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I listen to all the whiskey media podcast and a life well wasted (even though it hasn't been updated in a while), what are other podcast that are considered musts in the realms of games, comics, movies,and tech.

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Sockyeti isn't a bad one. Drunktank is meh if you like roosterteeth guys.

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Doug Loves Movies is barely movie-related, but it can still be really funny so check that out.

How'd This Get Made? is also pretty good.
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Though it is outside your criteria, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is fantastic. It's updated very irregularly though. As for other gaming related ones, I like Weekend Confirmed. Though sometimes the hosts disagree with my opinions in such a way that I swear I'll never listen to another episode again. Talkradar is also not too shabby. If I have time in the week, I'll also try to catch an episode of The Game Informer Show.

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My favorite podcast that doesn't update anymore is called "You Look Nice Today." They had about 20 episodes before they stopped updating. You have to give it a few episodes, but it's probably the funniest non-gaming podcast I've ever heard.

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Gotta love Weekend Confirmed kind of a different pace from the bombcast

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Preston and Steve

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8-4 Play is really good and the new Roleplayer's Realm hosted by Kat Bailey is pretty promising.

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Gamers with jobs podcast. They have really good discussions on games.

Irrational interviews and irrational behaviour- The official podcasts of irrational studios, really nice insights into the studio and its culture. 

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Not as good as the Whiskey family of podcasts I do listen to the G4 feedback for primarily 2 reasons: Adam Sessler & it's just about always less than one hour. True it is a video podcast but I often will just do what I do with the bombcast, volume up & switch off the monitor then turn on the 360 with the tv on mute to tackle whatever I'm playing on the 360 while listening.

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I listen to 1up's "Games, Dammit" sometimes, "Stuff You Should Know" and "Tech Stuff" from HowStuffWorks.com, "This Week In Tech" and "Tech News Today" from Leo Laporte's TWiT Network, and it's off topic altogether but "Hypothetical Help" from Scott Johnson's Frogpants Network. 

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  • Gamers with jobs
  • Weekend Confirmed
  • Rebel FM
  • The Joe Rogan Experience
  • The Gamespy Debriefings
  • The TWIT network (This Week in Tech, This Week In Computer Hardware, Triangulation, etc.)
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These aren't really gaming or tech but are good anyways.

This American Life
The Moth
Planet Money
Pro Publica.
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Personally I like to listen to 8-4 Play for more Japan-centric news and State of the Game because I love me some SC2. I used to listen to Weekend Confirmed until they changed something and I stopped being able to download it directly or through the Android app.

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My brother my brother and me!

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TalkRadar, Rebel FM, eff Weekend Confirmed (see: it's too boring>hosts talk about bs such as games are art type shit although not always that topic specifically), the geekbox, the gamespy debriefings.  See other myriad of threads about this topic for more answers.

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@kestrel10mn said:
" My brother my brother and me! "

also 8-4 and joystiq podcast

for comics wordballon on Ifanboy.com
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  1. The gamespy debriefings is usually pretty funny, quickly became one of my favorites recently.
  3. Retronauts is pretty awesome for retro stuff, really smart cast
  5. The mobcast from bit mob is ok, low energy, but they usually have good guests and good episodes can be pretty entertaining
  7. IGN has a ton of podcasts, Girlfight can be fun, and Nintendo Voice Chat is good if you find it funny how they impossibly manage to fill 45 mins talking about Nintendo stuff
  9. As for non gaming stuff, I like The Bugle, which is a funny news show (Serious news made funny, not funny news played seriously) The Judge John Hodgeman is adorable, funny and surprisingly informative, and the Distorted View Show if you like laughing at some pretty messed up stuff.
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@kestrel10mn said:
" My brother my brother and me! "
There is nothing funnier than MBMBAM. Not even the Bombcast.
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@T0mF5 said:
" CAGcast "
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I don't have time to listen to all of that shit on podcasts. Only one
I give a shit about is the GB one.

I went over & downloaded some D&D podcasts. Such as Critical
Hit...listen to a bunch of guys roleplaying. Hope it's not too boring.

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It doesn't explicitly deal with the Whiskey mileau, and it's defunct now, but Tweet Me Harder was the greatest thing to ever grace the internet.

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My Brother, My Brother, and Me. It doesn't fit your criteria since games don't even come up (though two of the brothers are game journalists), but still recommended if you enjoy the Bombcast's humor. Probably even funnier since that's their main focus.

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The Geekbox and Wait Wait don't tell me

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Well besides the Bombcast, of course.

Talkradar is pretty hilarious, mainly because the host, Chris Antista, is a very funny duder.  They're really knowledgeable about gaming, especially older stuff.  They use sound clips a good bit and they're usually hilarious.

I also like to listen to a couple of the IGN podcasts(Beyond, Gamescoop).  They have some great guys and gals over there.  Very involved with the listeners.

