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How is 38 studio closing a "fiasco", they tried to make a big open world wow clone subscription based mmo... it would have failed, anyone who thought it wouldn't have failed was ether A) the investors who had no clue about video games B) clinically brain dead. It's surprising they closed BEFORE releasing the mmo and not a few months after but non the less everyone knew where that studio was headed.

Also, why is the Diablo 3 launch issue no on the list... that seemed pretty big, and compared to mass effect 3, where once again, people knew BEFORE the god damn game was released that the ending will be how it is and you had every clue about it from devs leaving bioware to pre-launch DLC that EA is gonna screw the game. I seriously don't get why the ME issue is bigger than the Diablo issue.

How is 38 Studios closure a fiasco? Because over 300 people lost their jobs. None of them were informed about what was going on until after shit hit the fan. No one got paid the final week they were supposed to. Some of the employees moved from some other state to Rhode Island and had their mortgages handled through 38 Studios which meant they were about to be homeless. Same thing regarding their health insurance as there are numerous reports of employees and spouses going to a doctor and then finding out they had no way to pay for it.

They borrowed $75 million from the state that they couldn't pay back which meant taxpayers would now have to pay more to make up the money. Due to that the Rhode Island state police, the attorney general's office, the U.S. Attorney's office, and the FBI had to launch investigations into the company. The state of Rhode Island filed a lawsuit in November 2012 against Schilling, Stokes, and other backers of the company. Schilling, who was filthy rich before he started that company, was now completely broke.

That's why it's such a fiasco. It affected an entire state.

The whole ME3 controversy and Diablo 3 launch only affected people (i.e. forum-dwellers) who gave a shit about those games. If you don't care about either of those games then it was just another normal day for you. I don't see how the 38 Stuidos isn't more of a fiasco.

Well, i depends how you look at "fiasco".

If you look at it from a "general" point of view, than yes, 38 studio was the biggest.

But from the point of view of someone who cares about games when discussing shit on this website and not the economy or Rhode Island, everyone of use knew that 38 was doomed as son as it announced it's project. Non anticipated the "brutal" and "shady" way they closed the door but in the end that is not remotely related to games anymore.

While the Mass effect 3/Diablo 3 "fiasco", although only affecting the people who cared about games, beard more significance.

So to simplify:

- 38 studio burrows money, tries to make huge subscription based wow clone - happened already about 4-5 times, all of those games are now f2p or non existent and the studios got into shit, so what happened to them was more or less expected.

- Dialo 3/ME 3, while we kinda knew EA and Activision shitty policies, took everyone by surprise not being playable in the first weeks ( for diablo ) and not delivering a complete game story wise after already charging 75$ due to a pre-release dlc to get the full game ( ME 3)

So arguably, for us, both of those were far "greater" fiascos than 38 closing.

Again, i guess it depends how you look at it, for most people i would agree 38 studio closing is the more "important" thing

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Did the whole Sony hacking happen this year or last? Man, I don't remember anymore.

@Hippie_Genocide said:

For me, it was the whole fallout after Aris' comments on Cross Assault, and how some game journos (especially Kotaku), handled their coverage of it. And yes, that includes Klepek. This probably was a bigger deal to me because I'm more plugged into the FGC than any other gaming subculture.

Oh right, that whole "No, we can't have a fighting game community without sexism" quote. Man, that guy was pretty shitty wasn't he?

He really isn't. I agree that he made some dumb and tasteless comments but, to be brutally honest, that is precisely what he's known for. He takes the piss out of everyone and members of the FGC tend to find him pretty entertaining as a result. Plus the guy does a lot for the community in terms of organising events and tournaments.

So what you're saying is he makes comments that people agree are really shitty, but the same people agree that it's a good thing? Hopefully you can understand the mental disconnect I'm finding impossible to bridge.

No, I really can't. People on the internet enjoy tasteless humour, go figure.

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I tried to highlight option A to search for it, and ended up accidentally voting for it.

I think the biggest fuss was made over Mass Effect 3's ending, but I think the true fiasco of the year is The War Z. That stuff is just disgusting and shameful.

DoritosGate is a very close second, but journalistic integrity isn't a huge concern for me as someone who only really consumes Giant Bomb & Rock Paper Shotgun, both of which I trust implicitly to not be shady.

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The 'sexism' fiasco followed by Mass Effect 3. Patrick's two dreadful articles hypocritically praising the writer of Lara Croft, after spraying venom on the game when he thought it was penned by a man, really illustrates the childishness of the industry as a whole. Mass Effect 3's ending, well, that was funny and not offensive.

Quite the bad year.