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Sanitarium all the way! Never seen it before. but heard it was pretty moody.

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Crusader man!   I haven't played that in so long!

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I'm ashamed to say I played none of these. However, I've heard great things about Wing Commander, so I voted for that.

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I'll leave it to those who actually know what those games are. Also, eff yeah for Thursday. Don't got no schoolin' that day so I can watch it live.

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Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox Nox!!!

More people need to know about that game!

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I'm going to consider this poll closed Tuesday at 5PM PST so that I have some time to get a save game going. For this week I'd like to pick a game I know I can run without too much hassle. After I get some time to fool around with virtual environments I'll start breaking out the older classics.

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Clive Barker's Undying

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Any chance in the future for some more recent obscure PC games like King's Bounty?

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Baldur's Gate 2. That game is so highly regarded, I want to see what it's about.

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Yo play Evolva or Sacrifice. Play some weird shit from late era Interplay.

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edit: Oh its VIP, ok.

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Clive Barker's Undying. Need some horror.

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@snide: YES, I suggested Undying in the first usermade thread about this.

Undying is so crazy and great. Man, I hope that wins, but I know that BG2 probably will.

Thank you for putting this up, though. Keep on being awesome.

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No idea what it is, but I picked G because it has my name in it.

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Baldur's Gate 2 sounds like fun. It has my vote.

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I'm also for Clive Barker's Undying. I played that waaay back when, hell of an atmosphere and an actual decent horror story. Gameplay was Pc okay. For then.

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@snide: We've all seen Baldur's Gate 2 before, so save that for another time, do Temple of Elemental Evil, you know you want to.

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@snide: what time Thursday, or do you not know?, Never mind, i saw it on the front page.

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Celebrate Mark Hamil's 60th birthday (it was Sunday) with some Wing Commander III!

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But it's not random if we vote. I chose the undying, I haven't seen that game

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Temple of Elemental Evil of course. Everyone knows Baldur's Gate 2. Get your obscure Troika RPG on!

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Temple of Elemental Evil, since Arbitrary Water's spreading the fever around.

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Too many gaddum RPGs play a REAL MANS game like CRUSADER NO REMORSE

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I would love to see you play Grim Fandango, mostly because I fucking love Grim Fandango and more people should.

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Throw some System Shock 2 in there..!

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Leisure Suit Larry or a Space Quest please.

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Maybe some Dreamfall or The Longest Journey? The original KOTOR would be nice too.

Out of this list though, it's gotta be Sanitarium. I bought it recently from GoG and its been really drawing me in.

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The deck seems stacked toward "isometric RPG from the mid 90s-> early 00s". Not terribly random. Or maybe that's true randomness. Its so random it looks like a pattern.

But when you put all those games on a list with BG2, people who've never played any of those games skim and go "I will vote for the thing I've heard of and assume its better than the other things" which is unfortunate.

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I'd be down for ToEE only because I've never gotten past the first town. Game is brutal in the beginning.

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I would really like to see what the fuss is about with Wing Commander. In memory of Origin.

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BG2 is obviously the best game in there, but I'd like to see all of them at some point.

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Never even heard of half of these games.

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Well at least I've played half of this list in their entirety. I voted for Temple of Elemental Evil. Mostly because I've never played that. Clive Barker's Undying would be my second choice as it's Cthulhu-esque. I heard the beginning is creepy and then there's some crazy gun in the middle.

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Really? Baldur's Gate 2? I'm right in the process of playing it myself >< Finally dabbling with a Cleric/Ranger multi-class. A first timer for me.

I'd rather see ToEE - I have never touched that game.

EDIT: Also approve of Nox, that game is the reason I always capitalize the N and X to put more emphasize on Nox. It was a solid RPG that never got the attention it deserved, and developed by Westwood nonetheless!

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BG2 is probably the best game of the bunch, but I'd love to see Nox started back up and actually have some multiplayer matches (it's possible!). God I had so much fun with that.

Barring that, I'd rather see Wing Commander since that series slipped by me.

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@snide: Totally TOEE. Get some Troika love up in this piece.
Whatever is chosen, for the love of god please apply a widescreen patch if the game has it. The 3/4 of the screen being black in Daggerfall was soo lame.
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Baldur's Gate 2 is gonna be boooooring. Does ANYBODY REMEMBER how PAINFUL the intro dungeon is? That thing is like dullsville central. I mean I know we're on GiantBomb and all but come on, we've already done a giant RPG before why are you guys out to make it WORSE D:

Voted for Wing Commander 3 as it'd had the maximum fun value in the least time. Also because Wing Commander is a great silly game.

If I could see some other PC games it'd probably be weird stuff like Shivers 1 or 2, maybe 7th Guest in that regard. Just like 90's era PC CD adventure games. Alone in the Dark? Edward Carnby is that era's greatest action hero!

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I love Baldur's Gate 2, but unless you're fighting a dragon or fighting a bhaal spawn I'll be less interested.

Also, love the Crusader No Remorse love going on. Although, I played the sequel first.

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Heroes III.

I know its not on the list and I know its probably not much fun to watch someone play but I fucking love that game so DO IT.

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I voted for Crusader: No Remorse but if it has to be BG2, please spare us all of the starting dungeon and install the best mod for the game: Dungeon-Be-Gone! http://www.pocketplane.net/dbg

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Man, BG2 is totally going to win. Boo. Everyone should vote for Undying, it is far less known/played than WC3 or BG2. And still holds up for being crazy.

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Not to be too bossy, but I'd prefer you leave ToEE until next week. I have reasons.

Also consider this post a write-in vote for Master of Magic. Trouble is, a game in that always starts a little slow before all the volcano armageddons, flying invisible warships and unstoppable undead armies show up.

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In proper fashion, for those that have no idea what any of these games are, here is the box art to help you decide:

I want to see who really has the shiniest nose.
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Would love to see Nox. Everyone already knows what Baldur's Gate 2 is.

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I'm not a subscriber, so maybe what I say doesn't matter as much, but I'd be cool with any of these except BG2. Everyone has seen that. You and Vinny playing games shouldn't be about running through what's popular, it should be about tackling quirky cult favorites.

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Im trying to remember Nox. Is Nox the game where if rats huddle together they gain psychic powers?

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I voted Wing Commander 3 because I want to see some crazy 1990's FMV. Thanks for this segment, I really appreciate it, no matter what you decide to play.