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So I was just playing Dark Souls and the power suddenly went out, I didn't think much of it until I started the game again and it said my save was corrupted and thus I lost 10 characters worth 400 to 500 hours or more. It's not a huge deal since I was only a few hours into the new character but it sucks losing all the other characters.

That is the only save horror story that stands out in recent memory but I remember saving on my NES was a gamble since every once in a while the cartridge wouldn't save.

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I lost a level 100 Typhlosion in Pokemon Silver to a depleted save battery. However, he still lives on....as an opponent to fight in Pokemon Crystal.

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I let my bro have a go on my dark souls dude cause he wanted to check out the game, 1st thing he did was attack the black smith! The bastard I guess he wasn't to know. That was only about 10 hours tho so not too bad. Worst thing I ever lost was about 5 years worth of my own music that I'd made on cubase due to a harddrive failure, that was tough.

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I played Persona 3 Fes for like 80 hours and was about 2-3 short of the end of the game when my ps3 died on me and ate the disk at the same time. Took $300 for Sony to "fix" it for me - I think they just gave me a new PS3 - and all my saves were gone. Was too upset to even bother with playing it again or youtubeing it.

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@sarcasticmudcrab: Oh ya. Never thought about outside of game stuff. I too lost my music collection. I was formatting my hard drive to do a clean install of windows and forgot that I had my music on that drive and not on my back up. It's not some massive collection like some people have, but for someone like me who isn't really into music all that much, and can't remember the name of a group or song to save his life, it took me a loooong time to get my little collection of 300+ songs. Haven't had the energy to try and build it up since. And this was 4-5 years ago.

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Losing about 50 hours worth of Plants Vs. Zombies (including a huge tree).

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On Borderlands 1 I quit back to the dashboard before dropping back to the main menu and lost my level 65 soldier just before the DLC came out.

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I was on the 4th disc (of 4) in Legend of Dragoon for the PS1, probably about 60 hours in. I came home from school and turned on my PS1 to load up my save only to see that there was no save on the memory card. I figured it must have got switched out by my brother and tried my other memory cards. All of them had the same message: No save could be found. Turns out my 4-year old brother had figured out how to get to the memory card management screen and deleted my save. I don't have a brother anymore.

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Virtue's Last Reward. 22 hours in. Saved in the PEC. Fuck me.

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Like Crusader, my first PS3 and its hard drive are fucked. That's a lot of years of saves.

If you're invested in your PS3 gaming at all, make those backups on the regular. Get that PSN+. I would literally rather sell half my PS3 game collection than muck about with making all that progress again. Glad I don't care about my trophies.

Like BeachThunder, I also lost a lot of PvZ progress thanks to bad Steam Cloud syncing. Tried my damnedest to get it sorted. Left a bad recommendation. Not sure why I was so mad at the time. Now I just have it on iOS. Way better.

Also physically lost my iPod touch with some pretty deep progress in a few games, like in 10,000,000. Those don't transfer/backup either.

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Lost save data for my Diablo play through on PSOne. Had 3 chars there, thought I was gonna cry. That's why you should keep your char saves on different memory card.

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When I was 7, I had just finished Pokemon Red.

Then the battery in the cart died. Complete wipe, couldn't ever hold a save again. Pour one out for 7 year old me.

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When I was young, a friend was over at my house playing Destiny of an Emperor on NES. I was playing around on a chair and my friend was telling me to be careful. I tipped over too far and hit the console causing it to mess up and his save got erased. I felt so bad about it.

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Resident Evil 5 got corrupted when I only needed 1 more figure to get the Platinum (I also had all the weapons with unlimited ammo). That was painful. However, I loved the game and so I went through it again and collected all the figures.

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When I was younger, my friends and I always traded stuff (Usually Pokemon or Yugioh related) with each other. On one such occasion I traded my friend my Pokemon Emerald for something (can't remember what it was). As soon as I handed him the cartridge I realized I still had my level 90 something Suicune I got from Colosseum. I practically begged him to just let me see the cartridge for a few minutes so I could trade it over (we had the link cables and everything...) but he kept refusing, and started a new game and saved right in front of my fucking face. He offered to compensate me with his shitty Action Replay device but I told him to fuck off.

While we're on the subject of Pokemon, I also had an interesting experience trading stuff between my LeafGreen and FireRed. When I traded something over, the game simply refused to stop loading and I was stuck on the trade screen. For whatever reason I decided to unplug the link cable, and it completely fucked my Leafgreen save... The Pokemon Center was all jacked up and I could play as Nurse Joy. I couldn't leave the Pokemon Center and hardly do anything except walk around in a tiny area and all the pause menu stuff. At the time I was devastated for losing all my hard earned Pokemon, but in hindsight I think it's pretty hilarious.

