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As the question says what was the first console you ever bought with your own money. No parents, grandparents, or friends help. Not even a gift from friends or family.

I had a SEGA GENESIS and didn't need another console but wondered what the Snes was all about. So the first console I ever bought by myself was a SNES to get my mario fix.

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I think it was a Sega Nomad to be honest. My Genesis was likely the last of my consoles as gifts.

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I think it was an NES. I'm 20 though, so I wasn't alive when the NES was first made available. That was the first step down the hole of buying old video games for me. And then last summer I bought a Vectrex, so that's where I am now in life.

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:P Xbox 360 ....

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Nintendo 64, purple controller, Goldeneye.

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With my own money, my PS3.

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NES when I was 5. I assume I was given the money specifically to buy it.

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Original fat Game Boy son. You might not consider it a console per se but I saved up and it was awesome.

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Wii. Up until that point they were usually Christmas or birthday presents.

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I haven't bought my own yet. All of my consoles have been generous gifts. I'm planning to buy a laptop soon, hopefully one fit for gaming that lasts for at least 5 years.

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My Gamecube was bought with allowance money. My PS3 Slim was bought with my own paycheck.

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My family bought the Atar 2600, NES and my girlfriend bought me a SNES. We were married when I bought a N64. In a lot of ways, I've never bought my own console.

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PS3 when I was 17...

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Original Xbox, my first console too.

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I think it's either my 3DO or PS1. I have an Atari 2600, NES, SNES and Genesis, but these were all bought by my parents if I remember correctly.

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I've never bought my own console. I'm in my 20s.

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Game Boy Color at launch.  The home consoles before that were all received as presents.

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@AlexW00d: yeah with your own money

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Silver Gamecube with a free copy of Wind Waker and Super Smash Brothers. First console I ever bought on launch was a Xbox 360.

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Original Playstation. Although, I've spent enough money renting Super Nintendos that I could have bought one five times over.

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The best system ever made.

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playstation 2 in 2002 at age 19...parents bought me NES in '90 and SNES in '93, so i had a loooooong gap without needing anything new there

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PC if that counts, Xbox 360 if the PC doesn't count

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Gamecube. My parents did buy me one originally, but it broke, and I had to pony up for a new one.

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An Xbox off of Ebay, whose purpose was to be modified so I could play emulators on a television. This was in early 2010.

I also bought a laptop later that same year with my own money, rendering the Xbox nearly useless except to play Halo across system link on. Well, I almost bought all of it - my grandfather gave me a little bit of it.

My original Nintendo DS was stolen from me. I had to save up because I wanted a new one, at least I was told. Then my Dad went to Wal-Mart, bought me one, then let me open it with the promise that I would work it off. I don't know if this counts, since working off $150 meant cutting the grass twice and doing the dishes once.

I also bought my own iPod Touch, if you want to count that as a gaming machine (some do), but I don't have it anymore. The damned thing broke within 30 days. Instead of replacing it, I returned it and bought a little Walkman and a bunch of games.

And next I plan to buy a PSVita later this year or sometime next year.

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I had saved up Birthday and Christmas money and bought an original Playstation 2 when I was a kid, but straight up from my own hard eared cash....a GBA SP used at Gamestop or a new Gamecube for $99 like 5 years ago, I forget which was first.

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N64, or gamboy color, one of them dont remember which.

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Hm, good question. I'll be turning 23 this year and I've owned nearly every console since the NES, sans Saturn, yet the first one I bought for myself would be my PS3 last year. The year previous I bought a Wii for my girlfriend.

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I believe it was my PS2. I sold an old truck my dad gave me for $700 and that was just enough to buy the PS2, a memory card and GTA 3. GTA 3 was the only game I ever owned on that PS2 as there was nothing else out for it for a good year or two that interested me. I really regretted buying it for a long time. Eventually I ended up selling it and buying one again years later when it had a bunch of games I wanted to play.

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Nintendo 64 with Super Mario 64 in college(my parents wouldn't let me purchase a console before then. With all the rentals, it would have been better to let me purchase the NES and SNES.

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It was a PS2 for me. My mom got mad and yelled at me in the store.

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PS2 slim. I had to replace the one my brother broke.

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My PSP, a week ago.

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I bought a GameCube with my own money when I was young, but that was the first and last time I've bought myself a console. My Xbox and 360 were both gifts.

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SNES Best purchase ever.

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The first I bought myself was a used N64 on an high school field trip for $10 at an EB Games near the place we stopped for lunch.

I bought a 360 arcade as my first new console just after I got my first pay check at my first job.

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I bought a Sega Dreamcast on the day it was released in 1999. Unfortunately my investment was not that long lived. I only bought 3 or 4 games for it . But I still have it. :)

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I didn't originally buy this PC, but I have upgraded most of it with parts I bought myself, does that count?

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Nintendo Gamecube. I was so happy when I got it. It came along with a free memory card & Super Mario Sunshine.

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Game Boy Advance, only ever got two games for it.

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Original PS, so I could play Wipeout 2097, Tekken, Tempest and Tomb Raider.

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With no help from anyone? The Nintendo Wii. I'm not sure if I regret buying a Wii, but I think I regret buying it when I did, I wish I'd have had an Xbox 360 or a PS3 back then.

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PC and Wii.

I'm thinking about buying a new PS3 as well since my old one makes too much noise and my dad is contently borrowing it to watch movies.

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@Gamer_152 said:

With no help from anyone? The Nintendo Wii. I'm not sure if I regret buying a Wii, but I think I regret buying it when I did, I wish I'd have had an Xbox 360 or a PS3 back then.

I'm sure you made up for it. The Xbox 360 and PS3 I mean.
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The Xbox 360.

This. I was a spoiled child.

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I had a SEGA GENESIS and didn't need another console but wondered what the Snes was all about. So the first console I ever bought by myself was a SNES to get my mario fix.

I had an SNES and didn't need another console but wondered what the Sega Genesis was all about. So the first console I ever bought by myself was a Sega Genesis to get my Sonic fix.
True story.
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original xbox when i was 16