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System Shock 3

This was my first choice, too.

After that, I'd say Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning. The game had problems but the core action was a lot fun. I think a tighter sequel with some sharper graphics could have elevated the franchise to higher acclaim.

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Well I'll never say never. If you had told me a couple years ago we'd be getting a sequel to Wasteland or a new Shadowrun game then I would have laughed at you. Now there's a pretty good chance both of those games will hit next year. If there is any game series I'd say I want to come back it would be Ultima. And I don't mean a F2P game. I mean a full fledged Single Player Ultima game made by Richard Garriot released on the PC for full price. Ultima was once a great name in gaming, and now we get a half-hearted attempt to cash in on fan memories with a stupid F2P remake of IV. Why couldn't we have a remake of IV with a $40 million budget and developed by one of EA's big RPG studios? Something with the same compelling features just with modernized gameplay. I would have paid good money for that.

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I wish Super Mario Wacky's Worlds was made.

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Dungeon Keeper 3 Man I want that game.

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@Hizang said:

Conkers Bad Fur Day, still praying. If they announce a sequel to it I will buy the next 360 in a heartbeat.


Also, a 'true' sequel to KOTOR and Darksiders III - though, given the disappointing sales of II, that's pretty unlikely to happen.

A shame really, because where II featured an improved lead character, and the gameplay was more interesting, the world felt less developed than the original. It ended up feeling more like a side-story than a fully-fledged sequel.

At this point, and given the ending to 2, which was essentially just a retread of the first, all anybody wants is for the third to pick up with all the Horsemen thundering to Earth to kick some angelic ass.

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Online multiplayer, oh how I wish

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Another Legacy of Kain game.

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Shenmue 3 and Split/Second 2

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Megaman Legends 3.

If it came out, I could begin to heal.

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L.A. Noire for me

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Psi Ops 2!

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Freedom Fighters 2

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Freedom Fighters

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Dungeon Keeper 3 *sob*

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Alpha Protocol 2: Beta Protocol. I'd really love to see a game that interesting done with a much higher level of polish.

Absolutely! It's actually super disappointing that more games haven't cherry picked that game's good features.

For me it'd have to be Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines. Another very awesome, very broken game that will sadly never see another installment. It was Dues Ex meets Buffy!
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Brute force

I really did enjoy this game and third person shooter with squads really are my thing now. Hell I’d even be ok if they did a HD release.

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Nier 2

though really it would be a prequel detailing what happened with the red eyed legion in Jerusalem, but still

There already is a prequel. It's Drakengard.

Has Psychonauts been said? My vote goes for Psychonauts. It even ends on a cliffhanger.
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Viva Pinata 3

and Nuts and Bolts 2.

I think we will get another Banjo game, but i don't think it will be like Nuts and Bolts. The thing about both games is that they were marketed as kids games, but they were actually really complex, i couldn't see a kid picking up and playing either of them. I feel they should have made a traditional Banjo game first then make Nuts and Bolts after that.

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freedom fighters 2

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Streets of Rage 4 :-(

....oh and whilst we're on the subject of Sega - OUTRUN 3.

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G Police. The second one kind of blew but the first was a firm favourite of mine for that generation.

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Diablo 3.

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No One Lives Forever 3.

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Star Wars: Battlefront 3. We came so close but it seems to have completely disappeared. I loved the massive space battles in 2 and it was just so much fun having a Jedi death match. Oh man I miss Battlefront II on my PS2 like crazy.

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Condemned 3. I die a little bit inside every time I think about it.

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Godhand 2