I listen to Weekend Confirmed sometimes too.  The host is unnecessarily immature sometimes, but it doesn't bother me, nor do I find it funny.

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I should never have looked at this thread. The Bombcast eats up a large enough chunk of my time (I'm making my way through the archives), and a lot of these suggestions are tempting. 

At this rate, there will never not be people talking in my ear. (and I'll never not be subconsciously adding phrases like "never not" and "duder" to my lexicon...)
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  • Rebel FM
  • Gamespy Debriefings
  • Geekbox
  • Out of the Game (Updates every 6 months or so)
  • You could always just chain listen CGW/GFW Radio. It may be defunct but it's still the best podcast ever.
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I like...

I listened to the Smodcast for a while but the funny shit to Kevin Smith hawking his wares ratio is too far out of balance for me. Definitely going to check out some of the stuff you guys have listed here.
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Comedy Death-Ray Radio.  You're welcome.

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If I could only listen to three podcasts - Giant Bombcast, Rebel FM, and Weekend Confirmed.  I also really look forward to TalkRadar, but I feel like its fallen off a bit.

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Invisible Walls is pretty good.


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Weekend Confirmed is currently my favorite podcast. Those guys are always energetic and the show is broken up very well with music breaks. Their discussion about games is some of the best commentary out there. Though, they are not quite as comical as the bombcast crew.

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  • Weekend Confirmed: A lot of focus on abstract qualities of games and gaming trends.  It's hosted by Garnett Lee (who use to host the best gaming podcast ever, 1up Yours), and Jeff Cannata has a refreshing take on games (i.e. he isn't your average jaded gamers).
  • IGN Gamescoop, Podcast Beyond, Podcast Unlocked: Haters be damned, I like the personalities that IGN has collected the past few years.  Colin Moriarty, Anthony Gallegos, and Arthur Gies were great pick-ups who are always fun to listen to.
  • G4 Feedback: Another media outlet that gets a lot of hate.  This podcast is basically everything that was good about X-Play.  Adam Sessler really shows how much time he has been in this industry by giving great insight.
  • Rebel FM: Laid back-style of game conversation.  Oddly, this is probably one of the few podcasts that retains itself to discussing games.  No industry talk; just what they are playing and what's fun/not fun about them.

    Other Geek-Centric Podcasts 

  • Geekbox: Games, comics, TV, movies podcast by some ex-1up staff and a dude who owns a comic shop.
  • The Gamespy Debriefings: Hear two dudes talk about how they bang a lot of chicks while making fun of the guy who hosts the Geekbox.
  • Totally Rad Show: Three guys who do a mix of reviews (games, comics, TV, movies) and random fun episodes (e.g. play niche board games or trivia games among themselves).
  • Smodcast: Hear the guy who directed Clerks and Dogma make dick jokes.
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Comedy Death-Ray Radio

Uhh Yeah Dude
This American Life
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
WTF with Marc Maron
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I'm another vote for MBMBaM. Get on that shit pronto!

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Spin some of the 2006 episodes of The Hotspot, its like buried treasure.

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@kestrel10mn said:
" My brother my brother and me! "
YES! and while you're at it, joystiq podcast, and weekend confirmed, oh and rebel fm! (love that show, especially the theme song)
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I really enjoy "The Electric Hydra" (Destructoidish with Giant Bomb's Brad Nicholson) and yes, "Doug Loves Movies" is pretty great.

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@BigBoss1911 said:
" Spin some of the 2006 episodes of The Hotspot, its like buried treasure. "
Also this, Rich Gallup was truly the Hostmaster.
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Generally for games I like Rebel FM, CAGcast and Bonux EXP. If you like League of Legends go for The All MIA podcast.

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Uhh Yeah Dude

Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette are the two sexiest men alive.

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bagged and boarded. (comics/games)
wtf with marc maron (he interviews comedians/shoots the shit) i just started listening to him not to long ago and have grown to like the cast.
the nerdist (chris hardwick and friends discuss nerdy shit) the nathon fillion episode is pretty funny.

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Comedy Death Ray

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I like Weekend Confirmed with Garnett Lee and Jeff Cannatta, and Retronauts has been making a comeback.

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Player One Podcast is bombcastesque. 

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I would like to mention AllGenGamers. They have a great and long podcast that is updated every week. Great chemistry between everyone and generally nice guys. They are more into collecting and less hardcore views on games though. AKA, they generally praise every game in one way or another. They are also really into talking about older games obviously as collectors. Anyways, great great podcast that I enjoy and watch the members youtube shows frequently too.

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Spill.com's Movie Reviews are so god damm funny.

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@McGhee_the_Insomniac said:
" @kestrel10mn said:
" My brother my brother and me! "
There is nothing funnier than MBMBAM. Not even the Bombcast. "
Challenge Accepted.  I will listen to the latest podcast and get back to you.