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After hearing about No Man's Sky today, I am just wondering what a timed exclusive is really supposed to provide. Is the thinking that people will really be so amped about a title they won't wait to play on their platform of choice?

Or does this provide the ability to run ads (for say, Destiny) and have your consoles trademark at the end? I just don't understand this.

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It means people are more likely to pick up the game on that console if it's an option. It means that is the place they will likely pick up any DLC. And it is likely the place where they would choose to pick up a sequel.

For No Man's Sky it's probably mostly the first one, but for something like Destiny which is guaranteed to have several sequels and DLC and has a heavy multiplayer aspect the console people pick it up on first could have a serious impact on the future.

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Piss off customers ..... joking aside well you know PR and marketing shit , must have some semblance of truth behind it so those people try their best to justify their wages to their bosses and show them the magical bigger profits etc. -_- I weep for humanity sometimes

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The impulse buy crowd that posts the Fry gif anytime the get hyped.

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Because it does actually increase sales on that platform. If it didn't the concept wouldnt exist.

For a hypothetical, lets use Destiny. It's releasing the same time on both current gen consoles, yet the PS4 has a bunch of timed exclusive content. If someone has both a PS4 and an XboxOne then they'll probably get it on the PS4 (ignoring other factors like where friends play and such).

No Man's Sky. Well i can see the appeal of perhaps using stuff like Track AR and a flightstick, but aside from that i can't really imagine the PC version looking much better based on the art style.

Overall its to get the sales of people who have multiple gaming platforms for their platform. If you got a PC and a PS4 and really want to play No Man's Sky, i imagine lots of folks will bite the bullet and grab the PS4 version right away. I would.

But yes its a shitty anti-consumer marketing tactic.

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I believe it was Peter Moore who said, "If it's a six month timed exclusive, it might as well be a permanent exclusive."

Sales for a title just tend to drop off after an initial release. Even if there is a segment of users who had no chance of buying the game until it came out on a platform they owned later, the public interest in the title wanes as other new games start to come out. There's also the aspect of a console maker being able to control the marketing of a game that comes out first on their platform. The developer can't advertise that the game will come out to other consoles later, so the system manufacturer is free to market the game and their console in unison. The game is not factually exclusive, but the implication is enough to sway buyers.