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After all the hardcore, sleepless redbull indulged gaming sessions you've had over the past years or even decades, WHAT character(s) has stood out to you the most in terms of design (The Way they look).

Which ones have been your favorites?

This is defiantly my favorite character design overall, I just love the way it? she looks, the way her arms and legs showcase some robot, i just love this design. I even went as far as buying 2 figures of it her. Which, let’s be honest buying figures is pretty dumb. But i even took it further and bought fucking Labrys (Persona 4 Arena) since they were similar in design. FUCK

Aigis From Persona 3

I've enjoyed the past iteration of The Master Chief (CE,2,3) but Halo 4's just takes his design over the top, there are some Images that examine every inch of his armor and reveal some interesting tidbits. I very much enjoy his design. Really cannot wait for DAT High Res Master Chief in 2014.

Master Cheif, Halo 4


Honorable Mention

My Favorite Best Dressed Video Game Character

I really like the way Alan Wake looks, NO One ELSE in video games can pull of a zip up black hoodie WITH a Tweed Blazer WITH FUCKING Elbow PATCHES

Alan Wake from Alan Wake

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I've really liked these character designs. They we're all individually unique to their own settings.

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zeno clash and zeno clash 2? if you wanna be specific... Xotl-Teh, I really like the Mantra Whisperers, and Tutterja.

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@bigjeffrey: God Alan Wake. Who the hell thought that layering tweed was a good idea. And only now do I notice that the fact that Booker is wearing a belt is an unjustifiable anachronism. Corvo from Dishonored is an untailored mess.

Now let's talk Deus Ex: Human Revolution. How David Sarif's look will woop the runway.
And then, I don't know, I'm liking how everyone in Watch_Dogs is a trendy fashion conscious urbanite apparently.
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I'm too lazy to dig out pictures so I'll just give a list.

  • Corvo (Dishonored)
  • Old Snake (MGS4)
  • Brotherhood of Steel Members (Fallout)
  • Yasha (Asura's Wrath)
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Nailed the look, lots of detail. Just an excellent model all round. Most of my other favourites have aged too much.

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Tough question, but here are some that comes to mind...

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As much shit as the game itself gets, to this day DMC2 Dante is my favorite. Something about the way the coat and vest merge is so unique and cool. Also, I prefer this more mature look for him.
I'm pretty sure this is an homage to one of Bruce Lee's disguises in game of death, and that's bad ass.

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I like how he sort of looks like a Tusken Raider. Built to last out in the desert.

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Off the top of my head I can think of three.

So cheesy and good and the artwork in the first game was just great. He looked hella Duke Nukem in some shots which I also enjoyed.
This was Mega Man's design from the scrapped Mega Man Legends 3 and is, along with classic Mega Man, my favorite Mega Man design. Mega Man!
Not much of a character, but as far as Mecha are concerned there are none I like better.

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I love me some robots. So I think I should highlight the first robot I fell in love with.

I love Zero so fucking much.

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(I won't include the designs of the Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus otherwise I'd be listing off all of them. Also it could be argued that they're not really characters, but rather obstacles)

I could easily list of a whole lot more, but most of them have already been mentioned. Man, there's a lot of cool character designs when you think about it.

Artorias of the Abyss is probably my favourite. His armour looks cool enough as it is, but the battle-worn look of it in the Dark Souls dlc is even better. I love the art direction in Dark Souls, and this character design is one of many that convey the bleakness of the world.

My runner-up. Another really cool design, in my opinion. I much prefer it over Raiden's designs. It's got an air of subtlety to it, without sacrificing the shear look of, "I'm powerful".

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I was just thinking before how much I like the design of the Castle Crashers characters.

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@w1ck3d: I'm really digging the Witcher 3 Geralt, BEARD!!

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I really like the look of these dudes

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Flareon of course ----->

But the pervert in me...

Blackrose. I just like tan women and thighs. So what.

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Way to many to say but one I always liked a lot is Street Fighter´s Cammy

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Black Knight - FE

Steiner - FFIX

Garrus - ME

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Oxameter from Zeno Clash

The flowers in his pockets is a nice touch.

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I really like Zaeed from Mass Effect. Just a very cool look, and he is so damn grizzled.

The Mechanized Patriots from Bioshock Infinite are also very cool designs. I love all of the versions, but the George Washington one stands out just because I think it actually comes up for in the game. I could be wrong on that, I just remember it more vividly. Either way, I love all of the enemies in Bioshock games, but I think my favorite my be this guy.

