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I bought Bejeweled 3 from Best Buy.

#2 Posted by SMTDante89 (2724 posts) -

3DS and Ocarina of Time 3D from Amazon.

#3 Posted by jozzy (2053 posts) -

Bastion, on XBLA.

Before that I bought some old games cheap from Blockbusters: Vikings: Battle for Asgard, POP 2008, Bourne Conspiracy and Virtua Tennis 2009. The only one I didn't enjoy was Bourne Conspiracy.

#4 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

Bastion on Arcade.

All retail games I get from amazon.

#5 Posted by Vexxan (4624 posts) -

Pac-man CE from XBLA.

#6 Posted by sirdesmond (1304 posts) -

Kirby's Dream Land on my 3DS because Kirby rules and had some extra money on my eShop account.

#7 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Just bought Civ V off of Gamers Gate

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Bastion on XBLA.

#9 Posted by Aetheldod (3914 posts) -

Parasite Eve PSN and before that EYE :Divine Cybermancy on Steam

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Bastion on Steam.

#11 Posted by GJSmitty (685 posts) -

Limbo on PSN 

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I just bought Dead Space 2 about an hour ago from my local Asda, PS3 limited edition version was on sale, I couldn't resist.

#13 Posted by kalmis (1744 posts) -

Xenoblade Chronicles from Play.com

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Jamestown from Steam

#15 Posted by reversethedevil (115 posts) -

deus ex - steam

#16 Posted by LOUISE_CYPHRE (64 posts) -

Bastion on XBLA.

#17 Posted by theguy (815 posts) -

Bastion on Steam.

#18 Posted by LinkinMedo (65 posts) -

The Humble Indie Bundle 3+2 from humblebundle.com :D

#19 Posted by laserbolts (5442 posts) -

SSF4 AE from eb.

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Do preorders count? Cause then it would be Renegade Ops from the PSN Store. Otherwise it's Shadows of the Damned from Gamefly.

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#22 Posted by Rapid (1448 posts) -
@theguy said:
Bastion on Steam.
#23 Posted by deskp (499 posts) -

Premium Grece age of empires from marketplace.

If that doesent count then: fruit ninja kinect on xbox marketplace.

#24 Posted by Nux (2534 posts) -

Catherine from Gamestop.

#25 Posted by jewunit (1091 posts) -

I pre-ordered King of Fighters XIII from Gamestop.  I have never pre-ordered a game before, but the 4-disc set of music was too good to resist.
If the pre-order doesn't count, I purchased Inazuma Eleven 3: Bomber Edition from AmiAmi.

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Condemned 1 and 2 (PC, then PS3) and Shogun 2 Total War

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@sirdesmond said:

Kirby's Dream Land on my 3DS because Kirby rules and had some extra money on my eShop account.

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Well the last game I spent money on was pre-ordering SF3:3S on PSN. But the last game I bought was Bastion on Steam. BUT the last game I came into the possession of was Chrono Cross and Legend of Dragoon in the mail from Video Games Plus Online.

..Which one counts?

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Taito Legends 2 for the ps2 from CEX.  And I accidentally sent it to my old address 160 miles away - wah!  Never mind, it was only £3.

#30 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

last game i bought was Fallout NV from Steam, as a gift for No0b-o-Rama!  
Limbo before that, from Steam also.

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No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise on Amazon

#32 Posted by Sitoxity (559 posts) -

IRL (in a store): DiRT3

Online: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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Shadows of the Damned is in the mail but with RDR from Amazon, Deus Ex will get here first.

#34 Posted by Gargantuan (1890 posts) -

Avadon: The Black Fortress on Steam. Very nice old school RPG.

#35 Posted by JoeyRavn (5118 posts) -

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, pre-ordered on Steam. Last game I actually bought was E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. A trainwreck, €20 down the drain.

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I imported Catherine with the help of play-asia.com