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I've picked my next gen system. I've paid for it in full and I'm counting down the days. But I haven't pre ordered any games. I'm sure the games will be plentiful at the store. When you get your new system your really only going to have time to get into a game or two at the same time, everything else can wait.

Watch_Dogs is for sure my next gen gateway drug. After that there is room for one more and I can't decide. Call of Duty, Assassins creed, Battlefield they are all solid franchise and I've played all the previous games.

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I'm getting Forza 5 and Dead Rising 3 at launch for One and Killzone for PS4. Plus whatever multiplatform games I don't get for PC this autumn.

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Next gen is not doing anything for me. Probably going to get Watchdogs on PC though. So I guess that?

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Battlefield 4, Forza 5 and Watch_Dogs probably.

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The closer we get the more I'm thinking of canceling my pre-orders (I currently have both pre-ordered) and just waiting until a game comes out I actually want. I'd probably end up buying Dead Rising 3 for Xbox One and uh...I dunno for PS4. Nothing is really blowing my skirt up just yet, and I figure by the time a killer game releases it'll be easy enough to just walk into a Best Buy and pick one up.

Anything else I want I can just get on PC.

So to answer your question - Dead Rising 3 is winner by default!

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Damn I forgot about DR3. I'm tempted to swap my Watch_Dogs pre-order for that.

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Battlefield, surprisingly. But Infamous is the game I really want a PS4 for.

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I know it's not exactly what you're asking, but I'm not planning on purchasing either of those consoles; I'll probably get a 770, maybe a 780 by the end of the year though. Judging by how wonderful Hard Reset was, I'd say Shadow Warrior will be a good thing to play after I get a new graphics card.

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I really liked Dead Rising 1. Hell, it's tiny font was the reason I bought an HD TV. But, Dead Rising 2 didn't do anything for me. Dead Rising 3 is on a wait and see list.

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I can't say yet...

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If I end up getting a PS4 close enough to launch, I'll probably pick up the full version of Drive Club and Knack if it reviews alright. Most of the games I'm really excited about right now that will be coming are on PC, or in the case of GT6, PS3 exclusive for the time being. Looks like a really boring year for shooters to me: Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Call of Duty: Ghooooooooosts, though ArmA III should have its final release and that should make up for it. If Sony announced a few more games at TGS like it seems like they're planning to, then they might win me over to buy at launch.

If I was getting an Xbox One, I'd absolutely be buying Forza 5 (Forza 4 was/is worth $500 to me), but personally, I also think all of the other launch games for Microsoft look entirely uninteresting (Dead Rising 3, hope I'm wrong on that since I enjoyed Dead Rising 2) or downright bad (Ryse, LocoCycle, Killer Instinct). That console's going to have to drop close to $300 before I really consider getting one.

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Dead Rising 3, BF4, Waiting on a surprise announcement for gamescom.

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watch dogs here and maybe some more games

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I preordered a PS4 without games. It's more of a placeholder in case there are system shortages when I actually want a next gen game. Depending on the reviews I may pick up Watch Dogs or Killzone, but I would immediately buy any of the indies Sony has announced if they are launch games.

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Battlefield 4. Then likely Need for Speed Rivals. Also looking forward to trying out Planetside 2, which should release in the launch window as well. Watch Dogs and especially Black Flag look great too, but Ubisoft's games usually don't resonate with me for some reason I can't quite pinpoint (too French?!). However, You Are A Pirate! How can I say no to that?

As an outspoken Killzone hater (only played the second one, and I never made it to the end - god I hated that game), even I've got to admit that Shadow Fall looks cool and a lot more open than I expected - kinda in the vein of the first Crysis. Aside from all the NPC clones, all its demos so far looked quite awesome, especially thanks to rich movement repertoire (like running up a wall and grabbing a ledge/zip lining with the owl). The whole *Berlin Wall*-type setting sure is promising.

Then there's Drive Club, which at least partially comes free with PS+. I'm sure to give that a whirl too. Long story short, there's only so much time for playing games, and Battlefield 4 will fill that space for certain. Battlefield 4 is my definite answer.

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I'll probably be picking up Watch_Dogs, Killzone and ACIV when I get my PS4. I'll also be getting Battlefield, but on PC.

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I preordered Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, and Ryse for now.

Its very likely those are the only retail games I'm getting this generation.

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With the new games being announced for current consoles and the lack of launch titles that do anything for me, I'm creeping closer and closer to cancelling my PS4 preorder.

