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And why do they still not put this on the front page? Not everyone uses twitter or listens to the podcast. It would be nice if those people were kept informed too.

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A specially extended three-hour edition focusing on this week's new hotness: Aliens: Colonial Marines.

(They haven't actually mentioned it yet, probably haven't finalized their decision.)

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System Shock 2 Co-op? :o

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I would guess something weird or random, since there's no way in hell they'll be playing Aliens this week.

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Its time to break out those Famicom games.

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More Xcom...

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Bomberman 94

why the fuck not! There are so many great games out there they haven´t played on TNT yet. I also would like to see Magicka versus or coop. Just don´t repeat old games you´ve played a hundred times before.

Edit: Ugh, ´94 is the one with the creature-riding? Then the one before that!

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I don't know, so I'm going to make the decision for them. It's TrackMania 2.

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I don't know, so I'm going to make the decision for them. It's TrackMania 2.


Hells yeah.

Seriously though, I'd imagine it's either Aliens or Dead Space, now that people have had the opportunity to play the game for themselves so spoilers don't get out on dem interwebs.

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My money is on the fat stack of Atari games Ryan had in ILM

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Ryan seemed intrigued by Omerta: City of Gangsters, so maybe that'll make an appearance... I'm not convinced it could carry the whole show, though. In one of the quick looks this week, Brad again voiced his desire for a Magicka TNT.

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If the mods let me do my own TNT/Unprofessional Friday, again, I'll gladly play some hot shit with you guys.

I hope they play Uno for three hours.

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It's going to be a readoff.

Jeff is going to read Space Jam (starting from the beginning), Brad is going to read a Dead Space novel, Ryan is going to read one of the poorer Star Wars novels, Vinny is going to describe for us how this is, truly, the Age of Dragons.

Dave and Drew will be sitting in the background looking at each other despondently. We should be able to infer such things as "What has my life become." or "I could really go for a sandwich right now." just by looking at their faces.

At the end, a Poll will show up, and we'll get to decide who had the best reading. They will the be dubbed KING OF BOMB. They'll get a scepter -- presented at the beginning of Unprofessional Friday, of course.

I'm excited.