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Posted by SuperSolidSnake2019 (84 posts) 1 year, 9 months ago

Poll: What percentage of your game collection have you completed (approx.) (170 votes)

95-100% - I MUST complete everything. No stone is left unturned. 5%
75-95% - I finish the campaign/singleplayer a few times(difficulty, new game+) and play a ton of multiplayer if included. 14%
55-75% - I play the campaign/singleplayer through and see that the mulitplayer option works - for hours upon hours then stop. 30%
35-55% - I like to try many games but rarely finish any of them - something else always catches my eye! 29%
15-35% - I excitedly open up the case for the first time and play 10-20 minutes or a level or two - then never go back! 14%
0-15% - I check that the disc is in working order and now i know it does - on the shelf with you! 9%

35-55% - I like to try many games but rarely finish any of them...something else always catches my eye!

In most cases this is me.

I can't bring myself to dedicate all my time to one game so I usually try to play 2-4 games at the same time. That always seems to make me get tired of them all unless the game is really great. Example: Last Of Us, Bayonetta.

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Of the games I have installed 5%? Of the games I own, 1%? I have a hard time actually keeping my attention on a game for the full run. I just play to have fun and never actually cared about completing games.

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Probably about 85%

#3 Posted by Veiasma (196 posts) -

Probably 15% or less.

I completely blame Steam!

#4 Posted by Fearbeard (863 posts) -

Definitely very low. I went through a phase in the PS1 and PS2 era where I hardly finished anytihng. I got a little better at finishing games this generation thanks to achievements and trophies, but then games starting getting great sales on Steam (etc..) and lower prices games on PSN and XBLA grew my backlog to epic proportions. Plus I put hundreds of hours into strategy games like Crusader Kings 2, Civilization 5, and MMO's like WoW.

It's sad.

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I've played most of them, but it's only been the last few years that I've really focused on finishing games.

Finished 18 last year and 24 this year so far, I'm going for 52 which was my new year's resolution, I'm falling off pace a bit now due to the summer and spending more time outdoors but I still think I can do it.

#6 Posted by BaneFireLord (3082 posts) -

On my Xbox, it's about 85%. On my PC, more like 10% (dammit Steam). So...47%, I guess?

#7 Posted by believer258 (12681 posts) -

Like... four.

OK, if I were to tally up all the games I've ever owned versus all the ones I've beaten, I couldn't tell you. I have sold/lost many games over the years, sadly, and I don't know that number. I do, however, have a document somewhere that has all of the games that I currently own in it. It needs some updating but I might track it down and work on it. It's definitely nowhere near half but it probably is more than four. Probably. It might actually be just four.

#8 Posted by EvilNiGHTS (1169 posts) -

More than half. Probably.

I dunno, I own a lot of games at this point.

#9 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3041 posts) -

I couldn't give you an exact number but I'm betting it is pretty low.

#10 Posted by fisk0 (5069 posts) -

Probably less than 1%. I finish maybe 1-2 game a year, and buy like 200 in the same time frame.

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Id say around 30-40% for me, steam has made it easy to buy something to piss with for a few hours and then put it on the back burner. But i also go back and play a lot of random stuff so its hard to say. I feel like i get my moneys worth, and that's all that matters. Also, lots of games cant be beat like 4X and RTS games.... they sorta live forever.

#12 Posted by pyromagnestir (4380 posts) -

I was gonna vote 55% - 75% but then I remembered Steam...

35% - 55% and probably much closer to the 35 end of the spectrum then the 55.

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#14 Posted by gokaired (581 posts) -

I get to the end of most of my games but i don't 100% any, i just aim for the "true" ending.

#15 Posted by Nightriff (6151 posts) -

Around 40%, I have an excel sheet with all my games and I put in if I beat a game or not and it counts how many games I've beat. Yup I got free time

#16 Posted by Hunter5024 (6286 posts) -

Of my physical games I've probably completed about 80%, but I usually buy every old game that I have any interest in because I'm afraid it will become hard to find if I wait too long, so (aside from Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning) that entire 20% incomplete is all older stuff from previous generations. If we're counting digital stuff too, it's probably more like 30% I buy every humble bundle to support them and almost never find the time to play any of the games.

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35-55%? Not because I get distracted but because I have no issue dropping a game I don't like.

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I tend not to buy games if I don't think I'll play them to their natural end. Though I've started to amass somewhat of a backlog due to severe time constraints, so I guess between 75% and 95%? They're games I'll finish eventually though.

There's only a small handful of games I've owned that I decisively abandoned.

#19 Posted by Jimbo (10168 posts) -

Definitely less than 5%.

#20 Posted by _Zombie_ (1473 posts) -

Around half. I've beat most of my 360 games and there's a handful on PS2 that I'm playing through.

#21 Posted by GorillaMoPena (2609 posts) -

I try to beat most of them, except my Steam library which is an uncontrollable beast now

#22 Posted by Klei (1799 posts) -

Console games? I beat them all ( almost ).

Steam games? I beat like 20% of them.

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Bout 75 percent give or take. I usually finish my games, but only if it holds my interest. If it doesn't then fuck it I'm done with it.

#24 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

about 25%. that sounds about right. 1 out of every 4 games I play seems like it's worth completing. Many of them just turn to garbage halfway through. But then there are a few games I go back to over and over again.

