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Poll: What tabletop roleplaying game should the Duders play? (33 votes)

Pathfinder 27%
Gamma World 30%
Both 18%
Something Else 6%
Something Else I Sent In the Mail 0%
None, Tabletop RPGs are for NERDS! 18%

So lost in all the shuffle of the tragedy of the past week is a very interesting development: the Bombers are now in possession of two tabletop roleplaying game box-sets, Pathfinder and Gamma World. And while Jeff seems...let's say nonplussed about the whole situation, I think that this could be some A-class content. If anyone has ever seen any of the Penny Arcade/D&D live shows that have been done in the past, sharp-witted roleplaying can lead to hilarious and exciting entertainment, and I think the added point of being a bunch of novices could add some additional entertainment.

Of course this would be under the heading of "in due time". Rushing to try to do something like this when they're still figuring out how to do live shows without the big guy won't be beneficial to anyone, and when Brad said he'd be game to play Gamma World, it was clear in his tone he meant 'eventually'. I don't expect this anytime soon, or possibly ever. But if it were to happen: what would you prefer to see the Bombers play?

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Start with Gamma World, then Pathfinder, then whatever else they get

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Perfect for the dumb shit they do.

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I just sent them the first Gamma World expansion box set, and it's a much more streamlined system for newcomers like them

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Pathfinder, they should take it really really seriously because that'd be fucking hilarious.

I want to see Jeff roleplaying a paladin haha Brad can be a cleric, Vinny the trusty gnome wizard, Drew would be the dashing swashbuckler.

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Everyone is John.

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Perfect for the dumb shit they do.

That actual would be kinda perfectly dumb wouldn't it?

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I'm more familiar with Pathfinder, so that gets my vote. Though honestly, I'd love to see the guys try to play Call of Cthulhu. :P Player characters go insane and die at such a rapid clip in that game that you practically need multiple character sheets in reserve when you start a play session.

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Oh man I'd love to watch them try to play Pathfinder. Regardless of if it goes good or bad, it seems like it would be entertaining either way.

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Perfect for the dumb shit they do.

This. Fairly simple rules. Hilarious. And so dumb.