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Poll: What should I play next? (68 votes)

Dishonored 26%
Metro 2033 21%
Dark Souls 31%
Vampire: The Masquerade 3%
Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth 3%
Jade Empire 12%
Penny Arcade 3: OTRSPOD 4%

Just finished up Bioshock Infinite and the Witcher 2. Got some free time coming up and was looking at my Steam games list for what to play next. Dexided to go with something that I haven't spent much (or ant) time with. So I'm throwing it out to the GB community. What should I play next and why do you recommend it?

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I voted Penny Arcade just as a change of pace for you. I was leaning toward Call of Cthulu, though.

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I was going to say Dark Souls wether it was in your poll or not. Luckily it was, so you're all set. Vereor Nox.

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Na not Dark Souls. That is a little long. Metro 2033 is the best choice as Last Light is coming out very soon and is not too long or hard. Plus it has a story.

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I voted Dishonored before I saw Dark Souls.

Dark Souls>Dishonored>Metro 2033> The rest.

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I just played Metro a few weeks ago and it was an incredible experience, barring some technical issues (poorly programmed stealth sections mainly). Play it!

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Dishonored is the best choice I think.

It's not too long but it should keep you entertained for a few days.

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Forget all that! Play Jade Empire.

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Just finished up Bioshock Infinite and the Witcher 2

^ Then stay away from Dishonored and Dark Souls for now because you've had your recent share of cartoony shooters and tough RPGs, respectively.

So I voted Metro!

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Dinhonored is pretty swell. Don't play Penny Arcade 3 unless you are super invested in the franchise or if you really love the characters.

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Dark Souls is pretty amazing.

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Goddamnit, that's a tough choice between Dark Souls, Metro 2033, and Dishonored.

But if you want a good and atmospheric shorter ride with lots of attention to detail, go for Metro 2033. Crank those settings up!

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dishonored is pretty rad and relatively quick.

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Dishonored is the best thing on that list (especially if you enjoy playing stealthy). Playing through it a 2nd time on PC (played originally on PS3)... it's such a great game. All I need is Blink and warping around on rooftops is so much fun. After playing Bioshock Infinite it makes me wonder why it didn't get even more praise because it feels like a similar game but with so much more depth in the gameplay plus the story has some nice elements to it (specifically something mid-game that I won't spoil). Gonna beat it again and then buy the DLC.

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I think Dark Souls because it's a polarizing game. You'll either love it or hate it, either way it shouldn't take long to figure that out.

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Metro 2033 is a good choice. A not too long game with great atmosphere. One of my personal favorites of this generation.

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Man, thanks for the votes and suggestions. Looks like Dishonored, Metro, and Dark Souls will be the next games on the "to-beat" list. I'll start with whichever one wins the poll. I know DS is a bit of an investment but that aspect of it has me really excited. May play it along with one of the other two.

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Dark Souls. Hands down. That game is amazing.
Metro 2033 is good and short (usually just a few hours) with some great moments. Also highly recommended. I love that you have to crank your light to power it in that game.

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Dark Souls, but yeah, be ready for a commitment; a very satisfying commitment, however.

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Dark Souls.

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If you're like me and you like to vary your experience from game to game, you should go with Dark Souls or Metro.

That's not to say that DIshonored is like BioShock, but it appears to carry some of the same themes and a closer graphic style than Metro or DS.

Then it's just a matter of whether you want an intense RPG or an atmospheric and quirky FPS.