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Just a thought I had cause there are tech nerds who can buy the cheapest version of a console then put in a larger HDD of up to 1TB or more for less cost overall

I struggled with my late FAT 80GB HDD but always had enough space to cover partial installed for most of my game as well as a few digital downloaded games

I now have a 250GB super slim which is more then 3 times the space I can use for a total of 205GB for user media

FAT 80GB you can use like 64GB out of 74GB cause of the 10GB system software update

Breaking it down 205GB HDD

10-20 games lets say require 5gb for partial install even though some games don't need 5gb but it would add up to 50-100GB i.e. 25-50% being used

10-20 fully installed digital games would add up to 100-200GB each game being an average of 10GB 50-100%

Average users max usage of a 205GB HDD

10 partial installed games 50GB 10 fully installed digital games 100GB = 150GB

Obviously the math here is generic but you probably use far less then 150GB with the smaller partial installs for games

and that you'd probably only would have 10 digital games at any given time some of those being PSN arcade titles an or PS1/2 that are 1-3GB or so

P.S. Based my usage of the Xbox 360 107GB HDD 160GB is more then enough for gaming along with DLC

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I dunno, if I had all of my games from Steam installed, it'd be at least 500 GB. With some weighing in at 25 all on their own (I have at least 5 such games I'm pretty sure) that adds up fast. If you do a lot of downloadable stuff and keep games installed, it adds up.

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I replaced my 80 GB with a 750 GB. I was tempted to go 1 TB but didn't.

My reason? I have PS+ which is giving me free games each month. Now I can install all of them.

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If you're downloading games from the store as well as installing disk based games it can all add up eventually. Couple that with games provided with PS+ and some downloads being close to 20GB and over time you could use up to a terabyte.

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Music, movies etc.

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Same from above, PSN+ games come out faster than i can complete , delete and move onto another with me also playing games on other consoles for me to keep up, i can ensure everything is installed for whenever i decide to use play them.

In the past i had to delete some partial and installed games to free up enough space, it adds up to allot when you have psn plus, partial installs and Vita stuff for transferring too along with music.And for some movies too.

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I put one into my PS3, with free games from PS+, games I bought on PSN and DLC I am filling up over 500GB, Don't know if I will fill it but its much easier having everything downloaded and easy to access than going through download lists and re-downloading again if I get a feeling to play a certain game. Basically never have to worry about memory management.

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Make good use of PS+.

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Rip my blurays, DVDs and music

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I have a 500GB and it's about 3/4 full and I buy my games at retail (not digital). Considering how they're starting to sell a lot of full retail releases on PSN, plus the large number of smaller downloadable games, it's easy to see how you could rationalize buying a 1TB hdd.

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Filling out on PS+ releases and using it as a the high quality media player it is.
I'm going to protest loudly if the PS4 doesn't offer the option of a user-upgradable HD, or if they go the Microsoft route of ripping users off bigtime.

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Playstation Media Server

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I'm still using the...40 GB? HDD that came with the MGS4 gunmetal version. Actually, that's probably the main reason I don't have a PS+.

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I didn't think 1 TB was an option. I upgraded mine but the biggest SATA drive that fit the size specs was 500 GB.

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Uh games? I have a 250GB 360 and struggle to keep that free with space as is. If I kept all the DLC saves and installed games I've ever had on 360 I could easily fill 1Tb

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I'm struggling with a 20gb HD on my original run Xbox, and let me tell you ... a 1TB drive on a console would be fantastic. I barely have room on that for one game install plus all the other content I want to keep on it. My old PS3 had the 40gb drive, and even that was a problem. I can think of a thousand things to do with a 1TB drive on a console. Media, primarily, though I have a media server with a 2TB drive that is already 3/4 full. Actually, I'd prefer if all the next gen of consoles came with 2TB drives. They aren't that expensive these days. I'm assuming they'll probably come with half gig drives at best, but I'd like the option of an upgrade.

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I would install all of my games. My 360 has a 250GB HDD, and I have to delete older games to make space for newer ones all the time.

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Hmm they probably released this because of all of the free stuff they are giving away to PS+ members.

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Other's have said before, but it's mostly because of PS+. I swapped out my 60GB (that was always just about full), for a 250GB and I now have everything insalled, I have about 80GB left. I know someone who has all of his movies installed to his PS3, so there is also that.

