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none :(

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PS3. It's playable, though it gotten worse and worse with every DLC pack with the framerate chugging all the more, and there's a new menu of bugs added with every pack/expansion.

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I own the PC version but my PC can't run it, so I borrowed the 360 version from my brother and played through it that way. Great game.

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PC. Love it. 

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PC. Don't know how well it is on the other systems, but I don't care to find out. At first I couldn't run it well on my computer, but after I simply unplugged it, I got it to run this, and many other games (like Crysis, etc.) to run at its highest with a smooth frame-rate. I'm going through it now, so sorry if this is a stupid poll to others, it's just since I'm playing it now, I'm thinking about it as well.
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PC first... but then I fancied playing through it again so I got it on the xbox too for the achievements :/ 
Took some getting used to, it's much better on the PC

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360, to be honest the only reason why I got it was because it was $35 at a black friday sale and since I hadn't seen my dad for months, he bought it for me. Really enjoyed it though.

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PS3,I played it on hard the first time and now am going for Nightmare with a rogue elf.
Why?because I'm a MAN!!

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Xbox 360.

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That's happy news.
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360. My PC is too lame to handle the awesomeness of Dragon Age :I

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PS3. I quit playing it though. It was OK.

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tried it on 360 with a friend's copy then bought the PC version.  It's so much better on PC. 

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pc version

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PC, babe. You know why.

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PC all the way.  The only way to really play the game.

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360 and also played the game on the PC.  

Didn't particularly enjoy either.  I loved the story and much of the setting but the gameplay really didn't hold up on either system.  I'm a big fan of Baldurs Gate, Neverwinter Nights, etc, but I felt Dragon Age just felt really clunky and even dated.  As great as BG was back in the day, I don't think trying to do a modern version of that works.  I see it as the equivalent of the Elder Scrolls 5 going back to dice rolls..   
I'm very glad they're taking Dragon Age 2 in a different direction.
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Virtua Boy

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PC on the highest settings.

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PC is the only way to play Dragon Age

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360. The action button mapping isn't really good, but its playable.

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I originally played it on PC, and enjoyed it a lot more on it. I went through it a second time in August on my 360 mostly for the achievements. Didn't feel much like a console game, and the button mapping was a little annoying. 

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P to the C.

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360 even though my PC is more than capable of playing it on the highest settings.

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Both Mac and PC.

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xbox enjoyed it alot
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@WinterSnowblind: I really don't agree that the gameplay was clunky on PC. It is pretty clear from the outset of the game exactly what game it is supposed to be. I really enjoyed the combat on PC, and though I'm no RPG purist, I really don't need it to be any more Action RPG-like.
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PS3 - awesome game. There's a little bit of funkiness if you compare to PC but it hasn't really bothered me. This was my first type of WRPG like this so I didn't play it as in-depth as some. Micromanaging just took a little longer navigating those radial menus.  Only thing that bothered me was the targeting is junk compared to PC because of the close up view.

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360.  Keyboards are for homework.

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PC, of course.

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PC. I kinda wanna try it on 360 though.

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PC & 360, though I've spent more time playing it on PC.

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PC! The superior version. Period.

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PC  where it should be played. It was easily one of my favorite games of the past decade, and it makes me sad that they are dumbing it down for the console kids in number two. Everything they say they are doing to "improve" the game makes me shake my head in disgust. They are trying to dumb it down to be more like Mass Effect to make it as mindless as possible and it makes me sad to see them doing it. I hope they don't destroy this franchise.

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Mac dot dot dot face. 
Also, 360.

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I have it on the PS3. I've noticed some slowdown here and there, but the graphical quality definitely makes up for it. I had the 360 version, but the PS3 version definitely has better textures.

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Guilty Pleasure admission number 4 for the day.... I own it on PC AND 360 :/

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360, I would very much like to play it on the PC but my current setup would have a stroke.

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Uh, the only real platform to play it on.

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360, my computer can't handle it, has nothing to do with memory or processor,in those departments my computer is a beast,  its my shitty graphics card.

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ps3 because i didnt get a good computer till late march this year i regret it tho

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I played DA on 360 at a friend's, once. 
Playing it with a pad after putting in so many hours on PC felt like trying to jerk off with my feet.