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It was an iOS and Wiiware game that GB once quick looked, pretty sure Vinny was at the helm.

It involved a man running and you had to press the button in time with the rhythm to jump over obstacles, like giraffes and suchlike. It ended each level with a dance off or something. Pretty sure it had split screen multiplayer too.

I remember loving that Quick Look, but having scanned through the videos page it seems like that and quite a number of others have been lost in time.

Any ideas people?

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It was in the indie games on XBL QL.

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Tomena Sanner:

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@Maystack: Nah, it was it's own QL. Vinny bought it on Wiiware, and the guys were all digging him for doing so. I specifically remember Jeff saying it was an iOS game too.

EDIT: @NotSoSneakyGuy: @ADV215: THAT'S IT! THANK YOU!

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@Creamypies: Ah I got it mixed up wutg that one where you had to climb the telephone pole. My bad.

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Oh man -- totally forgot this existed. I need to get this.