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I haven't even considered a handheld since my GBA. And the only reason I had that was for Pokemon. I have really never gotten into the handhelds, since I've been computer building and gaming since I was 7. So what was it for you?

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I've basically had all the major handhelds except the original Game Boy. Love handheld gaming. I hardly play them on the go though, I just get them for their library of games and unique experiences compared to their console counterparts. Technically the 3DS is my most recent handheld and I love it so far but I'm anxiously awaiting my Vita in February.

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my most recent handheld is.. well, my iPhone which seems to do games pretty well. apart from that, my 3DS and while i like it, i'm hoping that there are some better games that come out soon. Super Mario 3D Land looks pretty good right about now. i'm considering getting the Vita, too with Disgaea 3 portable and whatnot. i think i'll wait it out.. 

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The last handheld i owned was a game boy colour. Now i think of it that was a LONG fucking time ago.

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I have a nintendo DSi and have played The World Ends With You, Professor Layton and Pokemon.

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An old school DS with a broken hinge.

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I actually just ordered myself a new game boy sp, and I haven't owned a handheld since the gba sp, but I gave it awa. But I saw view of advance wars and I desperately wanted a new one.

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I was just playing my 3DS. I love handheld games and the DS is my second favorite system I own, only behind my 360.

I've dug my GBA out of my basement now that I'm back home for xmas and plan on diving back into that Mega-man Battle Network sweetness at some point over the holidays.

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A first generation Gameboy and Game Gear.

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3DS is my most recent handheld purchase, PSP is my most recent handheld played.

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DS. Picross 3D.

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I've got an original DS sitting around here somewhere. I need to find it so I can play Ghost Trick, like a lot of people have recommended!

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PSP, played Half Minute Hero. I have a PSP 3000, a DSi, DS Lite and DS Phat. I've had Game Boys, Colors and Advances. I also have an iPod, but I've never used it for gaming... yet.

I love me some handheld gaming.

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Nintendo DSi XL. 

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I have a PSP and a DS. 
I play both regularly (my PSP more than my DS). In fact, I think I've spent more hours on my PSP than I have on any other system this year.

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the original brick DS

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I really enjoy handhelds, although lately it seems I only play them outside of the house. I get that that's what they're for, but it's like I'm saving them so I'll have something to play on my eventual (imaginary) roadtrip. I want to finish 3D Land and start playing Minish Cap, but I always divert myself to a home console for some reason.

Oh, and the last one I bought was the 3DS. Before that...more DSs, because apparently I can't take care of clamshell-designed devices.

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The Donkey Kong Game & Watch.

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DS lite with Ghost Trick

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I have a 3DS which I played some Metroid Fusion on earlier. That game is great.

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I'm really enjoying my 3DS lately. I was playing a lot of Pushmo and Mario Kart 7, but then the free GBA games were released, so I've been playing a bunch of Warioware and Metroid Fusion.

I've also been playing Chrono Trigger for the first time on my PSP-Go.

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Last I had was a GBA SP which I only used to play Pokemon Ruby. I was considering getting a DS or a PSP, but I realized I only used my GBA at home anyway, so I have no use for a device to play games on the go anymore.

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I played Pokemon Blue on a GBC the other day. I left my DS in my locker at school, so it was either that or the PSP.

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The original Game Boy.

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My phone. Handhelds are a dead market to the 14+ crowd.

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I owned a PSP 2000 and a DS Lite at one point. Sold them both because I never played them and needed rent/spending money (isn't all money spending money?). To be honest there are times when I miss them - long breaks between classes and lunch breaks at work could be bit more entertaining - but this might be because I don't own any sort of 'smart' phone.

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Ghost Recon on 3DS :o

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I have a DSi that I've played like twice.

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Got my 3DS and am having a blast playing through Minish Cap, though the dungeons seem a little easy so far. I've also owned every Nintendo handheld (released in the US anyway) since the original Gameboy. I really like the fact that there are unique gaming experiences you can only find on a handheld, which is what keeps me coming back.

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I couldn't live without handhelds. DS Lite.

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Game Boy Colour and the only games i played on it were Pokemon games.

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@ajamafalous said:

I have a DSi that I've played like twice.

I plan to do the same with The Old Republic. Generic mmos... bleh but what can you do when it's a gift?

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I last played my DS. That was a while back, too.

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DS Lite and PSP 2000. I'm planning on getting a Vita.

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My last handheld system: Original GameBoy :). I used to bring it to elementary school back in the day to play with my friends, but nowadays I have no real need to have a portable gaming device, really. It just seems like playing one while on the road somewhere would advertise myself as a potential victim to thieves.

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iPod Touch.

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The only one I own is a Gameboy Color with pokemon yellow and DKC. I borrowed a PSP to play Crisis Core. That is pretty much my entire handheld experience.