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My mom's old Atari 2600 with the cool wood paneling. The next generation of consoles need to bring back wood paneling.

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Colecovision, followed shortly by the NES. 

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console: Atari 2600

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SNES, and I was like 3 or 4 back then.(Not sure though, PS1 was already released when I was born)

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Arcade and the Atari 7800.

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64 was my first system. I feel so young.

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Commodore 64.

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NES my parents have video of me at 3 years old playing Super Mario Bros. 3. That game still is my favorite.

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Something similar to OP's Compaq, to this day I had no idea what that thing was called or who manufactured them. My uncle used to give me his old computers.

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The first game I played was Duck Hunt on the NES, but the first console I had myself and played games on was the SNES. I started playing PC games not too long after.

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Some boot-leg Tetris hand held...

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SNES, I think. First one that I owned was a Sega Genesis though.