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@afabs515 said:

Virtue's Last Reward. 22 hours in. Saved in the PEC. Fuck me.

You lucky bastard. I was 28 hours in and wrapping up the last "secondary" ending, on my way to the last big moment. The worst part is, I knew the game was fucked and I had to be very careful when to save... and my save just got busted to a random glitch that wasn't mentioned anywhere.

Other mentions being losing my entire save file for Pokemon Red (including a level 100 Blastoise) because some random guy wanted to trade to get all 3 starters. I remember my brother and I cried so much that day. Also, I lost a 30-ish FF7 save-file as a kid to a game that insisted on formatting my memory card. In that case... I FUCKED that disc UP ! The game in question never worked after that. (It was a crappy game I don't remember anyway)

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When I was playing Soul Reaver 2 had just completed the final puzzle and was heading up to do the final switch that lowers the water so I could climb up to get the final cutscene. Well for whatever stupid reason the water had risen up over the top platform which was where the final switch was located. Needless to say I could not complete the puzzle cause the switch required me to be on the ground and not swimming. And as I had just recently saved and there was no options in that game for having multiple saves I could not revert to a previous save and to the puzzle again. Was so pissed I never played any of the other Legacy of Kain games.

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My worst lost save corrupted moment happened a year or two back and i was in the thick of it in quite a few rpgs on the ps3. 90+ hours in dark souls and 20+ in skyrim along with a handful of other games. I ended up playing and liking DC universe and sinking quite a few hours into it. Well on a normal night of DC playing this weird bug would happen where the screen would flicker black and i could not turn the system off or do anything on the ps3. I had to do a hard shutdown, and i blew it off as the game freezing. Jumped on again and it happened an hour later but this time hard shut down was not doing the trick. With no other option that i knew of at the time i switch the power off from the back.

Big mistake, as Dc being a online which saves quite often my whole harddrive ended up being corrupted. Nothing would show up on the ps3 and i was left with formatting the harddrive and losing all data on the harddrive. Would have been pretty soul crushing but i did have a saving grace, as i recently upgraded the harddrive and still had the old one with all the data. So i tranfered that data over to a new drive and got most of my games and saves back. Not all was well because their was a gap of games that was not on the old drive like the rpgs i got lost in for a few months like dark souls and skyrim. So those 100+ hours are gone along with any other game i don't remember playing in that time frame. Toke me awhile to get over that one.

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Croc on the PS1. I didn't have a memory card so I had to rely on the password system and I had a piece of paper full of all these passwords of my progress. I had gotten to the last world and it was a challenge for me (9 year old me) I had also collected a fair amount of collectibles as well. One day I come home from school only to find my mum had thrown away that piece of paper. Super bummed out.

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Took me like 60 or 65 hours to get to the final boss in FFIX. Gave it a few goes, and couldn't beat it. So I decided to try start a new game to mess around with before coming back to the final boss. Out of habit, saved in the first slot on the memory card and wiped that data. I was like 8 or 9 at the time, so I was super bummed. Managed to eventually beat the game though, only FF I ever finished (got super close with 7, 10, and 12).

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Probably Yakuza 3 with about 40 hours of playtime that I lost when my 60GB PS3 died.. I have wanted to return to it, but I just don't have it in me.

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Losing a very treasured (pun intented) Treasures of the Deep savefile for Playstation One cause a sibling overwrote over it.
Losing a 400 hr. Dark Cloud 2 savefile cause a sibling overwrote over it :(
Losing my PSP and all savefiles associated with it!

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Lost my Morrowind character because I was too stupid to make more than one save for my single character. I spent countless hours on that game and it crashed on me during a save. Lesson learned! Make multiple saves people.

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Dark Souls, about halfway through.

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Lost my 100 hour skyrim character when I realized I hadn't done a separate manual save in about 80 hours and there was only one quick-save slot.

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FF7. I don't remember how far I'd gotten, maybe half-way through disc 2? It was far enough for me to learn my lesson.

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Deleted an FF7 file like 15 hours in or so, not really that big of a deal in retrospect.

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One day while in a drug addled stupor (just had my wisdom teeth pulled) I stupidly decided to recover my 360 gamertag rather than copy it from the memory stick. All of my game saves were gone: 100 plus hours of Fallout 3, Burnout Paradise (I only had 2 more gates to crash and a handful of races for Elite License), Mass Effect lvl 60 renegade with all side quests and completed the game with all classes for their bonuses, Dead Rising lvl 50 with Mega Buster and quite a few other saves.

