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Wolfenstein 3D. I still remember playing in on my dad's old laptop why back in 93. That laptop didn't even have a color screen, it was all black and white. 
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Yep, Wolf3D for me too.

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Doom I think. 

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I remember playing Doom 2 way back

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This. Well, @ home that is. Otherwise Doom on the school computers.

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I think mine was Duke Nukem 3D.

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Quake III Arena.

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duke nukem 3d

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Faceball 2000, was out before Wolf 3D or Doom, but still not the first.

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Hmm... Doom or Wolfenstein 3D. I remember playing both long ago, not sure which was first.

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Doom on the Genesis

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Doom or Wolfenstein... Then Duke Nukem 3d.

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Counter Strike

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Wolfenstien 3D. My cousin has it on his computer, and I honestly thought it was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.
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The ps1 port of Doom
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Wolfenstein 3D! Rated PC-13! I felt like such a badass back then lol

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PC? of course was Wolfenstein 3D (which I still have on floppy, by the way) followed by Doom and Heretic, but those don't count because they are a given.  Console though, my first played was Goldeneye, I think.  A buddy of mine owned it and we'd play it when I visited, but believe it or not, the first FPS I owned on a console was 007 Nightfire.  I was always a fighting game and sports junkie growing up so I had no need for shooters.  Nightfire had some sick multiplayer though.

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Probably Doom, but I honestly can't remember.

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Quake II in 1997.  That's to my best recollection.  I might have tried something else before that, but if I did I have no idea what it was.  I do remember long hours with Q2 though.
EDIT:  There was a game back in 1986 called Starglider which had some FPS elements but I don't think you'd really call it an FPS.
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I think it was either DOOM or Dark Forces. I forget.

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I think it might have been this one. Yeah, its pretty obscure I guess.
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Same here, I used to watch my dad play it all the time. Every now and then I would play it on the "Can I play Daddy" difficulty setting lol
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Doom, in early 1994 after I got my first PC for Christmas. :)

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Half-Life in 98
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Wolf3D I bought on the shareware rack at my local PC store.

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@PenguinDust said:
EDIT:  There was a game back in 1986 called Starglider which had some FPS elements but I don't think you'd really call it an FPS.
Yea definitely not a FPS, just a 3D game.  I had Star Glider 2.  Did you know those guys went on to make Star Fox and basically engineered all of Nintendo's early 3D tech?
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@Diamond:  I did not know that.  The games were fun though.  It wasn't my first introduction to 3D motion in a game (arcade Star Wars) but it gave me a glimpse of what was possible for home computer gaming.  Those guys really knew their 3D stuff.  It's fantastic that they were able to apply it to a console eventually.
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Wolfenstein 3D

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Marathon 2 on the good old Mac. (Aka, Marathon: Durandal on Xbox Live)

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@PenguinDust: Yea, I played the original Star Wars arcade in the late 80's at some point.  Star Glider 2 had a lot of cool elements, I don't know if SG1 had the ability to fly through planet caves and such.  A lot of the enemy models in Star Fox and SG2 were the same, and I just thought it was a coincidence until very recently when I learned the history.  They originally wanted Star Fox to be Star Glider 3.  They had at least one super engineering genius, I think he was like 17 when he first showed Nintendo his 3D tech.  Check out a game called X for Gameboy which was never released outside Japan, it's amazing what they do without even an 3D accelerator chip like the Super FX on SNES (which Star Fox used).
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I think it was Rise of Triad.

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Golgo 13.

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Yup Wolf 3d popped my cherry.  Half-Life was the first game I played though with the standard keyboard and mouse set up though.

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Wolfenstein 3D of course.

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Doom. Love that shotgun.

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@MaskedGamer said:
" I remember playing Doom 2 way back "
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Hexen or Heretic. I literally couldn't tell you the difference between the two.

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Wiki is telling me one is the sequel to another. Well then, egg on my face.

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Wolf 3d

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wolf3d (shareware)

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Doom :).  I remember being scared of that game as a little kid.