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I'm down with

  • Close-Up with Scoops and Navarro
  • Scoops & Navarro Coffee Breakdown
  • Two Scoops in the Morning - Not sure what Alex's nickname on the site is.
  • Giant Bomb Breakfast Club
  • No Offices Allowed
  • Pants Aren't Necessary
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The Scoops & Navarro News Hour

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Patrick and Alex: Best Friends Forever In the Morning

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Wake Up Club

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@pabba said:

Wake Up Club

I actually like that one wonder though if Sony trademarked that or something.

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Porkchop Sandwiches


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Giant Facecast

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The Morning Dump

Cause ya know...it's a news dump kinda

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2 Dudes, 1 Stream

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The Patrick Navarro Show

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Bomb at Dawn

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Hot Scoops in the Morning with Patrick and Alex

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2 dudes, 1 scoop?

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The Scoops of Navarro (and Patrick)

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Hot Coffee

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Pat an A in the Morning

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@joshwent: Yup. And it's a old reference to be cool.

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I saw someone on twitter suggest "Out of the Office with Patrick and Alex", I liked that a lot.

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The Morning News Bomb with Patrick and Alex.

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Early Morning POV.

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good morning giant bomb with alex and patrick

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How about Napalm in the Morning

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Giant Bomb's East Coasting


Giant Bomb's Early East Coasting

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@recspec said:

Bomb at Dawn

This is my favorite so far. Sounds good, to the point, isn't ironic or referential, and if Patrick (or Alex) misses an episode it isn't awkwardly named (like if you include "Scoops" in the title then, imo, Patrick "has" to be there for each one).

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  • Breakfast with Navarro and Keplek.
  • Morning Bombshow Extravanganza.
  • I Love Mornings with Alex and Patrick.
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The Giant Bomb breakfast burrito

The breakfast bomb

The morning bombardment

The morning salvo

Shave, Shower, STREAM!

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Cereal Serial. All they need to do is completely reformat the show into a scripted show with an overarching plot to make it a serial. And then they can use that awesome name.

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Giant Bomb Morning Show

keep it simple

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The Pre-Shave Ritual with Alex and Patrick.

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Hot Load in the Morning

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Morning Wood

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Alex & The Morning Scoops.

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The Time Zone with Alex and Patrick.

Because they are in different time zones than before. BRAIN ON IT!

Wait, new suggestion: BRAIN ON IT!

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Going by Giantbomb names of the past it was already named.

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East Coast Bomb Check-In

We'll all be bumped up on government lists.

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@mister_v said:

"Out of the Office"

"The Morning Bombardment"

PnA's Impact News

GiantBomb's This Week in News

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Mornings with Alex and Pat

You guys are missing the. This should be a Morning "Shock Jock Show"

Someone photoshop them into this

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Coffee +1 with Alex and Patrick (or Scoops)

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Double Aural Penetration with Alex and P-Kleps

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The Outsiders.

Cause they are outside the office and generally get more hate.

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Sexy Action Game News!!!!!!!!

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@tycobb said:

Alex & The Morning Scoops.

I love those guys, I had their first album.

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Not the West Coast Breakfast Breakdown

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Goodnight San Francisco

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Giant Bomb Morning Brew

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Two and a Half Beards.