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Oh, thought of another one.

So sorry I let you die, Onion Dude. T_T

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Bad Girl is one of my all time favorites. Psychotic Killer hidden behind the beauty of a young girl. If you want a more general answer basically everything Suda 51 makes. His visual design stuff just is right up my alley. So everything he does really.

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I don't spend much time thinking about it, but some of the concept art for Eldigan looks fucking badass and noble.

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For as much as I hate the game, I've always liked Leon's RE6 design during the Tall Oak chapters.

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I adore the way a lot of the Mega Man characters look. I really, really like the version in the upcoming Smash Bros.

Also, Momohime from Muramasa looks wonderful.

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@aegon: You get bonus points for bringing up Stocke. He's easily one of the coolest protagonists that I've played with in a long time.

Jehuty might be cool, but Anubis is THAT mecha! I loved its design as a kid and I still love it to this day.

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I really cannot stand most character design, as the popular trend seems to be over designing them into the ground

With that said, here are a few of my favorites

Really love Edmund Mcmillens simple/childlike artstyle

Gravity Rush had some GREAT art/character design. Reminded me a lot of a Studio Ghibli production (I just wish the story lived up to that as well).

Great caricatures of existing character archetypes
How could you not like the character design in this game? The characters are very cartoonish, yet the world is very dark and brooding. I really appreciate that contrast

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@mcghee: He either dies fighting in Lost Izalith or goes hollow in Ash Lake. Like so many other characters in Dark Souls he seems destined to meet a tragic end. Hell, saving him leaves him feeling defeated and inferior and causes him to give up on adventuring. So yeah, he either dies or you're an asshole.

My favorite version of Ocelot

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@iburningstar: I remember someone saying is was because he finally found someone good enough to carry on his adventuring, but maybe that was just someone putting a positive spin on it.

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I just love love love the way he looks moving through the world
As um..... weird as the SC story has gotten, still love Zeratul

I am sure I am forgetting some, especially from indie games, but it's like 4am

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It's simple, but I always liked how the Necromancer from Diablo 2 looked.

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Character design is generally kind of a big deal to me, and as such I have a lot of designs I've really liked over the years. Just from this thread alone I think that John Marston, Artorias and Momohime have amazing designs for their respective games. And the TF2 crew are a work of design genius.

But if we are gonna talk two that have really stuck around in my mind for a very long time, then they would both be from Final Fantasy.

The Black Mages, or rather Vivi from FF IX


Auron from FF X

Are they both cases of rampant overdesign and general ridiculousness? I'd say yes, and that is also the reason I generally don't like the look of a lot of FF characters. But these two struck my younger eyes and mind hard, so I can't help but be attached to them. Outside of that, I think these two are some of the ones in the franchise that pull off their colors and thematic design the best. Auron definitely give off the hardened monk warrior and Vivi is the adorable naive enigma.

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God, I don't even know where to start. Prince of Persia 2008 looked pretty cool. Elizabeth in Bioshock Infinite. I liked Lightning's design in Final Fantasy XIII but they screwed that one up a game later, what with the dumb looking armor and all. The P3P female protagonist is all right (she looks less like an emo dork than the male protagonist). I like Fire Emblem Awakening's character design.

Honestly, character designs haven't often appealed to me that much. Someone in this thread said that modern characters are often overdesigned, and I think that's true. There's a point where you don't need to add more stuff to their outfits. How do some of these people get dressed in the morning? I also don't personally have much of a visual style or fashion sense whatsoever (this t-shirt and these jeans fit and look clean and smooth, I'm fine), so maybe that translates into not really paying much attention to how characters look. Then again, I also sometimes go out of my way to find armor that looks cool in RPG's and such, so maybe I have to put some work into it in order to care.

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I don't really know why, but I REALLY like the way FeMC looks from the PSP version of Persona 3. I would love to have a well-drawn, artistic rendition of her to hang on my wall somewhere. Atlus does a pretty good job with character design overall, but I don't like any design more than this one.

I was tempted to also say Kat from Gravity Rush, but I think the aesthetic of that game overall more than her actual character design. I'm sure there are more; none are coming to mind at this exact moment. The same goes for Valkyria Chronicles, as I just like the artstyle from that game.

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Already posted, but ^

Oh and this!

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All Awesome designs.

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