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Last night, while laying in bed, I started thinking of a Quick Look I remember seeing, but couldn't for the life of me remember what game it was and it's driving me crazy. There is a good chance that my mind completely fabricated it or I dreamed it, but I'm pretty sure it's real. Help me figure out if this is real or not. Here's what I remember:

  • It took place on an island, or at least on the coast.
  • There was a pond or lake in the middle.
  • There was a small village on the island and I thought I remembered somebody (don't remember who was driving the QL) saying that if they came back later, the village would have grown.
  • They went into a cave or hut underneath a hill.
  • They were possibly trying to gather pieces of an item or just one item and it glitched and they couldn't pick up the piece. Think it got stuck behind some geometry or something.

I've combed through the Quick Looks but nothing jumped out at me. Is this real or am I going insane? Help me!

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You do realize that could be almost any fantasy RPG they've ever QL'd, right?

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When I clicked on this I thought "Oh my god, I'm going to know this and then I'll realise that I waste my life by watching other people play video games over and over again"

But thankfully I have no idea, can you say anything about the art style?

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I've watched all of them and nothing immediately springs to mind.

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I was thinking either -

  • Proteus (an island where things 'happen')
  • Guild Wars 2 with a sense of world building around you - 'that if they came back later, the village would have grown' and 'gather pieces of an item or just one item and it glitched and they couldn't pick up the piece' because there were multiple people trying to get the same quest item? That sounds very MMO'y anyway.

Now with the added - '3rd person action game. Kind of Zelda-ish' could it of been Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning? I don't know, as @believer258 said, this could be literally anything ever.

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Miasmata, perhaps? Drew and Patrick did that one, on an island trying to use a compass and find specific points to plot out their path.

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You're probably insane. Your hints are pretty vague though. Except the village that grows. There can't be many of those. But, I can't remember.

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what about that okami sequel on ds. Also was Brad in this quick look and how many times did his character die?

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Maybe Cargo! The Quest For Gravity?

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@razielcuts It wasn't any of those.

@pabba I thought that too, but it turned out it wasn't it.

The thing I remember most vividly is the item glitching and them not being able to get to it. I remember they were trying to get it to take it to an altar or open a gate or something.

This is sounding more and more ridiculous and vague. I'm now about 80% positive that I just dreamed the whole thing.

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@jewunit: Nope, but that looks insane. Don't know how I missed that one.

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At first I was thinking it was that French Indie game with Journeyish online. Then I was thinking maybe From Dust or whatever that god game with Dust in the name was called but now you say it was an action game so it's probably not that.

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Sounds like Miasmata or Proteus. I watched both around the same time so its a blur.

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Fable 2. You're welcome.

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@sweep: I think maybe that's it. Still not 100% sure, though now I'm more convinced that whatever I'm thinking of doesn't exist and is just a mishmash as a result of dreaming, watching too many Quick Looks, and not getting enough sleep.

Thanks everybody!

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@mooseymcman: @gaff: Nope and nope. Thanks for the suggestions. I seriously think I dreamed the whole thing and now feel like a complete moron.

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Venetica. Note that I'm just throwing that out there, because I vaguely remember it taking place on the coast, and otherwise forget everything about that game.