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I am Katie Shirley, born in 98, I honestly don't know what it should be, I'm dying to get back on my Xbox, but I need a name first! My mate called me the shirlinator/enator/er (IDK), I don't really play major killing games, but if you have any ideas they would be high appreciated! Plus, if you have an idea brewing, but could need some information about me to put into it, just ask and I'll let you know! Thankss ;)

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vV XxXQuikScopzXxX Vv420

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Or just go with Smoke Dawg 420 and add obnoxious amount of Xs to it.

Aww, got beaten to it by a nose-length.

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Id advise being a female, to choose a name that does not scream "I am a girl!" as it certainly will get you unwanted attention. I have myself a dude use Akyho and it does not scream male or female...and my god the attention I have had in the past *shudders*

A play on your last name could be good.





Throw up a hobby of yours you like and define yourself that way.

I think I might have a decent one.


or shorten if it dosnt fit to, Dnt_Cll_me_Shirley, or just jam it all together DontCalleMeShirley.

Its purely because of this.

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actually i like shredley or entertheshirley or timemuffin

edit: entertheshirley was supposed to be a bruce lee reference. not dirty. you should probably disregard for possibly being misconstrued

editedit: has the best idea so far dontcallmeshirley

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x X x X x X X x X x x X X x X x 1

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Welcome to the site.

I went with Neumonics. Because Twobit was taken.

I don't know, if you go with a girl name, or something like that you might get a lot of jerks in online games, not that they wont be jerks anyway.

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awh thanks guys! Clearly your imagination is much better than mine, can't believe I got all these replies within one night!;) xx

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I would suggest Joey Ravn because it kicks ass, but unfortunately it's already taken. By me. Tough luck.

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HeyImShirley :)

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@Shortbreadtom said:


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Bitch Hunter
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Yup some good ones...

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Hit the random button until you get something you like. Alternatively use one of the dumb names people posted here.

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As long as you don't have x either side of your menchie or numbers replacing letters you can do what ever you feel free to do. i will support you all the way.

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@Akyho said:


or shorten if it dosnt fit to, Dnt_Cll_me_Shirley, or just jam it all together DontCalleMeShirley.

Its purely because of this.

Please do this. Also, welcome to Giant Bomb.

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@Lord_Xp said:


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@Kidavenger: wow, what the hel is that??? And why have you posted it :S

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O no U dient

based on your avatar expression.

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If I remember right there's a random generator on the XBL gamertag creation, maybe try that & write down a few that you like then go from there.

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@oulzac said:


Yes. This.

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But seriously, Kirshley.

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@Demoskinos said:

@oulzac said:


Yes. This.

I second that, there is something magical about it.

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Hit the random button until you find a good one. I personally really liked when it dropped "elbowedhat" on me.

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Norwegian Banter.

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Expired Carton of Milk

Poultry Injection


Edit: Ignore the next comment

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Stupid Phone site!

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@UlquioKani said:

Stupid Phone site!

I like this one the most.

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@Kidavenger said:

Ahh shit! Ghost problems! OOooooOOOOOOooOoOOOOOo

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Not sure if any of these are used or not but how about:

  • K8tastrophe
  • PurelyShirley
  • ReactivKate
  • YarrrKatie
  • FallAwful
  • IrateSince98
  • Originator Imitator

And that's about all i could brainstorm. good luck with your gamertag name decision makings.

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@ShockD: I'm not sure if this is a compliment or an insult xD but it looks more like compliment to me. Correct me if I'm wrong sir.