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I never really got into MMOs but I would like to know, what is your best MMORPG memory that you have?

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Uninstalling every MMO I've played.

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NulSec escapades in EVE. A personal favorite was a night I couldn't sleep, so I jumped in and joined our Europe crew in our corp to do a mining run that nearly went south had it not been for a little cruiser that could :)

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In Ragnarok Online, a glitch caused an invincible Crab to spawn upon a high point in an early cave, and I ran a faux-religion surrounding the Crab that had transcended normal gameplay and fighting to promote peace amongst all the players and monsters.

A server reset eventually "fixed" it and the players that had gathered to hear me spew fun nonsense at them for a few days moved on.

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Vanilla World of Warcraft. Just all the dumb shit you could do back then... Like kiting world raid bosses into cities and watch everyone die.

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For me, the majority of my best MMO memories (MeMMOries, get it? Har har!) come from my first MMO, Everquest.

I remember talking to a gnome for hours trying to learn her language. Looking back, I'm sure I could've spent that time more wisely, but it was such a cool experience when I could finally understand what she was saying. Good times with EQ.

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So it's like Fast and The Furious meets Drive, with a budget like the former and likely revenue of the latter.

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Hard to pinpoint a specific moment, but there was a summer where I had joined one of the top guilds in WoW and we were just playing all night long every night fighting for world firsts etc. (iirc we ended up being like the second guild in the world to unlock Algalon in Ulduar). I also fondly remember a series of events when I finally broke into the racing scene. After several years of being in guilds where there was always a struggle between the more casual people and the people driving the guild it was great to finally be part of a team where everyone worked together. Also, for once things were going my way in other ways too so it was great to finally get some rewards after having spent a lot of time investing in the game.

Actually, thinking even further back, my best moments with MMOs was probably in SWG, building a city and community with newly acquired friends. Making a few different enterprises by myself and just generally enjoying the "second world" nature of that game. It's been too long since we've seen those kinda MMOs, where it's about community rather than content.

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@mb: Is this a clever commentary on how you have no good memories from MMORPGs?

... Well-played.

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Oh where do I even start with this question? So many great memory's, but I suppose the best one is starting EverQuest for the first ever time, back in '99, 11 year old me absolutly in wonder and awe of such a detailed and well crafted world.

Starting my Dwarf Cleric, gaining a few experience levels around the starting area and then setting off on an ADVENTURE to find the infamas...... Orc Hill that I'd heard people talk about. Haha great times thinking back :D

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there are two depending on your definition of MMORPG. In shadowbane, my guild and our parent guild went off yo destroy another guilds castle, it was a massive pvp battle.

Or taking a whole continent in planetside in an organised outfit strike. It was beautiful.

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I guess the first tens of hours playing The Secret World. That game is really something else at least and I really enjoyed the setting and the combat. Although I kinda lost interest once I leveled two weapons almost completely. Leveling is part of the fun and when that fun disappears the rest of the game suddenly feels kinda boring also, even though I was having a blast with it before then.

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Killing Kael'thas Sunstrider for the first time. I believe it was the second kill on my realm, it was a long and painful road getting there, and damn if the feeling of relief and the outcry of joy weren't amazing thereafter. 30+ dudes and dudettes being moved to tears, almost.

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Starting my Jedi training in SW Galaxies.

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Also killed Kael'thas and had the ashes drop first the realm.

other then that downing onyixa 40man during pugs during vanilla wow, or just 40 mans in general.

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i shared a house with 3 other friends and we played WoW to level 80 together. it was fantastic.

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My priest accepting a duel while waiting for a boat in WoW when it first came out. The guy was a rogue and was keeping me on my toes when the ship came. After some more back-and-forth I feared him and got on the boat. As it was pulling out of the dock the rogue was running back, made a jump for the boat but by then it was too far away and he fell in the water. I laughed and laughed.

That and killing my first Olthoi in AC

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Sitting alone in front of the enemies base in the PVP zone (Colony Zone in Knight Online) with my Battle Priest and having nobody from the enemy faction dare to attack me, they would come by in a group, sit/stay around me but wouldn't attack, i felt like a badass.

Also spending 200usd a month on that shitty korean f2p MMO.

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My friend and I used to play Ultima Online way back in the day; I had two computers connected via a cross over cable sharing a 56k connection. We had saved and saved and saved for a boat (The small row boat) and were killed out in the sea by a player killer.

Broke, down on our luck, and wearing death robes, we made our way towards the shore hoping we'd be able to pick up some scraps when we find a house. More accurately, a house that had decayed. Black platemail? Yup! Tons and tons of it! Reagents? Bags upon bags upon bags. We were beyond rich. We made so many trips back and forth; we made off like bandits.

Then there's Everquest; that first run from Freeport to Qeynos. SOW Please!

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Weaponsmithing in SWG: it was so competitive with around 10 people trying to be the best on my server; finding the best ore and saving it until the right time and the right combination of materials to make the best weapon that had been built to date in the game was a real rush.

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I've so many fond memories of Vanilla WoW. My favorite and least favorite memories were from AQ40. The guild I was in was top dog before realm transfers were a thing and we stagnated for months on Huhu / Twin Emperors, which eventually ended up destroying the guild I was in.

But I ended up getting picked up by a transfer guild that was knee deep in Naxxramas, and through them, I finally got to see the end of AQ40. Killing C'thun was definitely my fondest memory from any MMO I've played. It felt wonderful to finally experience the end of the raid that was the undoing of the guild I spent the majority of my WoW career in.

Even though I enjoyed and played halfway through Burning Crusade, my experiences after vanilla WoW never quite reached the same heights as the ones I had in AQ40 and Naxxramas. For me, there was just something about the 40 man raid encounter that made the sense of accomplishment feel that much better. I'd have to admit, though, that if vanilla WoW raids were 25 man, my original guild probably wouldn't have disintegrated.

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When I used to work retail I played FFXI. I remember the feeling of having a dedicated group of complete strangers that I became friends with. It's something that I love most about these types of games in general.

In particular though, I'd say one night I came home tired as hell and signed in. Found my friends and while playing back up healer as a Red Mage I fell asleep and woke up to a nearly wiped party. No one was mad and we all had a good laugh.

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@zelyre: Oh man, just remembering about things like trying to find a Druid or something to cast SoW before a long journey on foot, or an Enchanter to bind you to a new location, or a Wizard to teleport you to a different continent. Haha, mechanics like that are a thing of the past :/

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The first time I did the Starbase 24 fleet action in STO. And did well enough to feel badass.

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Realm first Onyxia and Kel'Thuzad on my Warlock. And completing the giant questline for Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. Quite a few of my favorite gaming moments are WoW moments. I hope to see an MMO that has that kind of special feeling again someday, though I doubt it.

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"Kill 15 spiders, gather 10 cow pelts, and deliver this note to my brother on the other side of the world map, because something something fantasy."

"Nah... I'm good, thanks." *lets trial run out*

... Okay, that's unfair. Typing /dance over and over is my best memory.