#25 Posted by BeachThunder (13064 posts) -

I'm only basing this on Steam and Gog games - between those two, I've completed 43%. I still have a bunch of physical games (including most of the Myst games) and a lot of indie bundle games lying around, which I haven't counted.

#26 Posted by GunstarRed (5790 posts) -

Somewhere in the 90's. I used to be pretty determined to beat all games I played, but in the last two or three years I have gotten better at abandoning games if I am not enjoying them... mostly letting go of achievements helped.

I'm pretty bad at finishing smaller indie games I have gotten in sales on Steam.

#27 Posted by Darkstorn (478 posts) -

I try not to buy too many games for exactly this reason...

#28 Posted by VirtuaGrant (53 posts) -

Before I started buying stuff on Steam? Probably 90-100%.

Post Steam? Like 50% maybe.

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According to backloggery, 55%. If I don't count games I haven't played (looking at you, Steam) then it's around 80%.

#30 Posted by Monkeyman04 (1441 posts) -

For most games I play the single player once, but a game like Borderlands(1&2) I've played through with multiple characters and the DLC campaigns.

#31 Posted by RioStarwind (644 posts) -

I feel like I at least complete 35% of all games I buy. Once I start a game I usually finish it although I wasn't that way till recently. I bet my NES/SNES completion rate is less than 1% hehe.

#32 Posted by Scrawnto (2492 posts) -

I probably play around 35% of each game I buy, but I probably get to the end of less than 5% of the games I buy. The text for the 35%-55% bracket matches how I'd describe how I play so that's what I voted.

#33 Posted by Slag (5446 posts) -

The goal has alwasy been 100. So probably I'm in the 70- 80's.

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I'd say I'd finished about 9 in every 10 games I've played.

#35 Posted by TobbRobb (5013 posts) -

I think I've still finished the majority of my games, but the numbers are dwindling.I try to play too many at the same time, while juggling a bunch of nongaming stuff and it just kinda gets out of control. Still finish one every once in a while.

#36 Posted by Marcsman (3371 posts) -

I only have Dark Soul's and Mass Effect 3 to finish then it's off to the next generation.

#37 Posted by nintendork666 (209 posts) -

15% sounds about right. I have just under 700 games total however, so I'm not too concerned. I have played a good amount of the majority of them. That's what I get for liking JRPG's so damn much. Too damn long, lol.

#38 Posted by firecracker22 (573 posts) -

Man, this poll has me thinking about my pile of shame. It isn't so much that games are too long, because even a game considered short by most people seems to take me twice as long to finish (I think I'm kinda like Vinny, where I try to collect/do everything). Lately, getting to purchase games at a really cheap price and getting to play it for a few before deciding I'll come back to it has become a trend of mine.

Maybe someday, I'll get through that pile of shame of mine. Maybe.

#39 Posted by AiurFlux (921 posts) -

About 20-25%.

It's not that I get bored or have ADHD, it's just that I buy far to much and then never get around to it.

#40 Posted by Zor (708 posts) -

15% or less... i have a lot of games. I try to complete most of them, but i am not under the impression that i actually do. I do however keep a list of all the games i play each year, so i guess i should really just go over that to figure this out instead of just guessing.

#41 Posted by DJJoeJoe (1389 posts) -

I complete games I enjoy, but often this doesn't show via achievements or anything else... I think I've 'completed' 15 games on steam via getting 'all' their achievements. I feel like I complete 60-80% of games I play but it's prolly actually a bit lower since I've bought more games this year than any other year of my life. I don't own all of the games, but I think I recently moved past 250+ games on steam alone. Almost 95% or more of the games on sale right now during the summer sale are already owned by me :S The rest are euro truck sim haha.

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#43 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6420 posts) -

Full-on "beaten"? According to Steamcompletionist.net, I've completed 24.4% of my games.

#44 Posted by Capum15 (5105 posts) -

A lot, but I couldn't put a percentage to it.

#45 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Around 80% .... this year I really put a dent on my backlog so now I only have around 5 games to finish (altho one of those , original Deus Ex wont finish because at the end I did not liked it much.)

#46 Posted by Branthog (5717 posts) -

Does "collection" mean all games you own, period?

If so, counting all the way back to my Odyssey games from the mid 70s up to today's games and digital libraries, I guess I have about . . . 2,500 games. I have probably beat about 100. Figure of those 2,500 games, 100 are multiplayer/ongoing (not beatable type games) and I guess I have completed about . . .4% of the games I own... of course, I have also only *played* even for a few minutes about 10% of the games I own.

Yeah, it is a sickness.

#47 Posted by Zaccheus (1823 posts) -

On my PS3 I have probably 40 games and there is only one I haven't completed. On Steam there are a few games. I really only buy games I'm intending to play through.

#48 Posted by Raven10 (2048 posts) -

Well thanks to bundles on Steam and other places I tend to own a lot of games that I never intend on even playing, much less beating, so I would say no more than 10%. I also bought a ton of Xbox and PS2 games when most stores were selling them off for a couple of dollars earlier this generation so there are a fair number of those I've never beaten.

#49 Posted by MEATBALL (3890 posts) -

Current gen it's probably something like 75%, but overall it's probably closer to 50 or maybe even less.

#50 Posted by Cidsa (4 posts) -

My exact count is 14.6% of 2102 games. I do go back and beat lots of games but it's a never ending backlog. Ah collecting, it is madness.