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#2 Posted by NTM (7605 posts) -

I should have put "Both equally". Oh well, other will have to suffice.

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Splinter Cell, but I still really like the Hitman games. I've only been able to play Blood Money though (really liked it, but some parts were kinda eh to me.)

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I haven't tried Hitman, so I guess it's technically Splinter Cell. I played some of Chaos Theory and thought it was a cool game, but not for me. Meanwhile, I didn't hate Conviction, but I didn't think it was very interesting.

I vastly prefer Batman and Metal Gear, as cartoonish in their "stealth" as they are on the lower difficulties. Except Metal Gear Solid 4, that game sucks hard.

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Splinter Cell was my favourite until Conviction. I'm thinking the next Hitman game will make it my preferred franchise of the two.

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They both have quite different approaches to stealth gameplay; one is about staying hidden and the other is about hiding in plain sight.

In my opinion, stealth is all about staying in the shadows, so I chose Splinter Cell. I really like both series of games a lot though.

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Hitman was always my favorite, I played Blood Money first and played the rest of the series after

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From my limited exposure to both franchises, I'd have to say Hitman. It seems more creative and clever.

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Neither, since that's the only one I've played.

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The hitman series is not a stealth game really, it's a disguise game which you must remain undetected. So I choose splinter cell by omission.

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Multiplayer in Splinter Cell was so much god dam fun! What I wouldn't give to see the old Spy vs Merc game to come back.

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If Hitman is considered stealth, I vote Hitman. Love the scenarios and disguises.

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I never really played Hitman, even though I've always wanted to, so I guess I'll go with Splinter Cell (a series who I love (well, except for Double Agent)).

@crusader8463 said:

Multiplayer in Splinter Cell was so much god dam fun! What I wouldn't give to see the old Spy vs Merc game to come back.

This, so much. I would be all over a new Spies VS Mercs game, I don't care it it is the multiplayer in the next Splinter Cell, from some other franchise or just a downloadable game. I would be all over it, that is probably the most fun I have had in a multiplayer game.

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n:@hifi: No, it's still stealth. You have to sneak through it without being detected, and in Hitman's case, you're disguised so you won't be detected as Agent 47.

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@NTM said:

I should have put "Both equally". Oh well, other will have to suffice.

Yeah you should have.

I guess I do like Hitman more though, because there is nothing like it. The heights it hits are unlike any other game and are among gaming's most rewarding moments. Blood Money is fantastic.

However, Splinter Cell is no slouch. It also has had some amazing moments and I think Chaos Theory is a masterpiece.

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I love both of those franchises, but the Hitman games are some of my all-time favorites.

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Definitely Hitman. So satisfying when you get that Silent Assassin ranking. Hell, even when you don't it's still satisfying messing up and covering for your mistake somehow. Great series, hope the next one's better just like the others were each better than the last.

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n said:

The hitman series is not a stealth game really, it's a disguise game which you must remain undetected. So I choose splinter cell by omission.

That's still considered stealth. Social stealth is the most appropriate description for it.

OT: Love Hitman, Splinter Cell, Thief, Deus Ex...etc.

Yeah I'm biased towards stealth games in particular so that's why I love most of them. Except for MGS which I really like for its ridiculous story but I'm not really big fan of its mechanics especially MGS4, god that game blew ass.

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Splinter Cell but I enjoy the Hitman games.

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And then Splinter Cell, but only up until the fourth game came out.

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Metal Gear Solid

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n Oh but it is. Every level can be beaten 100% stealth with no costumes or disguises.
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Hitman out of those two, but I like Thief better than both.

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Hitman by default since I haven't played any Splinter Cell. Though I am also a big fan of Contracts and Blood Money.

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Other motherfucker!

