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I usually know what games I'm going to buy, way before they even release. Reviews factor in, in the rare occassion that I don't want to be there day and date. Like this year, I just know I will pick up Darksiders 2 and XCOM: Enemy Unkown. No matter what.

A game, which has thus far shown absolutely nothing to make me go 'I want that!', is Medal of Honor Warfighter. It could be right down my alley, and I'm in the market for a more arcadey modern military FPS game than Battlefield 3 - but lest there's going to be a multiplayer demo, and it being plain more fun than BF3 - there's nothing, not even great reviews, which could sell me on the game. Maybe great word of mouth - fat chance that's gonna happen with all the hate inherent to being just another modern military shooter and an EA game.

What about you guys? Which game could be right for you, but just doesn't quite tickle your fancy enough, to even mildy interest you at all? A game that actually might get your purchase, if you played a demo and loved it?

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Any of them.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Any of them.

You never 'know' beforehand? That you want to play a game and buy it no matter what?

Like GTAV. There's simply no way I'm not going to play it. I just know I'm going to love it. *knock on wood*

Vibes rarely lie. If I'm getting 'You must play me!' vibes from a game, I usually trust my instincts and take a leap of faith.

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Logically speaking, I can't, since I have no way of knowing what the hell it's like.

More specifically, though, in this instance, there really isn't anything this year that I'm interested in. I can only name two games I've been interested in (or at least that I can remember): Pokemon Conquest and Asura's Wrath.

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Resident Evil 6.

Though judging from the gameplay vids and the Quick Look, it looks like shit.

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Maybe Borderlands 2? I played the original for about 10 hours worth with a friend online. I could see the enjoyment that others were able to get from the game, but it felt like something was lacking. The sequel looks like it'll be pretty great, but I do not see myself just jumping in with out "feeling the water" first.

I've also been a huge RE fan since the original. I was super excited for RE6 earlier in the summer, but that excitement has been dialed back a bit since then. I want a return to the original with trying to find items, etc. I know that's not an option, but what can you do.

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The only three games I think I'm getting are Darksiders 2, XCOM and AC3 and I know for sure I'm getting them so....none. It's a barren year for me.

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I'd like a Forza Horizon demo. It's the only iffy game I plan to buy this year.

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Not a huge 'demo' person, but I'm tentatively interested in Dishonored.

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As good as Dishonored looks i would prefer to get a hands-on before i buy it. I just feel like it could go either way with me. Oh and I was interested in Sleeping Dogs until the QL and mission walk-through, but if i got my hand on a demo and it happened to be better than it looked I would get it with no questions asked.

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Dishonored and RE6 will probably need to wow me before I fully invest.

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I've been playing the Transformers demo, and to be honest, I'm loving it. I think the multiplayer is a blast.

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all of them except bl2. Other than that, no plans to buy any other games this year unless some really awesome demo changes my mind.

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halo 4 and blops2

i mean they LOOK cool, but ive been fooled too many times by that.

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Assassin's Creed Liberation. It could be really great, but I'd be taking a pretty huge leap of faith buying it without having played it. I love the series, but its handheld iterations have been anything but stellar.

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Hm. I'm definitely going to get Borderlands 2 and Assassin's Creed III, and even if it's awful, I'll wind up playing Resident Evil 6 at some point. I already pre-ordered Darksiders II. I like the story of Black Ops I enough that I'll play Black Ops II, though that may wind up being a case of my borrowing it from someone if I don't feel like playing a ton of online stuff.

Sleeping Dogs is out soon, that looks neat. Neat enough that good reviews would probably do it. Hm. Halo 4, maybe? I just lost so much interest after I finished the fight (let me be clear, I loved Halo 3, I'm just done with Halo).

What else is there? Dishonored? Looks neat. Again, a good Quick Look and reviews would probably sell me on that.

Those are all the unreleased 2012 games I can think of.