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Posted by ScottyHawkeye (47 posts) 2 years, 1 month ago

Poll: What was the Best Comic Book Game of All Time? (33 votes)

Batman Arkham Asylum 58%
Batman Arkham City 24%
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 6%
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 0%
Justice League Heroes 0%
Injustice Gods Among us 6%
Spider-man Web Of Shadows 0%
The Amazing Spider-man 6%

I put Injustice Gods Among Us So if some thinks it's the best after it comes out

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Arkham City avatar dude asking about the best comic book games. Hummm. . .

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@winternet: it's ScottyHawkeye to you and yes i am

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It's hard to say 'of all time' when there's no games from before this console generation.

No TMNT 2 Arcade game, nor Turtles In Time? No Marvel Vs. Capcom, Batman Returns, The Walking Dead, X-men Legends, Darkness 1 and 2, nor Sam and Max?

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@discoman: i didn't know those would be nominated

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I have fond memories of the Spiderman games on the PS1

The second one in particular was awesome because it let you design your own costume and customize it with a couple of special powers. I wasted a lot of time messing around with that option.

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who is voting for Arkham Asylum i mean Arkham City's better

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That's a very limited poll. Where are the Marvel vs. Capcom titles, or the X-Men arcade game? Or hell, even the Scott Pilgrim game?

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I'm an Arkham City guy.

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hey guys what do you think was the best batman related game of the last 4 years that wasnt arkham asylum?

you could also name your poll that if you wanted.

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I would argue the Walking Dead game

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I vote for other.

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This seems to just be a rather poor attempt at trolling. "Best Game Based on a Comic" is also far too broad a subject for a poll.