So I guess Disgea D2 and The Guided Fate Paradox are the two "launch window" games that I'm really looking forward to.

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I pre-ordered Killzone, Dead Rising 3, Forza, and Watch Dogs. I am doing BF4 on PC.

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I probably won't buy anything at launch but Transistor and Sunset Overdrive are looking pretty good.

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As of now my launch day with the PS4 is: Watchdogs, Battlefield 4, DriveClub PS+, and DC Universe Online.

I'm debating Assassin's Creed and Killzone, might wait until reviews.

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Oh man, realizing everything that will be available at launch is just making me weep a little inside at how broke I'll be come November. Definitely will pick up Battlefield 4 and Watch_Dogs (somewhat considering Ghosts as well). As for exclusives, I am anxious to see what else is announced for XONE on the indie side considering the recent switch and some devs appreciating it greatly.

On the exclusive side, I'm definitely picking up Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

BUT I most likely WON'T be getting this all at once.

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Need for Speed: Rivals. It looks like Hot Pursuit, and I fucking loved me some Hot Pursuit. A prettier version of that sounds real nice

Begrudgingly, AC4. The expanded on the one truly great thing about AC 4, so how could I not want it. I couldn't give less of a shit about the fiction, but captaining a pirate ship was the bees knees

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Forza 5. . .

Each year I say "I am NOT going to buy the new Assassin's Creed" and I end up doing it. So I will most likely buy it again this year.

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I think Knack looks pretty cool, but I want to see some reviews first. I don't really get what's so cool about Watch Dogs, and I felt pretty burned by AC3 and a lot of the things Ubisoft has been up to lately, so I probably will not be getting that.

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I'm starting to think I may just try and ebay my ps4. There really aren't any actual next gen games coming out for a while.

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Getting Forza 5 and NBA2K14

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I'm starting to think I may just try and ebay my ps4. There really aren't any actual next gen games coming out for a while.

Didnt PS3s go for some insane price when they first ran out?

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XONE: Dead Rising 3, Need For Speed: Rivals

PS4: Assassin's Creed IV, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Battlefield 4

NBA Live 14, FIFA 14, Killer Instinct, Battlefield 4 (XONE), Call of Duty: Ghosts; a little ways after launch

Maybe a Gamescom surprise somewhere in the middle. Watchdogs, whenever.

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I'm probably gonna pick up Battlefield 4 or Watch Dogs.

But you know what? If GTA V gets announced for next gen I'm jumping onto that in a heartbeat.

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So far only Killzone (I pray to God this game isn't going to disappoint me). If I end up getting an X1as well, then Forza all the way!

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I know Drive Club because of PS+, but maybe Watch_Dogs too?

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Nothing is a system seller for me yet.

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Ryse: Son of Rome

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PS4: I will give Knack my money at launch since it is designed by the system's architect, so it has to be good, right?

Also Watch_Dogs is a must buy for me.

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Forza 5 and CoD Ghosts already purchased. Gotta get Watch_Dogs too but for some reason I can't remember when that game is due to be released. BF4 too at some point as friends are wanting to play that.

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If I have enough money for launch, I'd pick up Forza, Battlefield and Killer Instinct. Dead Rising 3 and Ryse are uncertainties for me at this point, while Watch Dogs and AC4 will probably have to wait. Chances are I'll still be playing GTA V (plus other current gen games) instead of buying one at launch though.

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I'm picking up an Xbox One with Battlefield 4, Dead Rising 3 and Forza 5. I'm going to wait on Ryse and KI (or at least will play the free character for KI). I'll probably end up getting Watch Dogs but I don't know if that will be Day One with the console.

I'm going to wait on the PS4 as the only launch day exclusive I want is Killzone: Shadow Fall. Hopefully there will be a bundle for InFamous: Second Son in the Spring.

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Battlefield 4 and Watch_Dogs are the games I'm picking up with my PS4.

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Infamous:second son or/and Killzone probably.

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@donfonzie: InFamous won't be out until Spring :(

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Watch(underscore)Dogs, Knack and maybe Killzone if it is good.

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Crysis 3 maxed out on a GTX 770

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Finally saw some Watch_Dog demos, i'll try to get that one as well.

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Killzone, and if the multi-gen games are out day one then ima get those as well.

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Watch_Dogs and Killzone: Shadow Fall for at least when I go to pick up my console on day one.