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As the title implies, which game--with signifcant flaws-- have you enjoyed the most? It might be a tough question, but personally i can think of quite a few games actually. Assassin's Creed for example is one of them. Its just as repetitive as it is beautiful and even though just about everything in the game is absurdly recycled throughout, i had to keep playing it just to see where the story was going and just for the sake of freerunning some more. Have you ever enjoyed a game despite its many, troublesome drawbacks?
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deadly premonition

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I have a feeling that you're going to get a lot of similar responses here....

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I was thinking Assassin's Creed too but then I realized that every game is repetetive.  
Soccer games, NFL, Tennis, FPS, Third Person Shooters, Racing, Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc etc. 
When it comes to flaws though, Beyond Good & Evil, Black and White 1 and 2(there were some) and the Fable games I really like a lot

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Bionic Commando. 
It's so, so flawed.

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That may be, but im still curious to know. Deadly premonition, i have never heard off.
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White Knight Chronicles

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Blood Rayne 2?

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Alpha Protocol

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The Godfater 1 and 2. Repetitive missions, terrible driving, bastardisation of a well-loved franchise.
But the gameplay. There's something visceral (no pun intended) about the action that I love about both games.

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What do you mean exactly? Are you meaning that evey shooter, sports game and racing game are doing little to distinguish themselves from one another these days? As for Assassin's Creed, it was very unique at the time, even though it had little in the way of variety.
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I have to agree, the meele combat (especially on PC) was brutal and entertaining as hell.
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I recommend the Vinny Jeff ER for your mental health if you decide to watch more of these.
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Fallout: New Vegas
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Does Fragile Dreams count? I hear people give the combat system some crap, but I found it to be OK (except for the completely counter-intuitive ranged weapons).

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Alpha Protocol.  Only because after some modding and tweaking it was a really solid game.  I can understand why people would hate it otherwise though.

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Superman 64 wasn't all that bad.

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Possibly Banjo Tooie, Which I've been replaying over the last week. There's some many cool ideas and so much crazy tech behind it that it's fascinating, but so many gameplay and structural design decisions are completely fucked that I can't actually consider it a "good" game.

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Fallout 3

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The first Spec Ops. You people are probably to young to remember that game.

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Mafia 2.

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Fallout 3

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 Haha! You mean besides the broken controls, moronic puzzles and maddening timelimits? Still, interesting pick! :D
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@Nux said:
" Fallout 3 "
That game wasn't really broken. It was a bit on the clunky side, and sometimes things would go wrong, but overall I found it to be a stable and enjoyable experience. 
Day one New Vegas on the other hand...
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I would also go ahead and add Dead Space (1) aswell. Boring main protagonist, lousy Zero-g segments and bland looking environments, thank godness Visceral games got rid of all of that in the sequel.
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XIII I guess.

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@extremeradical said:
" @Nux said:
" Fallout 3 "
That game wasn't really broken. It was a bit on the clunky side, and sometimes things would go wrong, but overall I found it to be a stable and enjoyable experience.  Day one New Vegas on the other hand... "
I had the exact opposite. Fallout 3 was literally crashing to desktop or causing my computer to lock up every 10-15 minutes, or it would start to work for longer but then just lock up at some random point in time. It was literally unplayable. Where as with New Vegas, I never had a single glitch or bug until I unlocked the underground bunker with the brother hood guys in it. Then my robot companion glitches and vanished until the raid on the dam at the end.
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Tenchu Z

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The Japanese version Tenchu for PS1 (with cheats-on). 
Besides the grappling hook mechanic (which allowed you to go virtually anywhere), I had so much fun messing with the stupid enemies AI. 
You could:  

  • shank a dude
  • drop a poisonous rice ball next to the body
  • when his buddy walks by, he'll go into full alert for JUST A SECOND, until he realizes that there is a tasty treat in the dirt next to the body and eats it. 
Sometimes, I'd do an old cartoon trick by making a trail of poisonous rice ball/sake.  Then I'd watch from the rooftops as a guard would eat/drink one,  fall down for a few seconds, get up, see the next one, and repeat the pattern.  I also had fun dropping bombs on guards, blowing them up, watch them go on alert for a second or two, and then go back to their posts with their heads on fire. 
Stupid North American release made the enemies all smarter. -_-
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I would have to say dead rising, there is so much wrong with the game but i still had alot of fun playing it
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Alpha Protocol is pretty fun if you look beyond the bugs and flaws, but I didn't really touch is after the first few missions.
Too Human too, I love looting and "dungeon"crawling, but the controls and some other things are proper silly.

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Too Human´s loot mechanic was practically ripped from Diablo and World of Warcraft, but it was still pretty fun i think.
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Mirror's Edge.  
I love the concept and, occasionally, the execution of that game.  But man does it have problems. 
King's Field 1 & 2
It's ugly, slow, and kind of boring.  But it was the first first-person role playing game I had ever played that was non-linear.  I like these games but only because of nostalgia.

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@Nux said:
" Fallout 3 "
Definitely, it was quite repetitive, had a lot of glitches and the early gameplay (level 1-10) made the player feel like he/she was going absolutely nowhere with impossible (at the time) quests, ammo crises, condition problems and armour problems. But it just felt great to play it for hours, to interact with a society on the edge in a post-apocalyptic landscape that was depressing, but had hilarious secrets.  
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Alpha Protocol

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I was gonna say Bionic Commando (2009 but that game isn't THAT flawed. I maintain that it is pretty good, in fact!

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I really enjoyed Undertow!    
I also have some fond memories of Fracture. I can remember going through the game thinking it was just horrible; but loving it all the same! The difficulty and lack of ammo just made more determined to finish it.

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Advent Rising, that game is really broken, gets bad frame rate when there is a ton of action, I even spawned at a check point BELOW the ground, so I would just keep falling and I had to start the level all over. But the gameplay was kinda cool and I really loved the story. The boss fight just felt really epic at that time, like a climax battle in a movie.
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Alone in the Dark (2008). As much as I hated certain aspects like driving, the voice acting, not so great character models. The inventory combination system and some what interesting plot held me until the end of the game. If they were to make a sequel, I would love to see a few changes but definitely keep the inventory system similiar 
And my first glance at the puzzle system was a big WTF moment, but I liked it

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Mirror's Edge definitely. This console generation has so far only given me a few games that I can't seem to stop replaying. That I'll look back on with misty nostalgia years from now. Mirror's Edge, despite it's many flaw, is one of them; along with GTA IV, Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Infamous. I've played through it probably 10 times now. 

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fallout 3

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I'd say Turok for the 360.

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I played a LOT of Fuzion Frenzy on the Xbox with my friends. It had a mini game called Roller Ruckus that we played non-stop. Not a great game but I had great fun with it!

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@Popskinz said:
" @Slaker117: 
That may be, but im still curious to know. Deadly premonition, i have never heard off. "
That's the one I thought was going to be spammed.
It looks like you're not too familiar with the site, why not get to know it?
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Deadly premonition, Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

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Assassin's Creed