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What Skullgirls Character do you want to have for DLC

As of right now I'm interested in Stanley The Science Shark,Brain Drain,Andy Anvil,and Umbrella(Parasol’s Little Sister)

I also interest in the characters that are still blank like the guy under Feng once he gets revealed

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You can find most of the unrevealed characters here. They're basically from the Skullgirls story mode or some random concept art. Personally I'll be fine if Marie, Dahlia, Brain Drain, Feng, Yu Wan, Minette, Aeon or Panzerfaust win. If I got to pick the winner it'd be Yu Wan only because I'm dumb, but in voting I'll support Panzerfaust in the inevitable Panzer v Shark battle.

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I hope Ileum or Taliesin win, I'd definitely play one of those two.

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I am hoping for Black Dahlia or LeDuc, but they all look pretty cool.

I am just glad that Lab Zero gets to keep their passion project going. I think people have recognized the staff's love of the game and its characters and have responded in kind.

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Massive arm guy.

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Minette, Stanley, or Panzerfaust. Hard to choose among them for me!

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Stanley. Was looking through the list and he's a clear win. Did anyone else notice that they said this was the theoretical roster for the next TWO OR THREE GAMES? Way crazy of them to reveal that much.

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Obviously Stanley, because he's a shark in a freaking lab coat. Kind of bummed he'd be a charge character though.

If not him, then I guess Andy. They said he'd play like a mix between Dudley and Steve Fox. That sounds pretty sweet to me

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Might want to update the OP with the latest image and this: http://www.labzerogames.com/3rdcharacter/ since for people like me, playstyle dictates which character they want before aesthetic.

Because of that I'm leaning strongly towards Feng right now.

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As much as I would enjoy a science shark, I'm hoping for Feng.

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Hubrecht, because they just gender swapped Heart Aino, then made him beefy, and to me that is hilarious.

Though, I know he won't win so I'd vote for Feng or Stanley. Also Umbrella sounds like she might be similar to Labrys so that's interesting too.

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I can't not vote for Stanley now that his moves are SHARK KNUCKLE and SCIENCE UPPER.

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I updated the picture at the top
Right now my favorites are Stanley,Ottomo,Brain Drain,Andy Anvil,Yu Wan,Annie,Hubrecht and Umbrella

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ms victoria and feng are my pics ...also the science shark

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>Legendary Folding Chair

Excuse me that's pretty awesome

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Of the revealed characters Mrs. Victoria and Eliza looks pretty sweet.

If we include the unrevealed ones Juju looks fucking badass. I would want her character a ton if they make it that far (here's to hoping they do!)

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Hive, Yu-Wan, Ottomo, Stanley & Panzerfaust

@camoufrage I think there's some (copy write?) issues with Juju. Apparently her portrait is going to be removed from the pic above sometime tonight :(

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I updated the top picture again
Pazerfaust looks awesome,We got getting close to 3rd character goal :D

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Wow, I was skeptical but it really looks like they're gonna hit 600k. Every single one of the character listed as Feng's gameplay inspiration is a character that I like. I know she's never going to win, but I really want her to win.

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We finally made to $600,000 :D
Isaac looks cool

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I'd go for Eliza, of those revealed, but I'm also into Annie of the Stars, Panzerfaust and Brain Drain. I'd rather have Eliza than those three, though, because her Parasite seems awesome and she seems like a hell of a villain. It'd be useful for fleshing out the world to have someone like her, who's deeply entrenched in its history but currently unaffiliated with any of the other factions.

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Andy and Stanley are the clear winners for me. An Anvil with a face and boxing gloves? A science-shark in a labcoat? Aweome! I can't decide between them.

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Ottomo, Stanley & Panzerfaust for me.

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for sure panzerfaust because i want to see how far they go with german stereotypes.

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Roxie. She was partly inspired by Felicia. That's all I need to know.

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Yu Wan or Panzerfaust

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Stanley, Minette, and Hive or Ileum all seem pretty cool to me. Eventually the voting will get easier, once the number of characters begins to be culled down in the first couple of rounds.

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Oh wow, the 2nd mystery character DLC got funded. I wonder how that's gonna change voting?

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Stanley by a mile.

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@c2c said:

Oh wow, the 2nd mystery character DLC got funded. I wonder how that's gonna change voting?

My guess is that whoever gets 1st and 2nd place gets to be the DLC characters
Awesome to see that we are able to get a 2nd Character :D

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@shrimpdino: Nope it'll be two separate votes. Given that they already have two characters to work on they have plenty of time for the voting to run.

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@shrimpdino: Nope it'll be two separate votes. Given that they already have two characters to work on they have plenty of time for the voting to run.

I see that does make scene
Since the voting has started this week what 4 characters did you guys voted for i voted for Stanley,Ottomo,Yu Wan,and Hubrecht