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I really like hitman but the early splinter cells remain dome of my favourites

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Splinter Cell for me. I would like to enjoy Hitman more, but I just don't. I only have Blood Money and Silent Assassin, and I've beaten neither as I would have hoped, but they didn't ever catch my attention long enough to do even that. I don't really dislike them, but if I'm going to compare it to my enjoyment of Splinter Cell, it's not really equal. I think Silent Assassin (for its time) was pretty high quality, I actually didn't even know Contracts was its sequel, I got that mixed up with the original Agent 47. I've always thought, aside from some of the set pieces, Blood Money was kind of worse than great quality. I just think the way every stage is set up from the start is kind of crappy, and the story's aren't that great. Then again, they're probably better than Splinter Cell's, but just saying.

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@Guided_By_Tigers: Fair enough, I agree, but I purposely didn't put MGS.

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Metal Gear

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@KillyDarko said:


Absolutely, that and Hitman have had some of the tensest moments I've experienced in games so far. They may also be the most blatantly videogamey, with a lot of the time spent studying AI routines, and nothing at all about being presented in cinematic ways.

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@Guided_By_Tigers said:

Metal Gear Solid

The only answer.

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We're judging stealth games. So I'm mostly going to ignore elements like story in this. But...

  1. Splinter Cell
  2. Assassin's Creed (social stealth, come on)
  3. Deus Ex
  4. Metal Gear Solid

Everything else: I haven't played enough to judge.

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Is Hitman really classified as stealth? I mean, I'll admit, I never played any of the games, but they don't seem especially stealthy from the screens and videos I've seen.

As for my personal favorite stealth franchise, I don't see how you could possibly pick anything other than Metal Gear.

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my favorite stealth game of all time is tenchu 2 on PS1. granted i havent played it in like a decade, but damn that game was awesome. though its probably nostalgia speaking..i loved the shit out of that game. i got perfect scores on every level on the hardest settings without any guides.

of a more recent nature, best stealth game ive played recently was deus ex human revolution. just so many cool stealth toys you can use.

also, how the HELL is anyone saying the metal gear solid series? all it is...is staying out of vision cones. THATS IT. plus the only motivation you have to actually be stealth is to avoid the god awful combat lol

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@Timnoldzim: Hitman gives you the freedom to go stealth or action, but it encourages stealth routes. It is really open, and you can complete your objectives in many, many different ways. But yeah, it is stealth.
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I wanted to say splinter cell...but after conviction which kinda skipped the whole stealth thing...i said hitman.

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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is still what I'd consider my favorite stealth game, and the multiplayer was an absolute blast as well. Shame what happened to the series after that.

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@G0rd0nFr33m4n said:

The hitman series is not a stealth game really, it's a disguise game which you must remain undetected. So I choose splinter cell by omission.

Just because it isn't about avoiding being seen at all doesn't mean it isn't a stealth game. Most of the core mechanics are similar. I wouldn't call Assassin's Creed a stealth game, but Hitman focuses on the mechanics that keep you from being discovered, and often killing duders without that changing.

I actually really loved the stealth in Alpha Protocol. That game had major issues, like not giving stealth builds a way to deal with bosses, but none-the-less I really enjoyed sneaking around and doing all of the levels without every being detected.

Sadly I haven't played much of Splinter Cell or Hitman, but I plan on changing that eventually.

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I like both, but some of those Hitman games are insane

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Splinter Cell, mainly because my experience with the Hitman series has been...rough. I've tried a couple games in the series (Blood Money and Silent Assassin I believe) but the learning curve was a bit too steep for me to stick with them. I plan to give them another shot when I have more free time.

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Splinter Cell. I've only played Blood Money and while it was fun, it felt broken.

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if they keep making them like Conviction, then my Splinter Cell gets my vote.

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Thief. But among those two? Hitman. Didn't like Blood Money, though. Favorite is Hitman 2.

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Hitman. However, I don't really consider the Hitman games to be Stealth but rather puzzle games with stealth elements.

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Easily Hitman... One of my favorite series by far. Figuring out how to get Silent Assassin ratings on the levels, and seeing all the different ways you can kill your target is a blast.

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Metal Gear.

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Metal Gear Solid

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I tend to think of hitman as a "thriller" than a stealth game.