)
    #46 Posted by ToxicFruit (1717 posts) -

    Podcast 17

    #47 Posted by Dragoon14 (125 posts) -

    All of IGN
    and then Giantbomb!!!!!!!!

    #48 Posted by fuzzyponken (694 posts) -

    When I had a job I listened to like 15 different podcasts. Now that I'm unemployed I have less time to listen (imagine that) so I'm down to Rebel FM, Geekbox and the Bombcast (A Life Well Wasted as well but that barely counts). Occasionally I'll listen to the Mobcast if they have some interesting topics, but only if Hsu is hosting. I can't stand that other guy, whatever his name is. 

    #49 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

    I listen to 1up yours (now 4 guys 1up and released every 2 weeks i think), TWiT (this week in tech), and RPGamer podcast.
    Oh yeah and the one and only GiantBombcast.

    #50 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -
    @pewpewlazer said:
    " GFW... Radio...  Listen to our podcast, yo yo "
    Is that still around? I thought they cancelled because the magazine cancelled. If theyre still around I need to listen to them again.