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I really think Patrick needs to get his hands on this.

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Fuck Patrick, I NEED to get my hands on this!

I've been watching footage of that game for over a decade now.

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@pr1mus: I guess there is a buggy build of this already out there. I'm waiting for a fully functional version myself.

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His collar bone surgery.

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I'd really live to see a livestream of Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden. That game sounds kind of amazing.

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@andorski said:

His collar bone surgery.


Absolutely no.

You are fucking insane. God no, no, no, no, no, no. no. NO!

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He should play through one of those stealth games he loves so much :p

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How about playing through one of those weird Japanese romance games?

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Eternal Darkness.

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The next time he falls of his bike! But yeah, he should really live stream Resident Evil 1.5

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The Resident Evil 1.5 beta that was released a few days ago is not worth livesteaming. The combat is basically non existant (except for the knife) and the game breaks in certain areas. It might be interesting for people to watch to get a feel for what this game was shaping up to be but maybe for only like five minutes or so.

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Maybe something for 'Unprofessional Fridays', but not Patrick alone, on a macbook air, with a scare-cam at 5 FPS.

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His surgery.

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Dead Space. Please?!

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@fauxical: They should still do something with it. Unprofessional Friday, when Patrick is healthy, would be a great time for Patrick to show it off. Him or Brad.

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System Shock 2 of course.

The bad X-Files game on the PS2.

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Eternal Darkness.

I would to see Patrick and Vinny play through Eternal Darkness. Maybe a future Unprofessional Friday? However, you have to get pretty far into the game before it gets really interesting.

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I think a one handed Patrick only endurance run of Shadow of the Colossus could be a good thing.

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@pr1mus I don't care who does it but there really needs to more System Shock 2 on the site.

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At this moment, I would have to say Condemned 2: Bloodshot, at least for "Spookin' with Scoops." I'm still sad that Kessler and Steve never got to continue that game for the "Fear Gauntlet."