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Everyone knows what games people play in the US and the UK for obvious reasons (English-focused forums, journalists, etc) but I'm curious what kind of games are being played in other places. I've travelled a bit and it's interesting to see how popular football manager and counter strike are in certain spots of Eastern Europe. Likewise I've heard anecdotal stuff about how simulators are big in Germany, mmos are big in korea, or adventure games are popular in Italy - but I don't know if all that is actually true.

I'd love to hear more about what games are being played, on what kinds of platforms in places like South America, Asia (not just Japan and Korea), or even Africa if anyone here can enlighten me.

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I'm in Korea, and yeah, MMOs and Starcraft, though these days the latter is losing some of its popularity to LoL and DotA. Street Fighter and Tekken are big as well and there's still a bit of an arcade scene in the bigger cities. The ubiquitous PC Bang (pc Internet cafe) is starting to lose favor as people realize that it's cheaper to just have a machine and a decent (try best in the world) connection at home. My 100 Mbit connection costs about $30 a month and includes a couple hundred TV channels.

The kids are playing a lot of mobile games, but mostly on Android. Samsung - as you can imagine - is very popular here, much more than Apple. (Why, I'll never know, since Samsung actually charges more for their products in their country of origin than elsewhere. Captive audience I guess. That and Koreans have this somewhat misguided tendency to believe that if something is expensive, it must be good.) When I say kids, I mean kids, I've taught third graders with nicer phones than my iPhone 3.

Consoles are minimally popular here, but slowly gaining. The PC has always ruled Korea, though if you look hard enough you can find the occasional Playstation Bang where you can sit down and play some Playstation games. This generation saw the lifting of an embargo (due to unresolved animosity between the two countries) on Japanese imports, so more games are making it here than ever. The Wii was the first Nintendo console to be released in Korea as far as I know.

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Non-UK/US? Alright, i'm in Canada. It's like the UK/US.

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Mexico get the same thing like the US , except change Madden for Fifa in popularity ... (also theres rampant piracy) Altho we dont get "official" realeases of games , we get the US version of them. Also anime is not seen as the enemy of videogames as it happens in these forums.

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Mexico get the same thing like the US , except change Madden for Fifa in popularity

I should have thought of that. Over here we switch Madden with NHL.

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I dont see any gaming popularity here. I live in Israel.

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In my corner of Canada I don't hear any video talk. The odd time I do it's people just talking about what ever the new mass market console thing is.