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I would put movies and such on their so i can access them directly, not really an issue because I can just plug in my external. Right now I have a 500GB in my PS3 and only taking up 200~ GB

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I have 140+ PS3 games, I'm sure it would get filled.

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When talking about digital media, you can never have enough hard drive space. Especially when talking about games. Nowadays It is not uncommon for a single game to take up 15GB; especially PS3 Blu-Rays that can hold 25-50GB. Borderlands 1 (including DLC) is 12GB in my Steam folder.

It just depends on what your downloads are. You can obviously fit a lot more PSX games than PS3 games.1 PS3 game (10GB) could be the same size as 17 PSX games (600MB/game).

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I have 100GB remaining on a 1.5TB HDD on my PC. Granted I've got my entire Steam list of just over 200 games installed, but still.

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people buy games and other stuff from the store. it adds up quick.

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My 320GB is full (i blame PS+), hard drives are cheap, there is no reason to delete stuff even if you wont be playing anymore (you never know).

I'm buying a 640GB drive soon.

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I don't buy digital games on consoles so I would never use it, but if you were the type to I could see it filling up fast.

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You can't use your storage habits to speak for everyone else, though. Some people use their consoles as their media centers, so you have movies/television shows, music, games, saves and pictures to consider after a while, that 500 GB hard drive is going to be packed. Besides, it's always

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@jayjonesjunior said:

My 320GB is full (i blame PS+), hard drives are cheap, there is no reason to delete stuff even if you wont be playing anymore (you never know).

I'm buying a 640GB drive soon.

For only $100 you can get a 1TB 7200RPM 2.5" HDD. Sorry if I am misinformed on the requirements of the PS3, think it just needs a 2.5" SATA HDD. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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Installing games helps the load times enough to make it worthwhile. And you can buy full games from the PS Store.

I guess its only a problem if you feel like you need to keep a game installed to go back to it. Which may be a bit overrated, unless you have a early PS3 that has the super slow network speed.

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Have a really slow reading PS3.

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I have the 160 GB Slim, which actually only comes with 149. I have 84 GB left because I have a bunch of PS+ games I haven't played yet. I always delete downloaded games and game data that I won't play anymore because I like to keep my system clean. I have 23 retail games and only Mass Effect 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Battlefield 3, and Netflix are installed. There's a couple other games installed but I'm going to delete them soon. So the only things that take up space are my saved data, games I'll replay which is not much and PS+ games that I still need to play.

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@Sploder said:

Store 1080 video of big juicy erect dicks
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@TyCobb said:

@jayjonesjunior said:

My 320GB is full (i blame PS+), hard drives are cheap, there is no reason to delete stuff even if you wont be playing anymore (you never know).

I'm buying a 640GB drive soon.

For only $100 you can get a 1TB 7200RPM 2.5" HDD. Sorry if I am misinformed on the requirements of the PS3, think it just needs a 2.5" SATA HDD. Please correct me if I am wrong.

No problem with it being SATA3 (they are all backwards compatible), 7200rpm may be a problem (added heat), some say having more than 640GB may decrease the performance (but i don't believe it to be true), and it has to be formatted in FAT32 (you can do it using a computer).

The only issue i know is that some HDs shutdown after only few minutes/seconds(not sure) in idle and that causes freezing.

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Store an insane amount of porn? Also, games.

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Yea this considering most games now require 4-5GB for partial install your nearly playing them digital already i.e. streaming off the HDD
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@ShinjiEx said:

@crusader8463: Yea this considering most games now require 4-5GB for partial install your nearly playing them digital already i.e. streaming off the HDD

Really? I don't recall the last time I played a PS3 game that required an install. Guess I must not be playing the same games everyone else does.

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I'd imagine the size of games will increase next generation given less ram restrictions.

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Never run out of space

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install stuff on it

I just ran out of space on my ps3 last night

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You no longer have to worry about harddrive space. For about a year I struggled with what stuff I should keep and what stuff I should delete on my 80 gb harddrive for the ps3. Now that I have 750 gb no longer have to worry about if I have enough space to play or download this certain game. Even on my 250 gb xbox 360 I'm slowly coming to the realization that I'm probably going to have to delete some things soon to create some more space.