I sat and stared blankly at the dashboard for a good 20 minutes and realized it was all my mistake and could have easily been avoided. I'm so dumb.

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I dropped a Game Boy and erased my friend's Pokemon Blue save.

I felt terrible.

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I had an internet error while trying to recover my Xbox 360 profile once, and every save on my console disassociated themselves from my account all at once. None of them ever worked again. I was most of the way through more than a hundred games.

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Just had it. Battlefield 4 crashed when I started it and corrupted my data. I lost about 5 hours of campaign mode.

Looking online, the PS4 seems to be lousy with corrupt files. Hell, mine happened not 10 minutes after the GB guys had theirs corrupted on the live stream.

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I took a stupid amount of time once to try to craft the "Ultimate" FF7 save trying to catalogue every item in my inventory ,everyone maxed out ect... I had way over 100 hours into it and well.. I ended saving over it with a new game where I was tinkering around with some other stuff. I was pissed.

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This year, I was playing Persona 3 on the PS3 and lost all my progress. I was probably 55 hours into it and when I went to load up my save, it was just gone. I then spent the next three days going through the game as fast as I could on easy so I could get back to where I was. I still like the game a lot, but it definitely took some of the enjoyment away.

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Viewtiful Joe 2 Demo on the PSM demo disc. Damn thing erased hundreds of hours of gameplay in one fell swoop.

Never trust demo discs, folks.

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Persona 2 Innocent Sin for the PSP ... 12 hours in after a really tedious dungeon about some mirrow stuff that had you trapped in it or something... I guess I'll never finish that game I don't know, it has a strong start but I don't want to repeat that dungeon again.

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I was pretty close to finishing Chrono Trigger on the DS but the cartridge broke for no reason... I don't think I'll ever finish that game now.

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Metal Gear Solid 3 on the PS2, I was only a few hours in but it crashed massively and somehow the game wouldn't save to the memory card, even though I deleted the corrupted save and everything associated with it. Had to buy a brand new memory card just to play the game (worth it in the long run, though, because I ended up filling up almost 3 memory cards by the end of my PS2 era).

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On Arkham Asylum I was on the very last boss. I died 3 times, decided to take a break, came back a few days later and save was corrupt. All was lost. FUCK YOU GFWL I'M GLAD YOU'RE DYING.

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my ps3 fat ate crap so now I got a ss my saves are lost got to start over on all my games crap!

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I don't really think i've ever had a crushing corrupt save or lost save or anything like that. I mean i've had it happen, but its never been a big deal.

I THINK maybe the worst was my N64 Rogue Squad save that had everything unlocked and almost every missioned gold starred or whatever ranking system they used. That game was amazing btw.

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I'm going to echo FF7. I had a less than ideal third party memory card, and I had finished the entire game. Literally did everything one could do in that game, got all the summons, beat all the Weapons, got all the ultimate weapons and final limit breaks for all the characters, and had everyone at level 99. Ribbons, everything. Grinded out that game for at least 100 hours when I was still in school. Then the damn thing got corrupted, and I was devastated.

I threw the damn thing against a wall. It cracked, but still worked. Figures.

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Pokemon Blue 40+ hours was in the middle of the victory road cave, tried to save and my batteries died. I was 7 or 8 at the time, I cried. :(

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I had a Goldeneye save where I had unlocked all the cheats and 007 mode. I let a friend use a gameshark to mess around with in multiplayer and it corrupted all the single-player data.

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I'm not sure if it's the worst, but it sucked to me. I was playing Super Metroid, and got to (probably) the last two hours of it, and I accidentally tapped the SNES; the system froze, so I reset it and there were no saves, so I had to start it all over again. I didn't.

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I did all 100 taxi fares in Vice City in one go, without saving. This was the night that the Northeast got hit by that massive blackout...

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Losing my pokemon sapphire just when I was at the last boss... Pretty sure a "friend" stole it.

My cousins deleted a bunch of saves from a memory card that me and my brother shared on the PS2. Pretty sure he lost a lot of time in Gran Turismo and Socom,

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Lost ALL my DS games on a trip to Disney World years ago, I was super sad. Lost Pokemon Pearl, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario 64, Brain Age which I played like every day for 3 or so years, ugh, it was depressing. And to rebuy all the games I lost would be way more than I'm willing to pay still.

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This has only happened to me once. My little sister erased my FFVIII save as vengeance for breaking something of hers. I cried.

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Just lost a large HDD with about 200 saves on it, some are saved in steam cloud but am down probably about 150 or so save files, so that sucked just more time for dota now i guess.